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Network Chico Computer terms glossary

Some definitions from the Sharpened Glossary

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Search the computer terms glossary:

If you would like to have a term added to the Network Chico computer terms glossary please contact Network Chico today with your suggestion. Your feedback is important to Network Chico.


Access control: A method to impose controls that permit or deny users access to network resources usually based on a user's account or some group to which the user belongs.

Access point device: The device that bridges wireless networking components and a wired network. It forwards traffic from the wired side to the wireless side and from the wireless side to the wired side as needed.

Account: The collection of information known about a user including an account name, an associated password and a set of access permissions for network resources.

Account lockout: The process of automatically disabling a user account based on certain criteria such as too many failed logon attempts.

Account name: A string of letters, numbers or other characters that identifies a particular user's account on a network.

Active Directory: The directory service environment for Microsoft Windows 2000 (and later) servers. Active Directory includes enough information about users, groups, organizational units and other kinds of management domains and administrative information about a network to represent a complete digital model of the network.

Active hub: A network device that regenerates received signals and sends them along the network.

Active-matrix: This technology is used in high-quality flat-panel displays such as laptop screens and thin computer monitors. The images on active matrix screens are created by laying diodes, or small semiconductors, over a grid of ultra-small wires. When a current passes through the diodes, they light up in different colors, depending on the strength of the current. Thousands of these diodes next to each other form an image on the screen. To keep the diodes in an on or off state, active-matrix displays use transistors, which are not found in the lower-quality passive-matrix displays. The transistors help make the active-matrix displays brighter and give them more contrast than passive-matrix displays.

Active Monitor: A computer in a token ring network responsible for guaranteeing the network's status.

Active topology: A network topology in which the computers themselves are responsible for sending the data along the network.

ActiveX: This Microsoft-based technology was built to link desktop applications to the World Wide Web. Using ActiveX development tools software developers can create interactive web content for their applications. For example Word and Excel documents can be viewed directly in Web browsers that supports ActiveX. While ActiveX is a useful technology the downside is that you need to have a up-to-date version ActiveX installed on your machine in order to use ActiveX-enabled content. Allowing ActiveX controls to be installed can also present possible security risks.

Adapter slot: The sockets built into a PC motherboard that are designed to seat adapter cards such as AGP, ISA, EISA, MCA and PCI.

Address registry: Any of a number of IP address registry organizations worldwide. These organizations dole out IP addresses, manage IP address ranges and handle DNS domain name registration under the auspices of the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, the sub-organization under the Internet Society, or ISOC).

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP): A protocol in the TCP/IP suite used to associate logical addresses to physical addresses.

Affiliate: Web site affiliates are what drive Internet marketing. Companies run affiliate programs to generate leads and sales from other web sites. They pay the sites who host their ads a commission for products sold through the links on their sites. For example if a site owner signs up for's affiliate program he will receive ad banners or links from that he can place anywhere on his site. Then, if a visitor clicks on the banner or a link on his site and buys something, he will receive a commission. Unfortunately for web site owners affiliate commissions are seldom above 5%, since most web sales are made with small profit margins. The introduction of web site affiliate programs in the late 1990s brought Internet marketing to a new level. The first companies that offered these programs saw sales increase dramatically. After all, these companies basically get free advertising and only pay their affiliates a percentage of the sales they generate. It's a win-win situation for the company that runs the affiliate program. The only drawback is that the programs take a lot of work (and sometimes a lot of money) to set up and maintain. Thus, smaller companies may not find it very beneficial to offer an affiliate program.

AGP: "Accelerated Graphics Port" This is a graphics card expansion port designed by Intel that resides on the motherboard of a computer. PCI graphics ports typically run at 33 MHz and have a maximum transfer rate of 132 MB/sec. AGP ports, on the other hand, run at 66 MHz and can transfer data up to 1.0 Gbps on a 64-bit-wide bus.. This allows games and applications to store and retrieve larger, more realistic 3D shapes and textures without slowing down the animation on the screen. Additionally, AGP cards can store graphics in system memory rather than video memory, which also helps improve performance. Because of these advantages AGP cards typically have better performance per MB of VRAM than PCI graphics cards.

AIFF: "Audio Interchange File Format" This audio format developed by Apple Computer is used to store high-quality sampled audio and musical instrument information. AIFF files are similar to Windows WAVE files in both size and quality. Both AIFF and WAVE files can hold CD quality audio and therefore can be burned onto an audio CD. Though the AIFF format was created by Apple, audio programs on both the Mac and PC can typically read the files.

American Wire Guage (AWG): A numeric classification and naming scheme for copper wiring: the higher the guage the narrower the diameter of the wiring.

Amplifier: A hardware device that increases the power of electrical signals to maintain their original strength when transmitted across a large network.

Analog: The method of signal transmission used on broadband networks. Creating analog waveforms from computer-based digital data requires a special device called a digital-to analog converter. Reversing the conversion requires another device called an analog-to-digital converter. Broadband networking equipment must include both kinds of devices to work.

ANSI: "American National Standards Institute" ANSI's primary goal is to enhance the global competitiveness of U.S. businesses and to improve the American quality of life by promoting and facilitating voluntary consensus standards and conformity assessment systems. "Voluntary" standards are driven by marketplace needs rather than regulated by the government. "Conformity assessment systems" test the compliance of a product or service to a standard. ANSI does not itself develop standards or conduct tests, rather it facilitates this work by "accrediting" (i.e., recognising) qualified groups with appropriate expertise. The Institute is the official U.S. representative to the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). ANSI is a private, nonprofit membership organization with offices in Washington, DC and New York City. If you'd like more information about ANSI, there's no better place to visit than ANSI's Web site. There you'll find more information about ANSI and what they do, as well as the latest news on national and international standards.

Antenna: A tuned electromagnetic device that can send and receive broadcast signals at particular frequencies. In wireless networking devices an antenna is an important part of the devices' sending and receiving circuitry.

Apple: The reason this term is in the glossary is because way too many people confuse "Apple" with "Macintosh." Apple is the company that makes Macintosh computers. Apple's product line includes PowerMacs, PowerBooks, iMacs, iBooks, eMacs, and the popular hard drive-based MP3 player the iPod. Apple also develops a large number of software programs, such as iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD. Though most of Apple's product names now start with the letter "i", the company has a history of creative innovation. Though Apple has less than ten percent of the marketshare in the computer business the company still manages to lead the industry in new directions. To find out the latest about what's going on at Apple check out the Apple web site.

AppleTalk: The protocol suite/stack native to the Macintosh operating system (Mac OS).

AppleTalk File Protocol (AFP): Apple's remote file management protocol.

AppleTalk Transmission Protocol (ATP): AppleTalk's session protocol.

Applet: This a Java program that can be embedded in a web page. The difference between a standard Java application and a Java applet is that an applet can't access system resources on the local computer. System files and serial devices (modems, printers, scanners, etc.) cannot be called or used by the applet. This is for security reasons since nobody wants their system wiped out by a malicious applet from some web site. Applets have helped make the web more dynamic and entertaining and have given a helpful boost to the Java programming language.

Application layer: Layer 7 in the OSI reference model. The Application layer provides interfaces to permit applications to request and receive network services.

Application protocol: A type of protocol that works in the upper layers of the OSI model to provide application-to-application interaction.

Application server: A specialized network server whose job is to provide access to a client/server application and, sometimes, the data that belongs to that application as well.

Archie: This is a program used for finding files stored on FTP (File Transfer Protocol) servers. Archie is not used very much anymore because to use it effectively you need to know the exact file name you're looking for. Most file searching is now done via the web with a web browser like Internet Explorer, FireFox or Netscape.

ARCnet: "Attached Resource Computer Network" An inexspensive, flexible 2.5 Mbps LAN technology created by Datapoint Corporation in 1977. It uses the token-passing channel access method and runs over several kinds of coaxial cable, twisted-pair cable and fiber-optic cable.

ARCnet Plus: The successor to ARCnet. It supports transmission speeds up to 20 Mbps.

ASCII: "American Standard Code for Information Interchange" ASCII is the universal standard for the numerical codes computers use to represent all upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and punctuation. Without ASCII each type of computer would use a different way of representing letters and numbers causing major chaos for computer programmers. ASCII makes is possible for text to be represented the same way on a Dell Dimension in Minneapolis, Minnesota as it is on an Apple PowerMac in Paris, France. There are 128 standard ASCII codes, each of which can be represented by a 7 digit binary number (because 2^7 = 128).

ASP: There are two equally important definitions of ASP.

1. Active Server Page. This is a web page that has one or more ASP scripts embedded in it. ASP scripts are like small computer programs that run when an ASP-based web page is accessed. You can tell if you're accessing an active server page if the suffix of the URL is ".asp" (as opposed to ".html"). ASP pages are processed on a web server before they are transferred to a user's web browser. ASP pages are typically used for pages that have dynamic, or frequently changing information. For example, an ASP script might get a visitor's zip code through a form on a web page, then customize the content on the resulting page based on that information. Since ASP technology was designed by Microsoft ASP scripts are typically written in Microsoft's Visual Basic programming language.

2. Application Service Provider. Sometimes referred to as an "app-on-tap" this is a third-party company that distributes software-based services from a central location to customers in other locations. ASPs offer companies services that would otherwise have to be done in-house, or onsite. Using an ASP is often an inexpensive way for companies and organizations to manage their information services. There are five main categories of Application Service Providers:

1. Local or Regional ASP - supplies many different application services for smaller businesses or individuals in a local area.
2. Specialist ASP - provides applications for specific needs, such as Human Resources or web services.
3. Vertical Market ASP - provides support to a specific industry such as Education.
4. Enterprise ASP - delivers information and services for high-end business.
5. Volume Business ASP - supplies small or medium-sized businesses with services in high volume.

Asynchronous: A communication method that sends data in a stream with start and stop bits indicating where data begins and ends.

ATA: "Advanced Technology Attachment" It is a type of disk drive that integrates the drive controller directly on the drive itself. Computers can use ATA hard drives without a specific controller to support the drive. The motherboard must still support an ATA connection but a separate card (such as a SCSI card for a SCSI hard drive) is not needed. Some different types of ATA standards include ATA-1, ATA-2 (a.k.a. Fast ATA), ATA-3, Ultra ATA (33 MBps maximum transfer rate), ATA/66 (66 MBps), and ATA/100 (100 MBps). The term IDE, or "Integrated Drive Electronics," is also used to refer to ATA drives. Sometimes (to add extra confusion to people buying hard drives), ATA drives are labelled as "IDE/ATA." Technically, ATA uses IDE technology, but the important thing to know is that they refer to the same thing. See also SATA.

ATM: "Asynchronous Transfer Mode" ATM is a WAN technology using firber-optic media that transfers data in packets or cells of a fixed size without error checking. ATM uses 53-byte cells (5 bytes for the address header and 48 bytes for the data). These extremely small cells can be processed through an ATM switch fast enough to maintain data transfer speeds of over 622 Mbps. The technology was designed for the high-speed transmission of all forms of media from basic graphics to full-motion video. Because the cells are so small ATM equipment can transmit large amounts of data over a single connection while ensuring that no single transmission takes up all the bandwidth. It also allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to assign limited bandwidth to each customer. While this may seem like a downside for the customer it actually improves the efficiency of the ISP's Internet connection causing the overall speed of the connection to be faster for everybody.

Attenuation: The degradation or distortion of an electronic signal as it travels from its origin.

Auditing: Recording selected events or actions for later review. Audits can help in establishing patterns and in noting changes in those patterns that might indicate trouble.

AUI: "Attachment Unit Interface" A standard Ethernet connector also called a DIX connector.

Autoresponder: This is a program or script on a mail server that automatically replies to e-mails received for a certain account. Though it is run from the mail server an autoresponder can usually be set up by the user through a web-based interface. For example a company might set up an autoresponder for their support e-mail address. The reply might read something like "We have received your support request. One of our technicians will make a half-hearted attempt to answer your question after he finishes his dart game in the lobby." Individuals can also use autoresponders to let people know when they are away from their computer and won't be able to respond to any e-mails for awhile. For example you might set up an autoresponder for your personal e-mail address to say "Sorry, I am on vacation in the Bahamas indefinitely. I'll respond to your message if I ever decide to come back." It is important to remember to reply to the message after the autroresponder has replied. After all most people like to communicate with other people rather than computers.

Network Chico Computer terms glossary

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