Random Password Generator

This program generates a list of random passwords based on the specifications below. This program is currently using SSL ( cipher) and does not save any of its randomly generated passwords. However, you should not trust that, and should instead download the source yourself.

Number of passwords to generate:
Password length:

Minimum required lowercase letters:
Minimum required uppercase letters:
Minimum required numbers:
Minimum required punctuation:
Do not use similar characters (1/l, 0/O, etc):

Print Base64-encoded password:
Print MD5-hashed password: lowercase, uppercase
Print MD4-hashed password: lowercase, uppercase
Print SHA1-hashed password: lowercase, uppercase
Print CRC16-hashed password:
Print CRC32-hashed password:
Print MD5-crypted password:
Print DES-crypted password (standard):
Print DES-crypted password (extended):
Print Blowfish-crypted password:
Print NT hash:
Print LM hash:

Random Password Generator

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