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S (svhost.exe); S0undMan (svch0st.exe); S24EvMon (S24EvMon.exe); S3 Internal Chip (s3serv.exe); S3apphk (S3apphk.exe); S3Hotkey (s3hotkey.exe); S3Mon (S3Mon.exe); S3TRAY (S3Tray.exe); s3tray2 (s3tray2.exe); S3TRAYHP (S3trayhp.exe); S4F (S4F.exe); s4helper (s4helper.exe); SA (Sa3.exe); SA Service (SAservice.exe); Sa3dsrv (Sa3dsrv.exe); saap (saap.exe); Sabreserver (SABSERV.EXE); sac (sac.exe); SACC (sacc.exe); SAClient (RegCon.exe); sacmemds (smcntlwio.exe); Safe (SafeWin.exe); Safe ([path to trojan]); SafeGuard Popup Blocker Updater (regsvr32 [path] sfgupd.dll); SafeGuard Popup Blocker Updater (required) (regsvr32 [path] sfg****.dll [* = ramdom char]); SafeGuard Popup Updater (required) (regsvr32 [path] sfg****.dll [* = random char]); SafeGuard Popup Updater (required) (regsvr32 [path] PDF****.dll [* = random char]); SafeHouseSystemTray (SDWTRAY.EXE); SafeInstall.exe (SAFEIN~1.EXE); SafeOFF (SafeOff.exe); SafeSearch (safesearch.exe); SafeSurfingUpdate (SSUpdate.exe); SafetyNet (ipcTray.exe); SafetyNet_Notifier (ipcLn.exe); Safeworld (Freedom.exe); Sagate Security Firewall (sagate.exe); SAgent2ExePath (SAgent2.exe); SAGENTSERVICE (Sagent.exe); sagnt (sagnt.exe); SAHagent (Sahagent.exe); SAHBundle (bundle.exe); SAHBundle (shop1003.exe); saie (saie.exe); SaiMfd (SaiMfd.exe); SAIMON (SaiMon.exe); sain (sain.exe); sais (sais.exe); SaiSmart (SaiSmart.exe); SaitekAutoConfigure (saicnfig.exe); Sakemsneql (simenu.exe); Salestart (WAS7Mon.exe); salm (salm.exe); salm (salm.exe); Sam-sung (Sam-sung.exe); SaMail ([WORM FILE NAME].vbs); SAMcal (SAMcal.exe); Sametime Connect (Connect.exe); Samsong (Samsong.exe); Samsung (Samsungs.exe); SandboxieControl (Control.exe); SandIcon (SandIcon.exe); SANS Service (sansv.exe); sapp (sapp.exe); SaskTel Accelerated Dial-up (sasktelgui.exe); sasserfix (package.exe); saSyncMgr (rundll32.exe sasync.dll, SyncWait); SATARaid (SATARaid.exe); satmat (satmat.exe); sau (sau.exe); SAUpdate (SAUpdate.exe); SAutoLaunchExe (SAutoLaunchExe.exe); SAVAgent (SAVAgent.exe); Save (Save.exe); SaveDate (SaveStartDate.Exe); Savenow (SaveNow.exe); Savenow (savenow.exe); SAW (saw.exe); Say The Time 5.0 (SAYTIME.EXE); SB (SB.exe); SB Audigy 2 Startup Menu (/l:eng); SB Watchdog (SBWatchdog.exe); SB13mini (RYZO32.EXE); SBAutoUpdate (sbautoupdate.exe); SBC RoamingClient (SBCFL.exe); SBC Self Support Tool (matcli.exe); SBC Yahoo! Connection Manager (ConnectionManager.exe); SBCSTray (SBCSTray.exe); SBDrvDet (SBDrv.exe); sbdrvdet (sbdrvdet.exe); SBHC (sbhc.exe); SBMPOP (SBMPop.exe); SBMX (sbmx.exe); sbss Launcher (sbss.exe); SbUsb AudCtrl (RunDll32 sbusbdll.dll, RCMonitor); sc (scrubxp.exe); sc (sc.exe); sc (run.exe); sc23exec (sc23exec.exe); SC3300CC (SC3300CC.exe); scain (s030109.Stub.exe); ScamDisk (SVOHOST.exe); scan (mscman.exe); Scan Detector (Pmxdetect.exe); Scan Register (ssms.exe); Scan Wizard (button.exe); ScanDisc (satan.exe); ScanDisk (ScanDisk.exe); scands32.exe (scands32.exe); Scandsk2 (scandsk2.exe); scandskx.exe (scandskx.exe); ScanFile (??); ScanInicio (Inicio.exe); Scanner Detector (SDetect.exe); Scanner File Utility (NsCatCom.exe); ScanPanel (ScanPanel.exe); Scanreg ([filename]); ScanRegistry (nsrvnt.exe); ScanRegistry (scanregv.exe); ScanRegistry (Scanregw.exe); ScanRegistry (Scanregw.exe); ScanRegistry (N/A); ScanRegistry (scanregw.exe); ScanRegistry (update.exe); ScanSpyware v * (Scanner.exe); scApp (scApp.exe); scApp (suchost.exe); SCardSvr (scardsvr.exe); SCardSvr (SCardSvr32.Exe); SCDEmuApp.exe (SCDEmuApp.exe); scheck45 (scheck45.exe); schedl (schedl.exe); schedm (schedm.exe); ScheduIe (nrchk.exe); ScheduIr (msexploren.exe); ScheduIr (shch.exe); ScheduIr (svchst.exe); ScheduIr (winagent.exe); Schedule (Schedule.exe); Scheduled Maintenance (Scheduled_Maintenance.exe); Scheduler (expIorer.exe); Scheduler (MSMSGS.EXE); Scheduler (outIook.exe); Scheduler (svcrhost.exe); Scheduler (svcshost.exe); Scheduler (winagent.exe); Scheduler (Scheduler daemon.exe); Scheduler (msnexploren.exe); Scheduler (sdhch.exe); Scheduler (svchst.exe); Scheduler Service (wsass.exe); SchedulerMgr (navchk.exe); Scheduling Agent (Scheduler.exe); SchedulingAgant (MMTASK.EXE); SchedulingAgent (mstask.exe); SchedulingAgent (mstinit.exe); SchedulingAgent (N/A); Schmaili (Schmaili.exe); schost ([path to trojan]); SchSvr (SchSvr.exe); SCHWIZEX (SCHWIZEX.EXE); sck121 (helpsyss.exe); sclick (sclick.exe); ScManager (scman.exe); scopedll (scopedll.exe); Scotia OnLine Recovery (etdirrcv.exe); Scotia OnLine Security v*.* Recovery (etdirrcv.exe); Scr (scr.scr); ScrapPad (Scrappad.exe); scrbmk ([path to trojan]); Screen Calendar (scrcal.exe); Screen Guard (launch.exe); Screen Guard Message Scan (sgms.exe); Screen Saver (scrnsaver.scr); Screen Saver Control (FSScrCtl.exe); ScreenHunter 4.0 Free (ScreenHunter.exe); ScreenPrint32 (ScreenPrint32.exe); screxe (scruser2k.exe); script (script.bat); ScriptBlocking (SBServ.exe); ScriptSentry (Scriptsentry.exe); Scroll-In-Mouse V2.0 (SCROLL.EXE); scrss (scrss.exe); scrsvc (scrsvc.exe); ScrSvr (ScrSvr.exe); ScrSvrOld ([worm filename]); Scsi (Scsi.exe); sctrlmgr (sescmgr.exe); scvhost (svzhost.exe); scvhost (scvhost.exe); scvhost loader (ixplore.exe); scvhost.exe (scvhost.exe); sd32info (sd32info.exe); SDaemon (sdaemon.exe); SDAutoLiveupdate (LiveUpdateSD.exe); SDAv (csnss.exe); SDAv (svhost.exe); sdchosts32 (vbdd.exe); SDClientMonitor (sdclientmonitor.exe); SDetect (SDetect.exe); sdfsdfsdf (sp2update.exe); SDIN Adapter (sdin.exe); SDJobCheck (triggusr.exe); SDK Codre Function22 (sdkimddprovment2.exe); SDK Core Component (sdkcore.exe); SDK Core Function (sdkimprovment.exe); SDK Core Function2 (sdkimprovment2.exe); Sdk**.exe [* = random char] (Sdk**.exe [* = random char]); Sdk**.exe [* = random char] (Sdk**.exe [* = random char]); Sdk**32.exe [* = random char] (Sdk**32.exe [* = random char]); SDKcore Update Components2 (SDKC0R3.exe); sdkupdate22 (SDK0mCORE.exe); SDPhotoBar.exe (SDPhotoBar.exe); SDR6_Check (udcsdr.exe); sdrss (sdrss.exe); sds20 (svchost.exe); SDTray (sdtray.exe); SDTray (SDTrayApp.exe); sdxsys32 (sdxsys32.exe); sealmon (sealmon.exe); Search Bar (taskbar.exe); Search Hook (srchhook.exe); Search Page (; Search-Exe (SE.exe); Search.vbs (); searchbar (vnmispoisn downloader.exe); SearchEnhancement (scbar.exe); searchnav (searchnav.exe); SearchNavVersion (searchnavversion.exe); SearchNet_Up (ServeUp.exe); SearchSetter (searchsetter[1].exe); SearchSpy (SearchSpy.exe); SearchSquire[number] (SearchSquire[number].exe); SearchUpgrader (SearchUpgrader.exe); Secboot (w32tm.exe); secboot (mszx23.exe); secboot (vtd 16.exe); Second Copy 2000 (SecCopy.exe); SecondChance (sctray.exe); Secret (Secret.exe); Secret-Crush (start.exe); SECRETMAKER (secretmaker.exe); SecretSmileys (ss.exe); secserv.exe (secserv.exe); secsvc32 (secsvcnt.exe); Secsys (Secsys.exe); secure (secure.exe); secure (svshost.exe); secure socket layer (wins32a.exe); Secure Socket Layer Certification (sslcert.exe); Secure System (integitor.exe); SecureClean4RegManager (scregmanager4.exe); SecureClean4Tray (sctray4.exe); SecureCleanIEClean (SCIEClean.exe); SecureItPro (Secureitpro470p.exe); SecureLogin (Mslg32.exe); SecureOnlineAccountNumbers (SOAN.exe); SecurePCCleaner (GDC.exe); Security (WindowsSecurityUpdate.exe); Security Accounts Manager SM (samsm.exe); Security Agent (securag.exe); Security Agent Manager (mssams.exe); Security Center (AppControl.exe); Security iGuard (Security iGuard.exe); Security Manager (SecurityManager.exe); Security Patch (scmss.exe); Security Patch (WinUpdate32.exe); Security Patches (msnkn.exe); Security Patches (WinLab32.exe); security service (syss.exe); Security Service (secsvc.exe); Security Service Process (svhost.exe); securw (Nctrup.exe); SECWIZ98 (SECWIZ98.EXE); seekmo (seekmo.exe); SeekmoToolbar (${HOOKOE_FILE}); seeve (seeve.exe); Select server (slcsvr.exe); SelfHostUtil (slefhost.exe); seli ([path to file]); SemanticInsight (SemanticInsight.exe); SeMS (SeMS.exe); Sen (tlii.exe); Sensiva (Sensiva.exe); SENTRY (SENTRY.exe); Sepate Security Firewall (sepate.exe); septpop06apsept (septpop06apsept.exe); Serials (serials.exe); SernellApp.pcx (csrss.exe); serpe (formatsys.exe); serpe (msmbw.exe); serpe (serbw.exe); serrdctl.exe (serrdctl.exe); serrv (serrv.exe); SERV PacK2 (nerx.exe); Serv-U (serv-u32.exe); Serv-U (wssdsu.exe); server (server.exe); server (system.exe); server (server.exe); Server Backbone (server05.exe); Server Runtime Error (unsec.exe); Server Runtime Process (wbemstest.exe); SERVER.EXE (SERVER.EXE); serverex (Server.txt.vbs); Serverx (Serverx.exe); Service (service.exe); Service ([trojan filename]); Service (services.exe); Service (SYSNT.exe); Service (Service.pif); service (wN2S.exe); Service Cleaner (filen.exe); Service Connection (sccenter.exe); Service Connection (bwtray.exe); Service Controller (Csrrs.exe); Service Controller (service.exe); Service Drivers (msnpg.exe); Service Drivers (PC.EXE); Service Drivers (Compt.exe); Service Drivers (abl.exe); Service Drivers (MSNMEssenger.exe); Service Host ([filename].exe); Service Host (spoolxx.exe); Service Host (svchost.exe); Service Host (svchost.exe); Service Host (svchost.exe); Service Host Driver (svchost.exe); Service Host Process (spoolsvc.exe); Service Manager (sqlmangr.exe); Service Manager (SERVICEMGR.EXE); Service Manager (dxsound.exe); service manager (service.exe); Service Monitor (msnfilen.exe); Service Monitor (javams32.exe); Service Monitor (javams64.exe); Service Monitor (msnserve.exe); Service Monitor (WinOcx.exe); Service Monitor (csnss.exe); Service Monitor (filen.exe); Service Pack ([various filenames]); Service Pack 1 ([random filename]); Service Pack DLL Runtime (spdll32.exe); Service Process (SVCHOST.EXE); Service Process (winset.exe); Service Process (service.exe); Service Process (smss.exe); Service Process (smss.exe); Service Process (svchost.exe); Service Registry NT Save (jdbgmgrnt.exe); Service Registry NT Save (taskmgrnt.exe); Service Registry NT Save (regeditnt.exe); Service Scheduler (scheduler.exe); Service System (kernels32.exe); Service System (windowsXP.exe); Service System (kgbfsm344.exe); Service System (wernell87.exe); service updaer (qualityz.exe); Service.exe (Service.exe); service32 (service32.exe); service32.exe ([path to trojan]); ServiceConfig (ispbeg.exe); serviceconnect (serviceconnect.exe); ServiceLayer (ServiceLayer.exe); servicemng (service.exe); services (start.bat); Services ([path to trojan]); Services (back32.exe ...service.exe); Services (services.exe); Services (winread.exe); Services (windns.exe); Services (mshost.exe); services (Svchosts.exe); Services (csrss.exe); Services (scks32.exe); Services (sockys32.exe); Services (sys.exe); services (windows32.exe); services (socks.exe); Services (services.exe); Services ([path to trojan]); Services (iexplore.exe); Services (svchost.exe); Services (sysamp.exe); Services (prosys32.exe); Services (iexplorer.exe); Services (iexploler.exe); Services (iexpolere.exe); services (sample.exe); Services Administrator (localsvc.exe); Services Administrator (netsvc.exe); Services Administrator (spoolsvc.exe); Services Administrator (svcadmin.exe); Services Administrator (svcman.exe); Services Administrator (svcrun.exe); Services Administrator (tcpsvc.exe); Services Administrator (websvc.exe); Services Controller (lsassa.exe); Services Controller (services.exe); Services Host (Scchost.exe); Services Host (svchost32.exe); Services Logon (services.exe); Services Process (services.exe); Services Process (smss.exe); Services Startup (services.exe); Services Startup (svhost33.exe); Services.dll (smss.exe); Services.EXE (services.exe); services.exe (Services.exe); services.exe (servicess.exe); Services004 ([worm filename]); services32 (mc-110-12-0000079.exe); services32 (mc-58-12-0000120.exe); services32 (mc-58-12-0000140.exe); Services32 Startup (win32dll.exe); ServicesAdministrator (SERVICES.EXE); ServicesLoad (lsass.exe); ServicesLog (ccapp32.exe); ServicesNotify (ServicesNotify.exe); Servicewin (Hide32.exe); Servicing (hostd.exe); Servicio Local (svhost.exe); Servicos (AdobeLanc.exe); Servicos (System.exe); servics (servics.exe); SERVlCE (SERVlCE.EXE); ServUTrayIcon (ServUTray.exe); SES Service (sesvc.exe); Session Client (sescli.exe); Session Manager Subsystem (smssa.exe); SESync (sed.exe); SetCacheMode (rundll32.exe ptipbmf.dll, SetWriteCacheMode); SetDefaultMIDI (MIDIDef.exe); SetDefaultPrinter (cloaker.exe); setdefprt (setdefprt.exe); SetDefPrt (BrStDvPt.exe); SetecCertUtil (Certutil.exe); setFTPBack (createsw.exe); SetHook (SetHook.exe); SETI@home (SETI@home.exe); seticlient (SETI@home.exe); SetIcon (SetIcon.exe); SetiQueue (Setiqu~1.exe); SetiSpy (SetiSpy.exe); SetPoint (SetPoint.exe); SetPoint (Setpoint.exe); SETPOINT Logitech Inc (KHALMNP.exe); SetRefresh (SetRefresh.exe); Setting (sysweb.exe); setup (hphprld.exe ....setup.exe); Setup experation (svchost.exe); setupa (runt32.exe); setupdata (rnll32.exe); SetupICWDesktop (icwconn1.exe); setupuser (regedit.exe setupuser.log); setuzp (setuzp.exe); SetVrc (setvrc.exe); Sex Teris (st01b.exe); Sexnow (Sexnow.exe); Sexy_Blondes (Sexy_Blondes.exe); Sexy_sg (Sexy_sg.exe); sf (sf.exe); SFIGUI (SFIGUI.EXE); sfita (sfita.exe); SfKg6w (rayiou.exe); SFP (vzSFPWin.EXE); sfpc (sfpc.exe); SFtrb Service (cftrb32.exe); SfWinStartInfo (sfWinStartupInfo.exe); Sgecrypt (Sgecrypt.exe); Sgeecview (Ecview.exe); sginst (sginst.exe); SGTBox (SGTBox.exe); sgtray (sgtray.exe); Shadow (Shadow.exe); ShadowUser Pro Edition (ShadowUser.exe); shambl3r (cnf.bat); shambl3r* (shambl3r.exe); Shania (Shania.vbs); Share-to-Web Namespace Daemon (hpgs2wnd.exe); Shareaza (Shareaza.exe); Shareaza (bindata.exe); sharedprem (sharedprem.exe); ShareSearcher ([path to trojan]); Sharing and Mapping Software (DShmap.exe); SharkEject (AEJCT32.exe); SharpTray (SharpTray.exe); Shcenter (chcenter.exe); shdef (shdef.exe); SheduIer (svchst.exe); SheduIer (shch.exe); SheduIer (winagent.exe); Shedule Connection (arpo412.exe); Sheduler (nerocheck.exe); Shell (Shell32.exe); Shell (ray.exe); Shell (Tray.exe); Shell (wmedia16.exe); Shell (Open32.exe); Shell (Explorer.exe sound_drive16.exe); Shell (Explorer.exe, msmsgs.exe); Shell (Explorer.exe [path] svchost.exe); shell (explorer.exe); Shell (iexplore.exe); Shell (ibm0000*.exe [* = digit]); Shell (taskmrg.exe); Shell (Explorer.exe winupdate.exe); Shell (ibm[RANDOM 5 DIGIT NUMBER].exe); Shell (svchost.exe); Shell (ibm00001.dll); Shell (wmedia32.exe); Shell API32 (svcnet.exe); Shell Extension (spollsv.exe); Shell Tray Window (ShellTraywnd.exe); shell update (shellexec.exe); Shell.exe (Shell.exe); Shell32 (Shell32.vbs); shell32 (ntldrt.exe); Shell32 (iexplore.exe); ShellApi (SHELLMSN.EXE); Shellapi32 (Shellapi32.exe); Shellapi32 (mcvsrte.exe); ShellCommand ([path to file]); Shelldaemon (Shelldaemon.exe); ShellEx (ShellEx.exe); ShellN (isca.exe); ShellOS (A+++.exe); ShellRun (lexplore_.exe); ShellRun32 (iexplore.exe); Shellspl (lsas.exe); Shellspl (spools.exe); shellsystem (shellsystem.exe); shhost (shhost.exe); shicoxp (shicoxp.exe); Shine (Shine.exe); SHINITV (shinitv.exe); Shmgrate.exe (ibot4.exe); ShockmachineReminder (SmReminder.exe); Shockwave (csrss.exe); Shockwave Init (SWINIT.EXE); Shockwave Support (FlashPlayer.exe); ShortKeys 99 (SHORTKEY.EXE); ShortKeys Lite (shklite.exe); sHotKey (sHotKey.exe); Showbehind (SHOWBEHIND.EXE); ShowFF (ShowFF.exe); ShowIcon_Justrams_USB Product Driver v2.12r012 (shwicon.exe); ShowIcon_PNY_PNY Attach (shwicon.exe); ShowIcon_SmartDisk Corporation_USB Card Reader v1.14e051 (shwicon.exe); ShowLOMControl ([strange symbol]); Showme (Ruden.vbs); ShowWnd (ShowWnd.exe); SHPC32 (SHPC32.exe); ShStatEXE (SHSTAT.EXE); Shutdownaware (shutdownaware.exe); ShutDownPro (ShutDownPro.exe); Si Meter (SIMETER.EXE); si91e44b (rundll32.exe [path] si91e44b.dll, EnableRunDLL32); SIA2006 (SIA2006.exe); SIAPRO6 (sia.exe); Sicom (Sicom.exe); SideACT (SideACT.exe); Sidebar (Sidebar.exe); SIDEBAR (dsidebar.exe); SideWinderTrayV4 (SWTrayV4.exe); SigmaTel Audio (setup.exe); SigmatelSysTrayApp (stsystra.exe); SigmatelSysTrayApp (sttray.exe); SigX (sigx.exe); SigXC (SigX.exe); Simcast (SimcastAlerts.exe); Simple Star PhotoShow Media Manager (mssysmgr.exe); SimpLite-MSN (SimpLite-MSN.exe); sInErA (.exe); Singapore (singapore.exe); SIPPS (SIPPSSIPPS.exe); SiS Dns (dnssvc.exe); SiS KHooker (khooker.exe); SiS Mpc Service (mpcsvc.exe); SiS Mpc Service (mpcsvc.exe); SiS Tray (sistray.exe); SiS Windows KeyHook (keyhook.exe); SiS7012Utility (SiSAudUt.exe); SISAM10M (SISAM10M.exe); SiSAudio (MP_S3.exe); siscolor (color.exe); siService.exe (siService.exe); SiSPower (Rundll32.exe SiSPower.dll, ModeAgent); SiSRaid (SRaid.exe); SiSSetCDfmt (SiSSetCDfmt.exe); SISSoundman (Soundman.exe); SiSSWLED (sisswled.exe); sistrai.exe (sistrai.exe); sistray (sistray.exe); sistray (sistray.exe); Sistray32 (remotehost.pif); Sistray32 (win.bat); Sistray32 (virus.exe); sistry (sistry.exe); SiSUSBRG (SiSUSBrg.exe); SiteAdvisor (SiteAdv.exe); sittachasnahalbasya (ntoskernel.exe); sixer566 (sscc.exe); sixtysix (sixtypopsix.exe); SK51 (SK51.EXE); SK60 (SK60.EXE); SK9910DM (SK9910DM.EXE); SKDAEMON (SKDAEMON.EXE); skinkers (skinkers.exe); sks-32 (SKS32P~1.EXE); Skunk (Skunk.exe); SkyBlaster Scheduler (SSFSch.exe); skynetave.exe (skynetave.exe); SkynetRevenge (winlogon.scr); Skype (Skype.exe); Skype Startup (skyp.exe); SkypeMate (SkypeMate.exe); SkypeStartup (Skype.exe); SkySurfer Management Service (SmaServ.exe); SkyTel (SkyTel.exe); sl4 rules (rbot32.exe); slack12 (mfcee.exe); Slayhacker734 (slay7383.exe); SleepManager (SleepMgr.exe); (Sliber.EXE); SlickRun (sr.exe); slide (Iexplore.exe); slimp3 (SliMP3 Server.exe); Slingshot (SLINGS~1.EXE); slipcore (slipcore.exe); slipgui (slipgui.exe); SlipStream (slipcore.exe); slmss (slmss.exe); sload (sload.exe); slvchost32 (slvchost32.exe); sm (sa_exe.exe); sm (sf_exe.exe); sm (sm_exe.exe); sm (sr_exe.exe); SM (iro.bat); SM1BG (SM1BG.EXE); SM1NINT (SM1NINT.exe); SM56 Helper Win32 Utility (sm56hlpr.exe); Sm56acl (sm56hlpr.exe); sman (app***.tmp [* = digit]); SManager (smanager.*.exe [* = digit]); SManager (smanager.7.exe); SmansaApp (winlogon.exe); Smapp (smtray.exe); Smart Card Service (ScardSvr.exe); Smart Connect Monitor (SCMon.exe); Smart Connect Setup (SCSetup.exe); Smart Keyboard (Smartkbd.exe); Smart Label O Server (ssloserv.exe); Smart Label RFViewer (SSLFVIEW.EXE); Smart Start UP (PnPDetect.exe); Smart Touch (STouch.exe); Smart Type Assistant (sta.exe); Smartalec (pcaccel.exe); SmartAudio (SmartAudio.exe); SmartBarXP (SmartBarXP.exe); sMaRTcaPs (SMARTC~1.EXE); SmartDefrag (IObit SmartDefrag.exe); Smarthruengine (QS.exe); SmartPCXL (pcaccel.exe); SmartSync Pro (SmartSync.exe); SMax4 (SMax4.exe); SMax4PNP (SMax4PNP.exe); smbdpmi (smbdpmi.exe); smc (smc.exe); smc (spfsmc.exe); SMC Service (smc.exe); SMC Service (spfsmc.exe); smcserv (winsrv.exe); SmcService (smc.exe); SmcServices (smc.exe); SmcServices (spfsmc.exe); smcss (smcss.exe); Smcsta.exe (Smcsta.exe); SmcSVR (SmcSVR.exe); smgr (mgrs.exe); smgr (smgr.exe); Smiley District (plugin.exe); Smith Micro try (smiptray.exe); smodul (smodule.exe); SmoothView (SmoothView.exe); SMPAutoStart (smpdemo.exe); SmpcSys (SmpSys.exe); smres (smres.exe); SMS (iro.bat); SMS Application Launcher (LAUNCH32.EXE); SMS Client Service (clisvc95.exe); Sms System32 (SmsSystem32.exe); SMS Win9x Message Agent (??); SMS Win9x Message Agent (SMSMsg.exe); Smserial (sm56hlpr.exe); SMSI Loader (SMLoader.exe); smsm (smsm.exe); smsrv (smsrv.exe); SMSS (smss.exe); smss ([path to smss.exe]); smss (smss.exe); smss (smss.exe); Smss (ssms.exe); smss.exe (csrss.exe); smssLevel4 (smss.exe); SMSSS (smsss.exe); SMSSS Loader (smsss.exe); SMSSU (SMSSU.EXE); smsys (Explorer.exe); smsys (vi.exe); SMSystemAnalyzer (SMSystemAnalyzer.exe); sms_msn (sms_msn.exe); sms_msn40 (sms_msn40.exe); Smt (SMT.exe); SMToolbar (SMToolbar.exe); SMTP32 Mailing Protocol (smtp32.exe); SmWizard (SmWizard.exe); SN Messenger (msnmsgr.exe); SnagIt 8 (SnagIt32.exe); snapple (snapple.exe); snbr (snbr.exe); snbupt (snbupt.exe); sncntr (sncntr.exe); SNCT511 (vsnct511.exe); snd332 (snd332.exe); Sndcompat (Sndcompat.exe); sndmi13 (vsndmi13.exe); SNDMon (SNDMon.exe); Sndsaver (Sndsaver.exe); sndsrvc (SNDSRVC.EXE); SNInstall ([various filenames]); Snippet (SnippingTool.exe); SNM (SNM.exe); SnoopFreeUI (SnoopFreeUI.exe); SNP Generic Host Process (svchost.exe); snp2std (vsnp2std.exe); snpstd (vsnpstd.exe); SNPSTD2 (vsnpstd2.exe); snpstd3 (vsnpstd3.exe); Snsicon (Snsicon.exe); SNSS.EXE (SNSS.EXE); snvc (snvc.exe); SO5 Integrator Pass One (sointgr.exe); SO5 Integrator Pass Two (sointgr.exe); Soar (Rwon.exe); Social Security Agency (rpcxsocsa.exe); Sock32 (sock32.exe); Socket Utility (svchostz.exe); Socket Utility (socket.exe); Socket Utility (svchostz.exe); SoDA Startup (SodaStartup.exe); soffice (SOFFICE.EXE); Soft Profile Inc (hxdef.exe...); soft2 (********.exe [* = random digit]); softIce Update 32 (wininits.exe); SoftickPPP (PPPGate.exe); SOFTinst (N/A); SoftStuff Wallpaper Changer (softstrt.exe); Software (software.exe); SoftwareStation (station.exe); Solo Sentry (Solosent.exe); SoloSchedule (Solocfg.exe); SoloSysCheck (Syscheck.exe); somatic (somatic.exe); Sonic A3D Control (vrtxctrl.exe); Sonic RecordNow! (smsc.exe); SonicFocus (SFIGUI.EXE); SoniqueQuickStart (sqstart.exe); SonnReg (SonnReg.exe); SonudMan (SonudMan.exe); SonudMan (WNILOGON.exe); SonudMon (SonudMon.exe); Sony Ericsson PC Suite (Application Launcher.exe); SonyPowerCfg (SPMgr.exe); Soot (rcea.exe); sophagnt (sophagnt.exe); SOProc_RegSoAlertWxLiteNnAj (rundll32 shell32.dll, ShellExec_RunDLL [path] soproc.exe); SOS (SOS.exe); SoSyncMonitor (SoSyncMonitor.exe); Sound Loader (sndloader.exe); Sound services (SOUND32.EXE); Sound System (WinSound1.exe); soundcontrl (soundcontrl.exe); sounddrv (sndbdrv3104.exe); SoundFusion (rundll32 cwcprops.cpl); SoundFusion (rundll32 hercplgs.cpl, BootEntryPoint); SoundFusion (RunDll32 cwaprops.cpl, C25CrystalControlWnd); SoundMam (SVOHOST.exe); soundman (soundman.exe); SOUNDMAN Microsoft Help (soun.pif); SoundMAX (SMax4.exe); SoundMAX (SoundMAX.exe); SoundMax Audio Drivers (SndMAX.exe); SoundMAXPnP (SMax4PNP.exe); soundmix (soundmix.exe); SoundMixer (smvss.exe); SoundMnEx32 ([path to worm]); Soundmx (Soundmx.exe); soundtask (soundtask.exe); soundtasks (soundtasks.exe); soundtctrls (soundtctrls.exe); SoundView (msdview32.exe); sounofts (sounofts.exe); sountskmanager (sountaskmgr); SourcePath (gwreg.exe); sp (sp.reg); sp (regedit-s .... sp.dll); sp (se.dll, DllInstall); sp (rundll32 (Path to Trojan DLL), DllInstall); SP TimeSync (SP TimeSync.exe); SP00LSV (Sp00lsv.exe); SP2 Connection Patcher (SP2ConnPatcher.exe); SP2 data ([path] repcale.exe [path] apc.exe); SP2 Firewall/Internet Updater (crssrs.exe); sp2chk.exe (sp2chk.exe); sp2ctr (sp2ctr.exe); sp2fwxp (sp2fwxp.exe); sp2update (sp2update.exe); Spam Blocker for Outlook Express (SBInst.exe); SPAM FIREWALL (mfirewall.exe); Spam Sleuth (SpamSleuth.exe); SpamBlocker (SbOEAddOn.exe); SPAMfighter Agent (SFAgent.exe); spamihilator (spamihilator.exe); SpamPal (spampal.exe); SpamSubtract (SpamSubtract.exe); Spark (Spark.exe); spc_w (hcm.exe); spc_w (blspc.exe); spc_w (nzspc.exe); Spdstart (Spdstart.exe); Speaking Clock Deluxe (SpClDlx.exe); Special Firewall Service (avguard.exe); SpecialOffers (SpecialOffers*.exe [* = digit]); SpecialOffers (SpecialOffers.exe); specific (specixic.exe); Speed racer (CTSRReg.exe); Speed Tec (speedtec.exe); SpeedBoss ([worm filename]); SpeedItUp (SPEEDITUP.EXE); SpeedItUpEX (SpeedItUpEx.exe); Speedkey (SPEEDKEY.EXE); SpeedMeter (SpeedMeter.exe); SpeedOptimizer (spo.exe); SpeedswitchXP (SpeedswitchXP.exe); Speedtouch USB Diagnostics (Dragdiag.exe); SpeedUpMyPC (SpeedUpMyPC.exe); Spees1 (speedy.scr); Spees2 (Speedy.bat); Spees3 (SPEEDY.PIF); Spellex Anywhere (sa.exe); SpIDerMail (spiderml.exe); Spinner Plus (spinner.exe); SPINX (Wscript.exe OXNEY.B.VBS); SPIRun (Rundll32 SPIRun.dll, RunDLLEntry); SPnt (SPnt.exe); SpokeSysTray (SpokeSysTray.exe); spolsvr2 (spolsvr2.exe); spoo1sv (spoo1sv.exe); Spool ([path to trojan]); Spool (wys.exe); SPOOL Configuration (spoolsvc.exe); Spool Loader (spool.exe); Spool LoadKIt (spoolv.exe); Spool lptt01 (spool.exe); Spool Manager (spoolsrv.exe); Spool ml097e (spool.exe); Spool32 (pool32.exe); spoolax ([path to trojan]); Spooler Service (Spoolsrv.exe); Spooler Sub System Process (SPOOL32.EXE); Spooler Subsystem (spoolsub.exe); Spooler SubSystem App (spoolsvc.exe); Spooler SubSystem App (spooIsv.exe); Spooler SubSystem Application (localsvc.exe); Spooler SubSystem Application (netsvc.exe); Spooler SubSystem Application (spoolsvc.exe); Spooler SubSystem Application (svcadmin.exe); Spooler SubSystem Application (svcman.exe); Spooler SubSystem Application (svcrun.exe); Spooler SubSystem Application (tcpsvc.exe); Spooler SubSystem Application (websvc.exe); Spooler Subsytem App (spoolsvc.exe); SpoolerSubSystemProcess (SpooI32.exe); Spools Service Controller (spools.exe); spoolserv (spoolserv.exe); SpoolService (spolsv.exe); Spoolsv (Spoolsv.exe); spoolsv (scvhosts.exe); spoolsv (svchost.exe); spoolsv (spoclsv.exe); spoolsv manager (SpoolMgr.exe); spoolsv service (spoolsv32.exe); SPOOLSV32 (SPOOLSV32.EXE); spoolsvc (spoolsvc.exe); spoolsvr32 (csmss.exe); spoolsvr32 (csmss32.exe); spoolsvs.exe (spoolsvs.exe); SPOOLSVU (SPOOLSVU.EXE); spoolsvv (spoolsvv.exe); Spoolvs (spoolvs.exe); Spore (MsNews.vbs); Spore.b (Scmhlpr.vbs); SPP (run.exe); spp (regedit -s spp.reg); sppbridge (sppbridge.exe); SprintPort (SprintPortA.exe); SpriteService (SpriteService.exe); Sproc32 (sproc32.exe); sprtcmd (sprtcmd.exe); SPSTEALT (SmartProtectorPro.exe); spstore (storesp.exe); Spy Blocker (spyblocker.exe); Spy Protector (SpyProtector.exe); Spy-Control (Spy-Control.exe); Spy-Keylogger (skl.exe); SpyAway (spyaway.exe); SpyAxe (spyaxe.exe); SpyBan (SpyBan.exe); SpyBlast (SpyBlast.exe); SpyBlocker (spyblocker.exe); SpyBlocs (SpyBlocs.exe); SpyBlocs3.0 (SpyBlocs3.0.exe); SpybotSD TeaTimer (TeaTimer.exe); SpyBotSnD (Spybotsd.exe); Spybott lptt01 (spybott.exe); Spybott ml097e (spybott.exe); SpyClean (1ClickSpyClean.exe); SpyCop ScanCheck (MAIN.EXE); SpyEmergency (SpyEmergency.exe); SpyEx (Winllogo.exe); SpyFighterMonitor (SpyFighter.exe); SpyFighterUpdate (AutoUpdate.exe); SpyHealer (SpyHealer.exe); SpyHeals (SpyHeals.exe); SpyHunter (SpyHunter.exe); Spykiller (Spykiller.exe); SpyLax (SpyLax.exe); SpyLocked 4.3 (SpyLocked 4.3.exe); SpyMedic (SpyMedic.exe); SpyNuker (Spynuker.exe); SpyOnThis Monitor (SpyOnThisMonitor.exe); (Spy-Quake2.exe); SpySheriff (SpySheriff.exe); SpyShredder (SpyShredder.exe); SpySpotter (SpySpotter.exe); SpySpotter System Defender (Defender.exe); SpyStopper (spystopper.exe); SpySubtract (SpySub.exe); SpySweeper (SpySweeper.exe); SpySweeper (SpySweeperUI.exe); SpySweeperEnterprise (SpySweeperUI.exe); SpyTrooper (SpyTrooper.exe); Spyware (Spyware.exe); Spyware Begone (SpywareBeGone.exe); Spyware Begone (freescan.exe); Spyware Doctor (spydoctor.exe); Spyware Doctor (swdoctor.exe); Spyware Guard Control Panel (spywar~1.exe); Spyware Nuker (swn2.exe); Spyware Nuker Installer (SpywareNukerInstaller.exe); Spyware remover (Remove_spyware.exe); Spyware Scanner (AseScanner.exe); SpyWare Shield (Shield.exe); Spyware Slayer (SpywareSlayer.Exe); Spyware Soft Stop (Spyware Soft Stop.exe); Spyware Stormer (SpywareStormer.Exe); Spyware Vanisher (FreeScanner.exe); Spyware X-terminator (SpywareX.exe); Spyware-Cop (Spyware-Cop.exe); SpywareBomb (SpywareBomb.exe); SpywareBot (SpywareBot.exe); spywarefighterguard (spfprc.exe); SpywareGuard (sgmain.exe); SpywareGuard (winproc32.exe); SpywareGuard (deinst_qfe001.exe); Spywareguard lptt01 (Spywareguard.exe); Spywareguard ml097e (Spywareguard.exe); SpywareGuardPlus (winmm64.exe); SpywareKilla (SpywareKilla.exe); SpywareLocked (SpywareLocked.exe); SpywareLocked 3.5 (SpywareLocked 3.5.exe); SpywareNo (SpywareNo.exe); SpywareQuake (SpywareQuake.exe); SpywareStrike (SpywareStrike.exe); SpywareTerminator (SpywareTerminatorShield.exe); SPYWATCH (SpyWatch.exe); SQConfigChecker (cc.exe); SQInstaller (SQInstaller.exe); SQL (server.exe); SQL Server (scm.exe); SQL Server Service (sql.exe); sqservices (wins32.exe); SQUpdatesChecker (uc.exe); sqvynikp (sqvynikp.exe); SR Agent (AGENTSVC.EXE); Sr Agent (SrLogon.exe); sr1exe (updtSup3.exe); sr64 ([path to trojan]); SrchfstUpdate (srchupdt.exe); sre (rundll32.exe sre.dll, Register); srePostpone (rundll32.exe [path] srescan.dll, DoSpecialAction); SRFirstRun (rundll32 srclient.dll, CreateFirstRunRp); Srmclean (srmclean.exe); SRNG (srng.exe); SRP Startup (srrpro.exe); SRS Applet (SrsTray.Exe); SRS Audio Sandbox (SRSSSC.exe); srshost.exe (srshost.exe); Srv RPCrom (NClienti386.exe); Srv32 (Srv32.exe); Srv32 (Srv32.exe); Srv32 spool service (runsrv32.exe); Srv32 spool service (spoolsrv32.exe); Srv32 spool service ([path to trojan]); Srv325 (Srv325.exe); Srv32Old ([worm filename].PIF); Srv32Win (SpyAgent4.exe); Srv32Win (Svchost.exe); Srv32Win (sysdiag.exe); srv32win (win16dll.exe); Srvce Pack Updte (svcpack.exe); srvexc.exe (srvexc.exe); srvprc (srvprc.exe); srxTray (srxTray.exe); SsAAD.exe (SsAAD.exe); ssate.exe (irun4.exe); ssate.exe (winsys.exe); SSBkgdUpdate (SSBkgdupdate.exe); SSC Service Utility (ssc_serv.exe); SSCFBTN.EXE (SSCFBTN.EXE); sscRun (SSCRun.exe); SSC_UserPrompt (UsrPrmpt.exe); Ssd (Std.exe); ssdiag (ssdiag.exe); SSDPSRV (ssdpsrv.exe); 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Start It Upping (svchosets.exe); Start Network Scanner Tool (sdFTP.exe); Start Page (; Start Page (svcnt32.exe); Start RF Wireless Keyboard (ktrexe.exe); Start RF Wireless Mouse (cm20.exe); Start Service (upssrv.exe); Start Up Cop (startcop.exe); start uploading (smsss.exe); Start Upping (taskmrg.exe); Start Upping (SVCHOSTES.EXE); Start Upping (taksmgr.exe); Start Upping (mcrt32.exe); Start Upping (windupds.exe); Start Upping (windupdts.exe); Start Upping (xdcc.exe); Start Upping (spoolnt.exe); Start Uppings (svcchosts.exe); Start Uppings (mssupdate.exe); Start Wingman Profiler (lwtest.exe); Start Wingman Profiler (lwemon.exe); Startacc (startacc.exe); StartCCC (CLIStart.exe); startdrv (startdrv.exe); StartEAK (StartEAK.exe); startemdoit ([path to trojan]); Starter (scvhosting.exe); starter (scvhostingg.exe); starter (iexplore.exe); StartFoxie (StartFoxie.exe); startkey (svcmgr.exe); startkey (update.exe); startkey (XMCHAI.EXE); startkey (explore32.exe); startkey (CKOTS.exe); StartKey (pligde.exe); startkey (RunWinRaR.exe); startkey (Mysia.exe); startkey (explorer.exe); startkey (furzi.exe); startkey (krnl.exe); startkey (royale.exe); startkey (rtfmsv.exe); startkey (scvhost.exe); startkey (server.exe); startkey (win32i.exe); startkey (winampXP.exe); startkey (svchost32.exe); startkey (winlogin.exe); startkey (winlogin.exe); startkey (antivir.exe); startkey (svchost.exe); startl.exe (startl.exe); StartMenu (deamon.exe); StartMenu (msgaol.exe); StartMenu (s_menu.exe); StartMenu (browse.exe); startpage (startpage.exe); STARTPAGE (start1.exe); StartStop (STARTSTOP.EXE); StartSurfing (STARTS.exe); Startup (??); Startup (WinlogonStartup); Startup (mirc.exe); Startup Configuration ([six character filename]); Startup Configuration (wztoid.exe); Startup Launcher GUI (GUI.exe); Startup Manager Scanner (StartupMonitor.exe); Startup Scan (Sensor.EXE); Startup Update (Cvshost.exe); StartupBin (iwnujdss.exe); StartupMonitor (StartupMonitor.exe); startwin (startwin.exe); startwindowskeyuser (rundle2.exe); Stat 'n' Perf (StatnPerf.exe); StatBar (STATBAR.exe); State Service (csrss.exe); StationPlaylistStudio (SPLStudio.exe); Statistics (statslist.exe); Status Monitor (BrMfcWnd.exe); Status Monitor XE (ENGSS.EXE); StatusClient (StatusClient.exe); StatusClient 2.6 (StatusClient.exe); StatusView (StatusView.exe); Stay Connected! (StayCon.exe); StayAlive (StayAlive.Exe); StayAlive (sa.exe); STBVision (STBVisn.exe); STBWEBTV (STBWEBTV.EXE); stcinstaller (id53.exe); stcloader (stcloader.exe); stcloader (STCLOA~1.exe); STCLOA~1 (stcloader.exe); STCLOA~1 (STCLOA~1.exe); STCPO (STCPO.exe); StdAFX (stdafx.exe); stdlib ([filename]); STDSB (STDSB.exe); Stealth Anonymizer 2.5 (stealth25.exe); stealth.dcom.exe (stealth.dcom.exe); stealth.ddos.exe (stealth.ddos.exe); stealth.exe (stealth.exe); stealth.injector.exe (stealth.injector.exe); stealth.stat.exe (stealth.stat.exe); stealth.wm.exe (stealth.wm.exe); stealth.worm.exe (stealth.worm.exe); Steam (steam.exe); steam (steam.exe); SteFanie (SteFanie.vbs); stgclean (w32main2.exe); Stickies (STICKIES.EXE); Sticky Notes (stikynot.exe); Sticky Pad (StickyPad.exe); StickyNote (StickyNote.exe); StillImageMonitor (Stimon.exe); stisrv (stisrv.exe); stlbdist (rundll32exe stlbdist.DLL, DllRunMain); stlbupdt (rundll32.exe stlbupdt.DLL, DllRunMain); STManager (drst.exe); stmha (wkfxi.js); stonedrv (stonedrv.exe); StopSignSsTsMon (sstsmon.dll, VerifyStatus); StopSignStatus (stopsinfo.dll); STOPzilla (Stopzilla.exe); STOPzilla Service (SZNTSVC.EXE); StorageGuard (sgtray.exe); STPMGR (STPMGR.EXE); stratas (xmconfig.exe); stratas (lockx.exe); Stratas (ggfig.exe); StreamAppliance (wuauclt14.exe); StreamAppliance (wuauclt16.exe); Streamload Downloader (SlDB.exe); Streamload Uploader (StreamMgr.exe); StreamZap Remote (zremote.exe); StrgSync.exe (StrgSync.exe); strkjhk (sdflkj3.exe); strmsnmgrs (msnxmsgrsc.exe); strmsnmsgr (msnmsgrs.exe); strmsnmsgrs (msnmsgrsc.exe); strmsnnms (msnmegrs.exe); strmsnnrs (msnmcgrs.exe); strmsoums (msnmegrse.exe); Strng32 (strngbox.exe); StrokeIt (strokeit.exe); strtas (lock1.exe); strtas (lockx.exe); strtas (l074.exe); strtas (loc1.exe); strto (strto.exe); strto ([path to trojan]); Sts (iwnujdss2.exe); Stubbish (Stubbish.exe); StubPath (Sservice.exe); stup (138762763.exe); StupAssist (StupAssist.exe); stxrmsgms (mstats.exe); StyleXP (StyleXP.exe); SubAH (SubAH.exe); Subliminal Power (Subliminal.exe); Subtract the Ads (AdSub.exe); suck (l0ad.exe); Suitcase Startup (Suitcase.exe); Suite (SuiteOffices.exe); SULFNBJ.EXE (SULFNBJ.EXE); Sun Java Console for Windows NT & XP (jconsole.exe); Sunasdtserv (Sunasdtserv.exe); sunasServ (sunasServ.exe); Sunjava (javasmart.exe); SunJavaSched (ccEvtMngr.exe); SunJavaSched Updater (avamx.exe); SunJavaUpdate (smvss.exe); SunJavaUpdateSched (jusched.exe); SunJavaUpdateSched (scvhost.exe); SunJavaUpdateSched (javamx.exe); Sunkist (shwicon98.exe); Sunkist2k (shwicon2k.exe); SunKistEM (shwiconem.exe); SuNotification (suatshut.exe); SunProtectionServer (SunProtectionServer.exe); SunServer (SunServer.exe); SupaDial (SupaDial.exe); Supastatus (status.exe); supdate (supdate.exe); supdate2.dll (rundll32.exe [path] supdate2.dll); super (fuckbx.exe); super (super.exe); Super Popup Blocker (popkill.exe); Super X Desktop Version 3.4 (SXDesk.exe); SuperAdBlocker (SAdBlock.exe); SUPERAntiSpyware (SUPERAntiSpyware.exe); SuperBar.Component ([path to services.exe]); SuperBar.Component (services.exe); Supercleaner (Supercleaner.exe); SuperCool Compress Backup (Main.exe); SuperHeissSex (SuperHeissSex.exe); supernews12 (newsd32.exe); Supernova ([worm filename]); superproxy (superproxy.exe); SuperRam (SuperRam.exe); superslut (msslut32.exe); SuperSpamKiller Pro (Ssk.exe); Supervisor.exe (Supervisor.exe); support-reverse-smileys ([trojan filename]); supporter5 (supporter5.exe); SureCleanProfessional (SRClean.exe); Sureshotpopupkiller (Stopthepop.exe); Sureshotpopupkiller (pusak.exe); SurfAccuracy (sacc.exe); SurfBuddy (rundll32 [path] sbuddy.dll); SurfChoice (SCMan.exe); Surfer lptt01 (surfer.exe); Surfer ml097e (surfer.exe); SurfHelper (SurfHelp.exe); SurfinGuard Pro (winsfcm.exe); SurfSecret (ss2-full.exe); SurfSideKick 2 (Ssk.exe); SurfSideKick 3 (Ssk.exe); SurfStream (SurfStream.exe); Surs (awab.exe); Surveysa (surveysa.exe); suScheduler (UCLauncher.exe); Susp (Susp.exe); susse (hpsw.exe); Sustem (explorer.exe); 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(system..exe); system... 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SysWin (SysWin.exe); syswin (v6.exe); syswin32 (syswin32.exe); Syswindow (Syswindow.exe); SysWy (rundll32.exe); sysX3 (sys22.exe); sysygm32 (syscxd32.exe); sysygm64 (winrxd64.exe); SYS_CLEAN (Service.exe); Sys_Run (ghost.exe); sys_Runtt1 (explorer.exe); SyZ (f1.exe); SyztMy (expiorer.exe); SZMsgSvc.exe (SZMsgSvc.exe); t (xclean.exe); T-DSL SpeedMgr (speedmgr.exe); T3Console (T3Console.exe); T4skM4n4g3r (Wink3sk9.exe); Taakcontrole (taskmon.exe); Taba (stte.exe); Tablet (Tablet.exe); tablet s (tablet s); Tablet Task (tabletsk32.exe); TabletTip (tabtip.exe); TabletWizard (SPLSHWRP.EXE); TabUserW (TabUserW.exe); TAcelMgr (TAcelMgr.exe); Tad (tad.exe); taengtae (AutoRun.bat); Taesk managers (tase.pif); taetae (Exit to DosPrompt.pif); TAG (tag.exe); Tahni Deskmate (Tahni.exe); TakeMP3 (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll, DllMostrar); TAKSMGN (taskmr.exe); talk (talk.bat); TalkingReminder (TALKINGREMINDER.EXE); talknow (talknow.exe); TalkTalk (sprtcmd.exe /P TalkTalk); Tango (Setup.exe); TangoManager (TangoManager.exe); TANG_INA_MO (AutoRun.bat); Tapicfg (Tapicfg.exe); Tapisys (tss.exe); TapiTNA (TapiTNA.exe); Tarantula (razerhid.exe); Tardis (Tardis.exe); Task (tasker.exe); Task (LSASS.EXE); Task Bar (TASKBAR.EXE); Task BarClient (TaskBarClient.exe); Task BarSvr (TaskBarSvr.exe); Task Catcher (tasktrap.exe); Task Catcher Real-Time Detector (tasktrap.exe); Task Commander (regsvc32.exe); Task Debugger (sysdll.exe); Task Help (wualcts.exe); Task Manager (taskmngr.exe); Task Manager (taskman.exe); Task Manager (prcview.exe); Task manager (taskemngr.exe); Task manager (TikTo.exe); Task manager (taskmngr.exe); Task Manager (svchost.exe); Task Manager (taskmng.exe); Task Manager (svhost32.exe); Task manager (taskmgr2.exe); Task Manager (tskmngr.exe); Task Monitoring Service (svchost.exe); Task Scheduler Engine (schedsvc32.exe); task service (taskservices.exe); Task service (taskmgs.exe); TASK SETUP (tasksetup.exe); Taskbar (Taskbar.exe); TaskBar (CTLTask.exe); Taskbar Display Controls (RunDLL deskcp16.dll, QUICKRES_RUNDLLENTRY); Taskbar Service (taskbar.svc); Taskbar Shuffle (taskbarshuffle.exe); Taskbar System (tasksys.exe); Taskbar++ (TaskbarPP.exe); Taskbell.exe (Rund1.exe); taskdir (taskdir.exe); TaskList (tasklist32.exe); TaskMan (rundll32.exe); taskmanager (; taskmanager (taskmanager.exe); TaskManager ([path to trojan]); taskmanger (taskmanger.exe); Taskmgo ([path to file]); Taskmgr (Taskmgr.exe); Taskmgr (tskmgr32.exe); taskmgr (taskmgr.exe); Taskmgr (system.exe); taskmgr (explorer.exe); taskmgr ([path to trojan]); taskmgr (taskmanager.exe); taskmgr.exe (taskmgr.exe); taskmgr.exe (paint.exe); taskmgr.exe (mirc.exe); taskmgr.exe (paintms.exe); TASKMGRU (TASKMGRU.EXE); taskmngr ([path] msnve.exe [path] task.exe); taskmngr lptt01 (taskmngr.exe); taskmngr ml097e (taskmngr.exe); TaskMon (taskmon.exe); Taskmon driver (winampa.exe); taskmone (taskmone.exe); TaskMonitor (taskmon.exe); TaskMrg (csrss.exe); taskmrg.exe (taskimg.exe); taskmsgs ([path to trojan]); taskopen.exe (taskopen.exe); TaskPlus (TASKPLUS0.EXE); TaskPlus (TASKPL~1.EXE); TaskReg ([random filename]); TaskS manager (taskmgrs.exe); Taskschd (TRAYWND.EXE); TaskScheduler (TaskSch.exe); taskswitch (taskswitch.exe); TaskSwitchXP (TaskSwitchXP.exe); tasksys (tasksys.vbs); Tasktray (CTLTray.exe); Tasmgr (Taskmgr.bat); tat (tatss.exe); Tau monitor (Taumon.exe); TAudEffect (TAudEff.exe); TA_Start ([random filename]); TB2PROEXE (tb2start.exe); TBC Pro (tbcpro.exe); TBC.exe (TBC.exe); tbctray (tbctray.exe); TBLFUNC (tblmouse.exe); tbon (tbon.exe); TBPanel (TBPanel.exe); TBPS (TBPS.exe); TBTray (tbtray.exe); TB_setup (TB_ANI~1.EXE); TB_setup (tb_setup.exe); tcactive (tca.exe); TCASUTIEXE (tcaudiag.exe); TCASUTIEXE (TCASUTI.exe); TCAUDIAG -off (tcaudiag.exe); TCDPbtn (TCDPbtn.exe); TCDPlay (TCDPlay.drv); TClock (TCLOCK.EXE); TClock.exe (tclock_install.exe); TClockEx (TCLOCKEX.EXE); tcmonitor (tcm.exe); TCOYFReminder (tcoyftray.exe); Tcp Application Manager (localsvc.exe); Tcp Application Manager (netsvc.exe); Tcp Application Manager (spoolsvc.exe); Tcp Application Manager (svcadmin.exe); Tcp Application Manager (svcman.exe); Tcp Application Manager (svcrun.exe); Tcp Application Manager (tcpsvc.exe); Tcp Application Manager (websvc.exe); tcp checker (tcpcheck.exe); TCP Internet Services (TCPSVC32.EXE); TCP Monitoring (LanNSvc.exe); tcpipmon (tcpipmon.exe); tcpippui (tcpippui.exe); tcpippui32 (tcpippui32.exe); TCPServer (TCPServer.exe); TCPXP Update (tcpxp.exe); TCtryIOHook (TCtrlIOHook.exe); tcupdater (tcupdater.exe); TDispVol (TDispVol.exe); TDKSTART (TDKSTART.EXE); TDKTASK (TDKTASK.EXE); TDockNUndock (N/A); TDS3 (TDS-3.exe); TDspOff (Tdspoff.exe); Teach In Box (teachbox.exe); Tech-In-A-Box (techbox.exe); Telechips,Mass (patch.exe); Telemeter 3.0 (telemeter3.exe); Telepath (telepath.exe); Telnet (Telnet.exe); Telnet24 ([random filename]); TELUS Security service (freedom.exe); TempCom ([randomname].com); tempx (tempx.exe); Tencent QQ (Rund1132.exe qq.dll, Rundll32); Terminal Services (mstscc.exe); Terminal Update (biosefui.exe); Terminate Popup (ZPU.exe); Terminate Popup (FPUK.exe); TEscKey (TEscKey.exe); (rundll32 [path] RyDial.dll, QuickStart); Tesla (TESLA.EXE); test (i love you.exe); test (zistro.exe); Testing 123 (msdata.dat); testit.exe (testit.exe); TExBUtil Registry (TExBUtil.exe); TextAloud (TextAloudMP3.exe); Textbridge Instant Access OCR (telepath.exe); TEXTCONV (services.exe); TEXTCONV (winlogon.exe); TFncKy (TFncky.exe); TFNF5 (TFNF5.exe); tfswctrl (tfswctrl.exe); TFTP*** (tftp***); TFunckey (TFuncKey.exe); TgAddServer (tgfix.exe); tgbcde (module32.exe); Tgcmd (tgcmd.exe); tgcmd (hcenter.exe); tgcmdprovidersbc (tgcmd.exe); TGCMG (??); TGDC IE Plugin (tgdc.exe); tgkill (tgkill.exe); Tgsetsite (tgfix.exe); Thdetrf (thdetr32.exe); ThE (wind0s.exe); The Easy Bee's Hive (ATCEgSvr.exe); The Ethernet (ethernet.exe); The Ethernet (intranet.exe); The Intranet (intranet.exe); TheMainStart (N/A); TheMonitor ([path to trojan]); TheMonitor (Duce6.exe); THGuard (TH_Guard.exe); THGuard (THGuard.exe); Think-Adz ([random filename]); This is a virus, please delete it (bigbadvirus.exe); THOTKEY (THotkey.exe); ThpSrv (thpsrv.exe); Threaded (intcp32.exe); ThrustTSR (TMTMTSR.exe); Thumbs Plus *.* (thmbplus**.exe); TI WLAN (TIWLANCu.exe); tibs3 (tibs3.exe); tibs5 (tibs5.exe); Ticket API Monitor (tktmon.exe); Tiger (Shine.exe); TiKL (tikl.exe); TileFree (; Tilerun (; Time Manager (TimeManager.exe); Time Zone Synchronization (wscript zshell.js); TimeCalendar (tc.exe); Timed Backups Manager Startup (BACKTIME.EXE); TimeLeft (TimeLeft.exe); Timemanager.exe (Timemanager.exe); TimeOnline (TIMEONLINE.EXE); TIMER (TIMER.EXE); Timer (comm.exe); Timer (timed.exe); Timer (msncomm.exe); TimeService (trun.exe); TimeSink Add Client (TSADBOT.EXE); timessquare (timessquare.exe); timestamp (timeapr32.exe); TimeSyncApp (TimeSynchronize.exe); TimeUp (Timeup.exe); Timezone (TimeZone.exe); TIMHost (TIMHost.exe); TimounterMonitor (TimounterMonitor.exe); TINTSETP (TINTSETP.EXE); Tiny AV (fooding.exe); Tiny Personal Firewall (persfw.exe); tinySpell (tinyspell.exe); TiomanExe (Tioman.Exe); Tips (mousetips.exe); TiTleBarClock (TiTleBarClock.exe); TitleTime (TiTime.exe); Tivoli (LCFEP.EXE); TivoNotify (TiVoNotify.exe); TivoServer (TiVoServer.exe); TivoTransfer (TivoTransfer.exe); tiwi (tiwi); TIxDSL (tidslmon.exe); TizzleTalk (TizzleTalk.exe); tjstartup ([path to file]); TK8 EasyNote (EasyNote.exe); TkBell.Exe (evntsvc.exe); TkBell.Exe (realsched.exe); TkBell.Exe (tkbell.exe); TkBellExe (evntsvc.exe); TkBellExe (realsched.exe); TkBellExe (tkbell.exe); TkNetDriver Monitor (lexbce.exe); tkonnect (TKONNECT.EXE); tlc (update911.js); TlcR (avp.exe); tlntsvr (tlntsvr.exe); TLogonPath (tb2logon.exe); tlz (47681727.exe); TM Outbreak Agent (TMOAgent.exe); TMA distribution (cfinst.exe); tmax (pupdate.exe); tmchook (tmchook.exe); TMEEJME.EXE (TMEEJME.EXE); TMERzCtl.EXE (TMERzCtl.EXE); TMESBS (TMESBS21.exe); TMESBS32.EXE (TMESBS32.EXE); TMESRV31.EXE (TMESRV31.EXE); TMExLogon (TMESRV.EXE); Tmmkb (Tmmkysvr.exe); TmNetDriver Monitor (exbce.exe); Tmntsrv32 (Tmntsrv32.exe); TMOUSE (tmouse.exe); tmproxy (tmproxy.exe); tmp_up (sample.exe); TMTMTSR (TMTMTSR.exe); TnPopUp (billbrz.exe); TNTClk (TNTCLK.exe); ToADiMon.exe (ToADiMon.exe); Toggler (toggler.exe); Tok-Cirrhatus (IDTemplate.exe); Tok-Cirrhatus (smss.exe); Tok-Cirrhatus ([path to file]); Tok-Cirrhatus-1959 (br4941on.exe); Tok-Cirrhatus-1959sarc (sv711224030r.exe); Tok-Cirrhatus-2784 (br6591on.exe); Tok-Cirrhatus-2784 (smss.exe); Tok-Cirrhatus-[4 random digits] (br[4 random digits]on.exe); TomcatStartup (hpbpsttp.exe); TomcatStartup 2.5 (hpbpsttp.exe); Tommorrow (tomorrow.exe); TomTomHOME.exe (TomTomHOME.exe); toolbar_eula_launcher (EULALauncher.exe); ToolBoxFX (HPTLBXFX.exe); ToP (LSASS.exe); Top Tilecom (; ToPassSrv (Pktopass.exe); topat (zlip.exe); TopDesk (TopDesk.exe); Topic lnternet (lnternet32.exe); Topic MSNGR32 (; ToPicks Starter (Idhost.exe); topmoxie (JavaRun.exe); TopSearch (TopSearch.exe); Tor (tor.exe); tor anonymous proxy (tor32.exe); Torjan Program ([path to trojan]); Torjan Program (smss.exe); Torjan Program (WINLOGON.EXE); TOSCDSPD (toscdspd.exe); TOSHIBA Accessibility (FnKeyHook.exe); Toshiba Fan (fan.exe); Toshiba Key State (KEYSTATE.EXE); ToshibaPinger (pinger.exe); TOSHIBSU (Toshibsu.exe); TosHKCW (TosHKCW.exe); TosHKCW.exe (TosHKCW.exe); TosMem (tosmem.exe); TosRotation (TRot.exe); TotRecSched (TotRecSched.exe); ToUcamVProperty (VProperty.exe); Touch Manager (WinLED.exe); TouchED (TouchED.exe); tour (regedit ..tour.reg); Tour (wincool.exe); tourpath (regedit /s [path] tour.reg); TP4EX (tp4ex.exe); tp4mon (tp4mon.exe); tp4serv (tp4serv.exe); TP98TRAY (TP98TRAY.EXE); TP98UTIL (TP98.EXE); Tpam.exe (tpam.exe); tpcupdater (updatetc.exe); TpHotKey (TPHKMGR.EXE); TPKBDLED (TpScrLk.exe); TPKMAPHELPER (TpKmapAp.exe); TpKmapMn (TpKmapMn.exe); tpopservice (tpopservice.exe); TPP Auto Loader (Tppaldr.exe); Tprtray (Tprtray.exe); Tpscrex (Tpscrex.exe); TpScrLk (TpScrLk.exe); TpShocks (TpShocks.exe); TPSmain (TPSMain.exe); TPSODDCtl (TPSODDCtl.exe); TPTray (TPTray.exe); TPTRAY (TP98TRAY.EXE); TPwrMain (TPwrMain.EXE); TPwrMgr (TPwrMgr.exe); TPWRTRAY (Tpwrtray.exe); tqrecv (tqrecv.exe); Traceless (launch.exe); Track4WinMonitor (STMonitor.exe); Tracker (Tracker.exe); (anti_data_exe_by_trackerx90.exe); TrackpointSrv (daemon.exe); TrackpointSrv (tp4serv.exe); TrackPointSrv (tp4mon.exe); Tracks Eraser (te.exe); Tracks Eraser Pro (te.exe); tranicon (tranicon.exe); Transcode360 (Transcode360Tray.exe); Transparent (TransparentW.exe); Transparent (TransparentD.exe); Transparent (TransparentB.exe); TransparentIcons (tranicon.exe); transtask (transtask.exe); Trashgrd (TRASHGRD.EXE); Tray (rundll32.exe); Tray Pilot Lite (TrayPlt.exe); Tray Temperature (Weatherbug.exe); Traybar (lsass.exe); traydate.exe (TRAYDATE.EXE); TrayIt! (trayit!.exe); TrayManager (Trayman.exe); Traymin900 (Tray900.exe); Traymon (traymon.exe); TraySantaCruz (tbctray.exe); TrayServer (TrayServer.exe); TrayX (winppr32.exe); tray_helper (tray_helper.exe); Trend Micro Anti-Spyware (Tmas.exe); Trend Micro AntiVirus 2007 (tavui.exe); TrendMicro Antivirus (Aveagent.exe); TrendMicro OfficeScan NT (TMLISTEN.EXE); Trickler ([path to file]); TridentTVIcon (tvicon.exe); TridTray (TridTray.exe); TridTray (TridTray.exe); Trillian (trillian.exe); trirot (trirot.exe); TRIXX (TRIXX.exe); Trojan Guarder Gold Version (Trojan Guarder.exe); Trojancheck 6 Guard (tcguard.exe); TrojanScanner (Trjscan.exe); TrojanShield (Init.exe); TrojanShield Protector (Port.exe); True Internet Color Icon (internetcolor.exe); TrueCrypt (TrueCrypt.exe); TrueFonts (fonts.hta); TrueImageMonitor.exe (TrueImageMonitor.exe); TrueSync Launcher (tstool.exe); truetype (truetype.exe); TrueVector (VSMON.EXE); Trust Cleaner (TrustCleaner.exe); TrustIn Popups (TrustInPopups.exe); trustras.exe (trustras.exe); TrustyHound-TS (TrustyHound-TS.exe); tsa (tsm.exe); Tsa2 (tsm2.exe); TsAdbot (TSADBOT.EXE); TSBxLogon (TMESBS2.EXE); TSE_PLUtil (PLBkMon.exe); Tsk Mng Hlp (wins32.exe); tskdbg (tskdbg.exe); Tsklist (tsklist32.exe); TSkrMain (TSkrMain.exe); Tsl (tsl.exe); Tsl2 (tsl2.exe); TSMsger (TSMsger.exe); tsnp2std (tsnp2std.exe); TSPower (spower.drv); tsrv (t2serv.exe); tsrv (tsrv.exe); TSService (NSSERVICE.EXE); tsvcin (n20050308.exe); tsyssmon (tsyssmon.exe); TSystem ([trojan filename]); ttaa (tata.exe); ttasq (ttasq.exe); ttool (scvc.exe); ttool ([random numbers].exe); TTrayp (VTtrayp.exe); TTS Sync (testtts.exe); Ttt (Ttt.exe); ttupt (ttupt.exe); Tukati (TukatiRedistributor.exe); tunebite (tunebite.exe); TuneUp MemOptimizer (memoptimizer.exe); TurBo (System.Trubo.vbs); TurboExplorer (TE.exe); TurboLaunch (Tlaunch.exe); TurboMemoryCharger (turbomemorycharger.exe); TurboNote (tbnote.exe); TurboTop (TurboTop.exe); TURXP Protocol (sps32.exe); tutcdchk2 (tutcdchk2.exe); TV Media (Tvm.exe); TV Scheduler (TVSCHL.EXE); TV878 Remote Control (C7XRCtl.exe); tvctray (tvctray.exe); TVMD (tvmd.exe); TvNow (TvNow.exe); TvrRemote (Remote.exe); TvrSchedule (Schedule.exe); Tvs (TvsTray.exe); tvs_b (tvs_b.exe); tvs_b (tvs_ln.exe); tvs_re (tvs_re_inst.exe); TVT Scheduler Proxy (scheduler_proxy.exe); TVTMD (TVTMD.EXE); TVTunerLib (TVTLInstTool.exe); TVWakeup (tvwakeup.exe); Tvwatch (tvwatch.exe); Twain image (mmp32.exe); TWarmBay (N/A); TWarnMsg (twarnmsg.exe); TWBbtn (N/A); TWBrowse (TWBrowse.drv); Tweak Manager (WinManager.Exe); Tweak UI (rundll32.exe tweakui.cpl, tweakmeup); Tweak UI (rundll32.exe tweakui.cpl, tweaklogon); Tweak UI (RunDLL32 tweakUI.DLL, TWEAKUI /tweakmeup); Tweak UI 1.33 deutsch (RUNDLL32.EXE TWEAKUI.CPL, TweakMeUp); Tweak-Me (TWEAK-ME.exe); Tweak-xp (Tweak-xp.exe); TweakDUN (tweakdun.exe); Tweaki4PU (twksup.exe); tweakico (tweakico.exe); TweakMASTER (TMTray.exe); TweakYC (TweakYC.exe); twister (twister.exe); TwkSCardSrv (SCardS32.Exe); twunk service (twunk16.exe); twunk_32 (twunk_32.exe); Twunk_64 (twunk_64.exe); tyack drive (tyack.pif); tymsetvc (osskhbd.exe); type (bat.exe); type32 (type32.exe); TypingSatellite (KBOOST.exe); TZ Spyware Remover (SpyRem.exe); U.S.Robotics WLAN Adapter Configuration Utility (USRWLAN.exe); Uate (oocs.exe); UBSShell (UBSShell.exe); UCmd (fallfour.exe); UCmore XP - The Search Accelerator (rundll32.exe UCMTSAIE.dll, DllShowTB); UC_SMB (ucstart.exe); uc_start (ucstartup.exe); UD Agent (UD.EXE); UDC6cw (UDC6cw.exe); udinajkv.exe (udinajkv.exe); udjudwq (sybqnub.exe); udzok (udzou.exe); Ueproc32 (UEPROC32.exe); UFD Monitor9382 (ufdlmon.exe); UFD Utility9382 (UFDTool.exe); ugdccw (UGDCcw.exe); ugon (aockstrs.exe); uhvjsul.dll ([path] rundll32.exe [path] uhvjsul.dll, mrpmvyf); Uidler (Uidler.exe); UIWatcher (UIWatcher.exe); ujm (nm32.exe); UKVideo2 (ukvideo2.exe); Ulead AutoDetector v2 (monitor.exe); Ulead Photo Express Calendar Checker (calcheck.exe); Ulead Photo Express x.0 Calendar (calcheck.exe); Ultimate Cleaner (App.exe); UltimateBuddy (UltimateBuddy.exe); UltimateZip Quick Start (uzqkst.exe); Ultra Hal Assistant 4.5 Startup (HalAsst.exe); UltraDVDMon (DVDMon.exe); Ulubione (sys****.exe); UMAX VistaAccess (vsaccess.exe); UMonit (umonit.exe); umxagent (umxagent.exe); umxldra (umxldra.exe); UMXLDRW (UMXLDRW.exe); un32info (un32info.Exe); UNERI (yujixit.exe); UnHackMe Monitor (hackmon.exe); Uniblue Quick Access (qaccess.exe); Uniblue Registry Booster (RegistryBooster.exe); Uniblue SpyEraser (spyeraser.exe); uninstal (regsvr32 image.dll); Uninstall**** (upd.exe); UninstallAbility (uability.exe); UninstallHL (PreUninstallHL.exe); UninstallQL (PreUninstallQL.exe); Uninstall_TBPS (TBuninst.exe); UniPrint (SetDfltSettings.exe); UniSc (Unisc.exe); uniucu (uniucu.exe); Universal Plug & Play devices (WinUPPD.exe); Universal USB Service (svchost32.exe); Unix File Support (init3.exe); unldr16 (unldr16.exe); unldr32 (unldr32.exe); UnlockerAssistant (UnlockerAssistant.exe); UnSpyPC (UnSpyPC.exe); untray (untray.exe); uoltray (exec.exe); Up Service (up32.pif); UpConfgVer (UpgConf.exe); Updade Windows (winlogom.exe); UpData (wupdata.exe); Update ([original file path]); Update (CDUpdater.exe); Update (Sysupd.exe); Update (Zupdate.exe); Update (mshtm.exe); Update (UPDATE-28062004.exe[25 blank spaces].vbs); update (winis.exe); update (r00t.exe); UPDATE (WinUpdater5.0.vbs); UpDate (RAuth.exe); Update (csrss.exe); Update (csrss.exe); Update (lsass.exe); Update (svchost.exe); Update (Update.exe); Update (hanz.exe); Update Checker (winlog.exe); Update Checker (scvhost.exe); Update for Windows ([various filenames]); Update for Works (MSWkstz.exe); Update Grokster (WiseUpdt.exe); Update Install (Schost.exe); Update local (SetCPQLC.exe); Update Manager (UpdateManager.exe); update mon sys (updaterar.exe); update run dos (logon.exe); Update Run MSword (LOGON.EXE); Update Service (Update.exe); update service (svxhost.exe); Update Service (winu32.exe); update service (winx.exe); Update TUT (WiseUpdt.exe); Update ver 1.0 (Swap.exe); Update Windows (EXPLORE.EXE); Update Windows (EXPLORE.EXE); Update.exe (ravseuper.exe); Update32 (configs.exe); UpdateCheck (winstall.exe); UpdateComponent (CNF UPD.EXE); UpdateFW (fwdload.exe); UPDATEHOOK (Rundll32.exe); updatelavasoft (updatelavasoft.exe); UpdateManager (sgtray.exe); UpdateManager (updmanager.exe); UpdateMedia (UpdateMedia.exe); UpdateMgr (updmgr.exe); updateMgr (AdobeUpdateManager.exe); updatemgr.exe (updatemgr.exe); UPDATEMSN (svhost.exe); updater (wupdater.exe); updater (updater.exe); Updater (adservernow.exe); updater (wisvc.exe); Updater Service Process (svhost32.exe); updater32 (winload32.exe); updatereal (realupdate.exe); Updates (msupdate.exe); Updates from HP (backweb*****.exe); Updates from HP (Updates from HP.exe); updatesched ([random filename]); UpdateService (wservice.exe); Updatestats (Updatestats.exe); UpdateStats (UpdateStats.exe); updatev01 (updatev01.exe); updatewin (update.exe); Updatewiz (updatewiz.exe); UPDATE~1 (updatemgr.exe); upddateit (winit.exe); Updmgr (updmgr.exe); updmgr (rvupdmgr.exe); upDpacketo (services.exe); UpdReg (Updreg.exe); UpdSys ([random filename]); Updt Service (updt.pif); updwebmin (updwebmin.exe); UPERVGAS (UPERVGAS.exe); Upgrade Sarvice (sxchost.exe); Upgrade Service (sxchost.exe); Upgrade Service (winupd.exe); upme ([filename]); Upme (DLLMAN.EXE); upnp (upnp.exe); UPnP Manager (upnpman.exe); UPNPService (WinSVCservice.exe); Upromise0 (Upromise0.exe); UpromiseRemindU (wjview ...Code); UPS (ups.exe); UPS (UPS32.exe); UPSentry 2000 (upsd.exe); UPSlim (upsd.exe); UPSMON (UPSMON.exe); UPSUtl (web.exe); Uptimer4 (Uptimer4.exe); UpTimes service (WinUp.exe); UpToDate (uptodate.exe); upxdn (upxdn.exe); upxdnd (upxdnd.exe); upyxo (yujixit.exe); UrlLstCk (UrlLstCk.exe); URLMAP (Urlmap.exe); UrtSvcExe (Urt95Svc.exe); urudjeffni (winlogon.exe); USAR (USAR.exe); Usb (Usb.exe); usb (SASS.EXE); USB 2.0 Driver (updateXPSPC.exe); USB 2.0 Driver (Winsys32.exe); USB 2.0 Driver (updateXP.exe); USB 2.0 Driver (winsystem.exe); USB 2.1 Driver (winupdate1.exe); USB controller (Svcmm32.exe); USB Device (servicelog.exe); USB Device (win32usb.exe); USB Driver4 (UpdateXP*.exe [* = random digit]); USB Drivers1 (msupdate.exe); USB Driverz2 (msnplus1.exe); USB Fix 1.1 (wuservices.exe); USB Fixes (wuafix.exe); USB Hardware Monitoring (USBhardware.exe); USB Hardware326 Monitoring (USBhardware326.exe); USB Hardware32c Monitoring (USBHARDWARE32C.EXE); USB Host Service (usbsvc.exe); USB Hub Keyboard Patch (SKBPATCH.EXE); USB SECURITY DEVICE CoInstaller (JupitCo.exe); USB Updates (mservices.exe); USB Updates (msfirewalls.exe); USB Updates 2 (wugfixx.exe); USB2Check (PCLECoInst.dll); USBConfigration2 (wmmndir.exe); UsbD (smss32.exe); UsbD (svhost32.exe); Usbd (usb_d.exe); UsbD ([path to trojan]); USBDetector (USBDetector.exe); USBDetector (UDetect.exe); USBDrives (msfirewalI.exe); usbdrv (servicetask.exe); USBHWDRV (gam.exe); USBHWDRV (msdc.exe); USBHWDRV (sst4.exe); USBHWINFO (mac.exe); USBHWINFO ([path to trojan]); USBHWINFO (sst6.exe); USBMMKBD (usbmmkbd.exe); USBMonit.exe (USBMonit.exe); usbn (usbn.exe); usbn ([path to trojan]); USBPhoneforSkype (USBPhoneforSkype.exe); USBPNP (USBPNP.exe); USBTA (usbtapnp.exe); USBToolTip (USBTip.exe); USDR6cw (USDR6cw.exe); useful-soft (svchst.exe); user (user32.exe); User (.exe); User Input Services (CTFMON32.EXE); User Logger (UsrLog.exe); User Manager (fcllls.exe); User Services (usersvc.exe); User23.exe (DIAL.exe); User32 ([filename]); userd (; UserFaultCheck (dumprep 0 -u); Userinit (lsass.exe); userinit (winlogon.exe); Userinit (lsass.exe); userinit (smss.exe); userinit (choo_003956f4); userinit (ntos.exe); UserInit StartUp (rpcxuisu.exe); userinit.exe (userinit.exe); userint32 (userint32.exe); USERINTERFACE REPORT3R (M0USE.exe); Userinterface Reporter (fuuuucktttttt.exe); Userinterface Reporter (srv32.exe); UserSystem ([filename]); ushli (sscbltqu.exe); USIUDF_Eject_Monitor (USISrv.exe); usrgtway.exe (syswrun4x.exe); USRobotics 802.11g Wireless Network Utility (USRWLANG.exe); Usrobotics Online Registration (??); USRpdA (USRmlnkA.exe); Usrr (rncr.exe); Usrr (rpen.exe); USRSTA (USRSTA.exe); USRSTA.EXE (USRSTA.EXE); USSShReg (USSSHREG.EXE); UStorag (ustorage.exe); Ustorage (Ustorage.exe); Utility Ping (UTILIT~1.EXE); UtilityPro (UtilityPro.exe); UTILsInst (N/A); Utopia Angel (Angel.exe); uvnx (uvcx.exe); uvnx (uvnx.exe); UVS10 Preload (uvPL.exe); uwa7pcw (uwa7pcw.exe); uwas7cw (uwas7cw.exe); uwyrl (uwyrl.exe); uwyw.exe (yujixit.exe); v (WMPVer.EXE); V.92 Modem On Hold (Ltmoh.exe); V0220Mon.exe (V0220Mon.exe); V0230Mon.exe (V0230Mon.exe); V0250Mon.exe (V0250Mon.exe); V128IID (Rundll32.exe v128iitw.dll, STB_InitTweak); V128IITV (??); V66SHELL (V66SHELL.EXE); va10key (va10key.exe); VaCtrls (v7); VaCtrls (v7); Vaganza-XPloit-[User Name]" ([user name].exe); VAGCtrl (VAGCTRL.EXE); VAGuard (VAGNT.exe); VAIO Action Setup (Server) (VAServ.exe); VAIO Recovery (PartSeal.exe); VAIO Update 2 (VAIOUpdt.exe); ValidData ([path to trojan]); valuename (svchosts.exe); vb6 (vb6.exe); vbcdtm ([random filename]); vbe ([random name].vbe); VBouncer (VirtualBouncer.exe); VbouncerDL (VbouncerInner****.exe [* = random char]); VbouncerDL (VBouncerInner.exe); VBS.Ipnuker@mm ([worm filename].vbs); VBS_AUTO_UPDATE (0548656X.vbs); VBundleOuterDL (BundleOuter.EXE); VB_run (comctl_32.exe); VC5MediaPlayer (csmss.exe); VC5Play (VC5Play.exe); VC6play (VC6Play.exe); VC7Play (VC7Play.exe); VC7Player (VC7Play.exe); VCatch (Vcatch.exe); VCatch Premium (VCatchpre.exe); VCDPlayer (VCDPlayer.exe); vcdplayx (vcdplayx.exe); VCDTower (VCDTower.exe); VCDWATCH (VCDWATCH.EXE); vcmicrec (msccsed.exe); VCMnet11 (VCMnet11.exe); VCS Host (vcshost.exe); VCSPlayer (vcsplay.exe); VCXD Settings (phqg.EXE); VC_Log (keylog.exe); Vdat Update (lalaa.exe); VDI Manager (HP) (HPO0VDX05.exe); vdtask (vdtask.exe); Vegas Palms - Launcher (Launcher.exe); veja_fotos.exe (veja_fotos.exe); Veo Velocity Connect (stim11.exe); Veoh (VeohClient.exe); VERBATIM STORE 'N' G (verbatim store 'n' go.exe); Verif (vxst.exe); Verizon Control Pad (cpad.exe); Verizon Online Support Center (matcli.exe); VerizonServicepoint.exe (VerizonServicepoint.exe); vern16.dll (regsvr32.exe [path] vernn16.dll); versato (versato.exe); verse (verse.exe); Version (Version.exe); Version (manage.exe); version (adl_dh.exe); Vet Alert (vetmsg9x.exe); Vet Alert (VETMSG.EXE); Vet Start Up (vet98.exe); Vet Start Up (vet32.exe); VetAlert (VETMSG.EXE); VetTray (vettray.exe); VFW Encoder/Decoder Settings (RUNDLL32.exe MSSIGN30.DLL ondll_reg); VGA Startup (vgacard.exe); VgaDriver (RsrVga32.exe); VGATune (VGATune.exe); VGAUtil (G-VGA.exe); vid32cntl (vid32cntl.Exe); Vidalia (vidalia.exe); vidcntl (vidcntl.Exe); Vidcompat (Vidcompat.exe); vidctrl (vidctrl.exe); Video (explored.exe); Video (winamp32.exe); Video Card Driver (do not remove) (tsasi.exe); Video Driver (svchost.exe); Video Lan Player (VideoLanPlayer.exe); Video Manager (videomgr.exe); Video Multimedia Driver (ndrives32.exe); Video Proces (winaps.exe); Video Process (sysconf.exe); Video Process (MS32x16.exe); Video Process (netsvcs.exe); Video Process (MSlti64.exe); Video Process ([random filename]); Video Process (winasp.exe); Video Process (msn5.exe); Video Process (MStli32s.exe); Video Services (explore.exe); Video Services (videol_32.exe); Video Services (sys32.exe); Videocntl (Videocntl.exe); VideoDriver ([filename]); VideoDriver (videodrv.exe); VideoDriver (gspotbot.exe); Videool32 (VIDEOL32.EXE); videoporno.exe (videoporno.exe); Videora (Videora.exe); vidmon (VIDMON.EXE); VidSvr (vidsvr.exe); vietato.exe (vietato.exe); VIEW POINT DRIVERS (phqghum.exe); VIEW POINT DRIVERS FOR WIN32 (phqghu.exe); Viewbar (Viewbar.exe); ViewMgr (ViewMgr.exe); ViewpointPhotosDeviceConnect (FotomatDeviceConnect.exe); Vinny (??); Virt.exe (Virt.exe); VirtuaGirl (Vg.exe); VirtuaGirl2 (VirtuaGirl2); virtual (winit.exe); virtual (winprotect.exe); virtual (wini.exe); Virtual Access Scheduler (VASCHD32.EXE); Virtual Bouncer (VirtualBouncer.exe); Virtual CD v6 (grplscd.exe); Virtual CD v6 ([random].exe); Virtual CDROM (deamon.exe); Virtual Protocol (vr32.exe); virtual-ie (winlogi.exe); virtual-machine (svchosts.exe); virtual-machine (winlogin.exe); virtual-machine (wini.exe); VirtualCloneDrive (VCDDaemon.exe); VirtualDrive (VDTask.exe); VirtualExpander (VirtualExpander.exe); VirtuaReminder (VirtuaReminder.exe); Virtuele Katja (VKatja.exe); Virus (Anti.exe); Virus Protect (vrsprtc.exe); Virus Removal Tool ([path to trojan]); Virus Scan (virscana.exe); Virus-Burst (Virus-Burst.exe); VirusBurst (VirusBurst.exe); VirusCheckII (AVIRCHK.EXE); VirusKeeper (VirusKeeper.exe); VirusProtectPro 3.3 (VirusProtectPro 3.3.exe); VirusRescue (VirusRescue.exe); VirusScan Online (mcvsshld.exe); VirusScanMSC (VsStat.exe); VirusScanner (mnsys.exe); Virus_Scanner (Virus_Cleaner.exe); visin (visin.exe); visionGS (VISIONGS.EXE); Vistascan (vistascan.exe); Visual Element FX5 ([various filenames]); VisualStudio (msorunner.exe); VisualTaskTips (VisualTaskTips.exe); VisualTooltip (VisualToolTip.exe); VITAL BOOT PROCESS (taskmngr.exe); VITAL BOOT PROCESS (taskmnsgr.exe); Vital Load Process (Spoolsvr.exe); VividGalut (VividGalut.exe); vmcleaner (gxlib.exe); VMConsole.exe (VMConsole.exe); VMDFW (vmdfw.exe); vmlib (vmlib.exe); Vmmon32 (vmmon32.exe); vmnetdhcp (vmnetdhcp.exe); vmsnGraber (VMSNGRABER.EXE); vmss (vmss.exe); vmtuner (gclib.exe); vmtuner (gglib.exe); VnCplUpdate (msdm.exe); vnmispoisn downloader (vnmispoisn downloader.exe); VOBID (InstantDrive.exe); VOBRegCheck (VOBRegCheck.exe); VoiceCenter (AndreaVC.exe); voip phone (voip phone.exe); VoipBuster (VoipBuster.exe); VolPanel (VolPanel.exe); Voltage Manager ([random filename]); Volume Controller (VolumeControl.exe); Vonage (click2call.exe); VoodooBanshee (rundll32.exe 3DBBps.dll, BansheeLoadSettings); voowsmcr (huhdir.exe); Vortex Tray (asp4setp.exe); VortexTray (au30setp.exe); VortexTray (asp4tray.exe); VortexTray (asp4setp.exe); VoyetraTray (vtray.exe); VPCUserServices (VMUSrvc.exe); Vpop3 Mail Server (vpop3.exe); vptray (vptray.exe); Vrmon (vrmonnt.exe); VrSchedule (Vrres.exe); VS.VSN (); vsadmin (smrs.exe); Vsample (winxpsock.exe); vscan (joke.vbs); vscanner (spooll32.exe); vschost (vschosts.exe); VsEcomrEXE (VSECOMR.EXE); Vshwin32EXE (VSHWIN32.EXE); VSMP (hlojsnigc.exe); VSN (VSN.exe); vsnpstd3 (vsnpstd3.exe); VSOCheckTask (MCMNHDLR.EXE); VSP32 Controls (vsp32.exe); vspdfprsrv.exe (vspdfprsrv.exe); vspell (vspell.exe); vssms32 (vssms32.exe); VsStatEXE (VSSTAT.EXE); vst (vstkmgr.exe); vtmesys (netcxcfm.exe); vtmesys (netlprto.exe); vTPass (vtpassld.exe); VTPreset (VTPreset.exe); VTTimer (VTTimer.exe); vTunerStartUp (vTuner.exe); vuaaa (reg.exe); VVSN (VVSN.exe); VX Audio (vxaudio.exe); VX1000 (vVX1000.exe); VX3000 (vVX3000.exe); VX6000 (vVX6000.exe ); VZAccess Manager (VZAccess Manager.exe); VZRemoteCommander (AvRmtCtr.exe)