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(pathex.exe); (svchost.exe); (MSPF.EXE); (dllvirtual.exe); (dllvirtual.dll); (dllvirtual.js); (ajsha5.exe); SystemBoot (services.exe); WinCheck (services.exe); Windows (services.exe); WinStart (services.exe); winsystem.sys (smss.exe); !1_pgaccount (pgaccount.exe); !1_ProcessGuard_Startup (procguard.exe); !AVG Anti-Spyware (avgas.exe); !ewido (ewido.exe); !NoLoad (winrecon.exe); $EnterNet (Enternet.exe); $sys$cmp ($sys$xp.exe); $sys$crash ($sys$sonyTimer.exe); $sys$crash ($sys$sos$sys$.exe); $sys$crash ($sys$WeLoveMcCOL.exe); $sys$drv ($sys$drv.exe); $sys$momomomochin ($sys$sonyTimer.exe); $sys$momomomochin ($sys$sos$sys$.exe); $sys$momomomochin ($sys$WeLoveMcCOL.exe); $sys$umaiyo ($sys$sonyTimer.exe); $sys$umaiyo ($sys$sos$sys$.exe); $sys$umaiyo ($sys$WeLoveMcCOL.exe); $Volumouse$ (volumouse.exe); $WindowsRegKey%update (IEXPLORE.EXE); %cmpmixtitle% (%cmpmixstr%); %FP%012-L2TP fts.exe (fts.exe); %FP%012-L2TP FWPortal.exe (FWPortal.exe); %FP%1776 Internet fts.exe (fts.exe); %FP%1776 Internet FWPortal.exe (FWPortal.exe); %FP%Barak013 fts.exe (fts.exe); %FP%Barak013 FWPortal.exe (FWPortal.exe); %FP%Friendly fts.exe (fts.exe); (*)API Machine (winSOCKS.exe); (*)Run (win32API.exe); (default) ([random filename].exe); (default) (rundll32.exe [path] Zykheptd.dll); (Default) (5640.exe); (L4r1$$4) (4nt1) (V1ruz) (SP00Lsv32.pif); *JanisRuckenbrodII (; *Microsoft Update (ctxma.exe); *Microsoft Update (cxma.exe); *Microsoft Update (wstcl.exe); *Microsoft Update (wucxt.exe); *Microsoft Update (wuytc.exe); *MS Setup ([random filename]); *MSConfig32 (aecache.exe); *Security Center (secctr.exe); *StateMgr (statemgr.exe); *windows update (wrauclt.exe); *windows update (wuanclt.exe); *windows update (wuaucrlt.exe); *windows update (wuraclt.exe); *windows update (wurauclt.exe); *windows update (wsctl.exe); *windows update (wkmst.exe); *windows update (wscxt.exe); *windows update (waurclt.exe); *Windows [filename] Checker ([filename]); *WindowsAudio (systemupd.exe); *WinLogon ([trojan path] ren time:[random number]); *winstats (winstats.exe); *wuauclt.exe (w****.exe [* = random char]); ,main drive Loader (wininfo.exe); -FreedomNeedsReboot (ZkRunOnceR.exe); .. (ABC2007.exe); .mscdr (lassa.exe); .mscdr (lsvchost.exe); .mscdsr (lsvchost.exe); .mscsbl (svhost.exe); .msfupdate (msveup.exe); .mssecure (mssecure.exe); .NET config (sysmon32.exe); .norton (rchost.exe); .nvsvc (smss.exe); .nvsvcb (smssb.exe); .Prog (services.exe); .Prog (winlogon.exe); .protected (N/A); .svchost (CSRSS.EXE); .TEXTCONV (csrss.exe); .TEXTCONV (lsass.exe); .WMAudio (csrss.exe); .WMAudio (lsass.exe); /l:eng (N/A); 000 (pit.exe); 000hpdllhos (hpdllhost.exe); 000StTHK (000StTHK.exe); 0050726-007-i32-1 (0050726-007-i32-1.exe); 00DSKSVR00 (desksaver.exe); 00DSKSVR01 (desksaver.exe); 00PCTFW (FirewallGUI.exe); 00TCrdMain (TCrdMain.exe); 00THotkey (00THotKey.exe); 00THotkey (system32THotkey.exe); 0190 Warner (WARN0190.EXE); 0900 Warner (WARN0900.EXE); 0mcamcap (0mcamcap.exe); 0utlook Express (*****.exe [* = random char]); 1 (1.exe); 1 (lsass.scr); 1 (svchost.scr); 1111swapmgr.exe (1111swapmgr.exe); 123456 (rundll32.exe shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL ...123456.cpl); 12Ghosts Backup (12backup.exe); 12Ghosts Clip (12clip.exe); 12Ghosts JustAWindow (12window.exe); 12Ghosts Popup-Killer (12popup.exe); 12Ghosts SaveLayout (12autosl.exe); 12Ghosts SetColor (12color.exe); 12Ghosts ShowTime (12showtime.exe); 12Ghosts Synchronize (12sync.exe); 12Ghosts Tower (12tower.exe); 12Ghosts TrayProtect (12srvc.exe); 12Ghosts Wash (12wash.exe); 17779Proj2002 (N/A); 180adsolution (180adsolution.exe); 180ax (180ax.exe); 180ClientStubInstall (stubinstaller****.exe [* = digit]); 180ClientStubInstall ([path to trojan]); 180ClientStubInstall (******.tmp [* = random digit/char]); 1916435341.exe (1916435341.exe); 196_150_ni (196_150_ni.exe); 197_150_ni_3 (197_150_ni_3.exe); 1: (hpdrv.exe); 1A:MacVisionTrayMonitor (TrayMonitor.exe); 1A:Stardock MCP (mcpserver.exe); 1A:Stardock TrayMonitor (TrayServer.exe); 1CmailS (NETMAIL.EXE); 1on1 (1on1.exe); 1Srv32 (SpyAgent4.exe); 1u7 (1u7.exe); 1Win32Cfg (SpyBuddy.exe); 1Win32Cfg (Keyloggerpro.exe); 1WinCfg32 (WebMailSpy.exe); 2020Downloader (mssvr.exe); 252 (winmgr.exe); 27 (slsorve.exe); 27 (csrss32.exe); 27 (msm32.exe); 2Search (main.exe); 2thousandbuck ([path to file]); 2wSysTray (2portalmon.exe); 32-bit Thunking service (thunk32.exe); 333 (svchost.exe); 388529725448 (AutomaticUpdates.exe); 39ELTFH25Z8SKF (Ezg1q5.exe); 3c1807pd (3cmlink.exe 3cpipe-3c1807pd); 3capplnk (3capplnk.exe); 3cdminic (3CDMINIC.EXE); 3CM Link (3cmcnkw.exe); 3Cmlink (3CmlinkW.exe); 3ComDMIAgent (3CDMINIC.EXE); 3cpipe-USRpdA (USRmlnkA.exe); 3D Text (3D Text.scr); 3Deep Control Panel (3DeepCTL.EXE); 3Dfx Acc (GFXACC.EXE); 3dfx Task Manager (3dfxMan.exe); 3dfx Tools (3dfxCmn.dll); 3dfxv2ps.dll (3dfxv2ps.dll); 3Dlabs Taskbar Display Manager (3DLman.exe); 3DLabsHelperDemon (3dldemon.exe); 3DMouse.EXE (3DMouse.EXE); 3d_sound (3d_sound.exe); 3qdctl.exe (3qdctl.exe); 3ware 3DM (3dm.exe); 456655 (explorer.exe); 4684735485910 (netdll32.exe); 4da92ad5.exe (4da92ad5.exe); 4oD (KHost.exe); 4wd!!! (Natal!.pif); 5-1-61-96 (members-area.exe); 5-2-46-112 (5-2-46-112.exe); 55278 (grepclient1.exe); 5p4m ([path to trojan]); 5whgue21 (5whgue21.exe); 666 (Ska.exe); 678 (lsas32.exe); 7f8e (z****.exe 9idf); 802.11g Wireless Adatper (Monitor.exe); 98D0CE0C16B1 (rundll32.exe D0CE0C16B1, D0CE0C16B1); 9m (winlog0n.exe); 9xadiras (9xadiras.exe); 9xHtProtect (AVprotect9x.exe); ;Rundll ([filename]); ?ekio Startups (?nksvc32.exe); @ (regedit -s; @Hoc Toolbar (AtHoc.exe); @loha (reminder.exe); @tour_ww (@tour_ww[1].exe); a (a.exe); a (jesse.exe); A New Windows Updater (w32NTupdt.exe); A Verizon App (VERIZO~1.EXE); a-squared (a2guard.exe); a-winpoet-service (winpppoverethernet.exe); A1000 Settings Utility (cpqa1000.exe); A4Proxy (A4Proxy.exe); AAACLEAN (AAACLEAN.INF); AAAKeyboard (??); AAATraySaver (TraySaver.exe); AAK (aak.exe); AAMSFree702 (; AAMSFree702 (sys.exe); Aaou (amee.exe); Aapp (adprot.exe); aauclient (ACNUpdater.exe); ab EazyScheduler (ezsched.exe); ABBYY Community Agent (CAGENT.EXE); ABC (keylogger.exe); abcdefgh (abcdefgh.exe); ABIT uGuru (uGuru.exe); ABITEQ (abiteq.exe); Abrada WIN32 (abrada.exe); Absolute Shield (dseraser.exe); Absolute StartUp monitor (ASMon.exe); AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser (cseraser.exe); ABsr (absr.exe); absr (mwsvm.exe); abtu (mp3serch.exe); abtu (lopsearch.exe); AbyssWebServer (abyssws.exe); Ac97Sound (snddrv.exe); AcBtnMgr_Xxx (AcBtnMgr_Xxx.exe); acc (acc.exe); ACCDEFRAGINFO ([path to worm]); Accelerate (accelerate.exe); Access Ramp Monitor (armon32.exe); Access WebControl ([path to file]); AccessManager (AccessMgr.exe); AccessMedia P2P Loader (amp2pl.exe); AccessoriesPlus (clockplus.exe); AccessRamp Monitor01 (ARMon32a.exe); AccessRampLAN01 (ARUpld32.exe); AcctMgr (AcctMgr.exe); Desktop (AccuWeatherDesktop.exe); accwizz.exe (accwizz.exe); accwizzz.exe (accwizzz.exe); acdllib3 (bcdlmem.exe); ACDSee (ACDSee8Pro.exe); Ace bows (Ace bows.exe); AceGain LiveUpdate (LiveUpdate.exe); Acer ePower Management (Acer ePower Management.exe); AcerGoto (AcerGoto.exe); AcerNotebookManager (almxptray.exe); AcerPowerkey (Powerkey.exe); Acess2007a (access2007a.exe); Aceu ([random filename]); acEventServ (acevtsrv.exe); AClntUsr (AClntUsr.exe); Acme.PCHButton (pchbutton.exe); ACMonitor_Xxx (ACMonitor_Xxx.exe); acocash (fastdown.exe); acocash (fastdown.exe); Acombo3dmouse (Acombo3d.exe); Aconti (aconti.exe); acoustic (acoustic.exe); acpart (agpart11.exe); Acrobat (acrmon32.exe); Acrobat Assistant *.* (ACROTRAY.EXE); Acrobat Read (acroup32.exe); ACROMOUSE (ACROMAPP.exe); Acronis Popup Blocker (RunDll32.exe [path] Blocker.dll, Run); Acronis Scheduler Helper (schedhlp.exe); Acronis Scheduler2 Service (schedhlp.exe); Acronis True Image (TimounterMonitor.exe); Acronis True Image Monitor (TrueImageMonitor.exe); Acronis TrueImage Monitor (TrueImageMonitor.exe); AcronisTimounterMonitor (TimounterMonitor.exe); AcronisTrueImage Monitor (TrueImageMonitor.exe); Act! Preloader (Act8.exe); Action Manager 32 (am32.exe); ActionAgent (actionagent.exe); Activation (Activation.exe); Activboard (MMKeybd.exe); Active Bit Station (abs.exe); Active Desktop Calendar (ADC.EXE); Active Email Monitor (aem25.exe); Active shield (Activeshield.exe); ActiveDesktop (systray32.exe); ACTIVEDS (ACTIVEDS.EXE); ActiveEyes (ActiveEyes.exe); ActiveKeys.AAB635BD7D054a37A576 (akeys.exe); ActiveMenu (ActiveMenu.exe); ActivePlus (activeplus.exe); ActiveScan Antivirus (ActiveScan.exe); ActiveShield (MCVSSHLD.EXE); ActiveSpeed (AS.exe); ActiveSync (wcescom32.exe); ActiveWords (AWMonitor.exe); ActiveX Streamer (msgfix.exe); ActiveXUpdate (svcss.exe); Activity (actik.exe); ActivSurf (backweb*****.exe); ActMaker (ActMak25.exe); ActMaker (ActMaker25.exe); ACTray (ACTray.exe); Actual Window Minimizer (ActualWindowMinimizerCenter.exe); ACTX1 (v1201.exe); ACU (ACU.exe); ACU_QSB (ACU.exe); ACWLIcon (ACWLIcon.exe); Ad Blocker (blocker.exe); Ad Blocker Pro (Ad Blocker Pro.exe); Ad Muncher (AdMunch.exe); Ad Online Guide (adonlineguide.exe); Ad-aware (Ad-aware.exe); Ad-Aware (Ad-Aware.exe); Ad-Eliminator (ad-eliminator.exe); Ad-Muncher (ADMUNCH.EXE); Ad-Protect (ad-protect.exe); Ad-watch (Ad-watch.exe); AD2KClient (AD2KClient.exe); Adaptec DirectCD (Directcd.exe); AdaptecDirectCD (Directcd.exe); AdAware (wini.exe); Adaware Bootup (ad-aware.exe); Adaware lptt01 (adaware.exe); Adaware ml097e (adaware.exe); AdBin (AdBin.exe); Add**.exe [* = random char] (Add**.exe [* = random char]); Add**32.exe [* = random char] (Add**32.exe [* = random char]); AddClass (AddClass.exe); AddClass ([Installation_Path]); AddClass ([path to trojan]); AdDelete (AdDelete.exe); AdDestroyer (AdDestroyer.exe); ADDITIONAL Services (pkgadd.exe); addproxy (addproxy.exe); ADG (ADG.exe); ADGJdet (ADGJDet.exe); aDir (adirss.exe); Adiras (Adiras.exe); adirka (adirka.exe); AdKiller (AD Defender.exe); ADM Library Loader (admlib32.exe); Admanager Controller (AdManCtl.exe); Admilli Service (AdmilliServ.exe); Administrator (svchost.scr); Administrator (winlogon.exe); Administrator di Dago (Dago.exe); AdminSoft (sysfile.vbs); admtray.exe (admtray.exe); Adobe (Adobe.exe); Adobe (sysconfig.exe); adobe (gam.exe); Adobe (sysbat32.exe); Adobe (zteam.exe); Adobe Acrobat (READER~1.EXE); Adobe Acrobat Distiller Application (acrotray.exe); Adobe Acrobat Reader CFG ([random filename]); Adobe Filter Platform (afilterplatform.exe); Adobe Gamma Loader (Adobe Gamma Loader.exe); Adobe Photo Downloader (apdproxy.exe); Adobe Reader Speed Lauch (reader_sl.exe); Adobe Reader Speed Launch (reader_sl.exe); Adobe Reader Speed Launch (READER~1.EXE); Adobe Reader Synchronizer (AdobeCollabSync.exe); Adobe Version Cue CS2 (VersionCueCS2Tray.exe); AdobeA (adobes.exe); AdobeFonts (fonts.hta); adobemgr (adobemgr.exe); AdobeReader (msni.exe); AdobeReaderPro (msnxpsp.exe); AdobeReaderPro (ntkernell32.exe); AdobeReaderPro (msnserve.exe); AdobeReaderPro (updt.exe); AdobeReaderProfessional (msx64.exe); AdobeReaderPros (sysmsn.exe); AdobeVersionCue (VersionCueTray.exe); adodemaster (adodemaster.exe); Adope File Manager (lsasv.exe); adp (adp.exe); AdPopup (dcf5678.exe); adprot (adprot.exe); ADQuickAccess (Adtray.exe); ADriver (windrv.exe); AdRoarUpdate (ARUpdate.exe); AdRotator.Application ([path to csrss.exe]); AdRotator.Application (services.exe); ADS Adware Remover (ADS Adware Remover.exe); AdsBlocker (stopAds.exe); ADService (ADService.exe); AdsGone (Adsgone.exe); ADSL Diagnostic Tools (mapiicon.exe); ADSLSYSTEMTRAY (SystemtrayV100B.exe); AdslTaskBar (rundll32.exe stmctrl.dll, TaskBar); AdslTaskBars (taskmng.exe); ADSL_A2 (A2Installed); ADSS (ADSS.exe); adstartup (automove.exe); adstartup (Adstartup.exe); AdStatus Service (AdStatServ.exe); AdSubtract (adsub.exe); adtech2005 (adtech2005.exe); adtech2006 (adtech2006.exe); Adtools Service (AdTools.exe); ADU (adu.exe); AdultX (AdultX.exe); Adult_Chat (Adult_Chat.exe); Adult_Chat1 (Adult_Chat1.exe); AdUpdater (sysupudt.exe); ADUserMon (ADUserMon.exe); Advanced DHTML Enable (exo32.exe); Advanced Internet Protocol (cerf.exe); Advanced Protection System (advpsys.exe); Advanced Spyware Remover (Asr.exe); Advanced Tool Checks (advchks.exe); Advanced Tools Check (ADVCHK.EXE); Advanced Uninstaller PRO Installation Monitor (monitor.exe); Advapi (Advapi.exe); ADVCHK (ADVCHK.EXE); Advertising Killer (Akiller.exe); advmon32 (advmon32.exe); Adware Agent (adware agent.exe); Adware Spy (AdwareSpy.exe); AdwareAlert (AdwareAlert.Exe); AdwareDelete (adwaredelete.exe); Aeiwlsta.exe (Aeiwlsta.exe); AELaunch (AELaunch.exe); AERVICESN (AERVICESN.exe); AeXAgentLogon (AeXAgentActivate.exe); AeXSWDUsr (AeXSWDUsr.exe); AEZBProc (aptezbp.exe); AFAFilter (windefault.exe); afskfask8 (fsfjasj8.exe); Agent (Agent.exe); Agent (alsys.exe); agent (ppl.exe); Agent Browser ([random filename]); Agent Explorer ([random filename]); Agente (Remupd.exe); agentsvr (agentsvr.exe); AgfaCLnk (AgfaCLnk.exe); agp (agp32.exe); AGRSMMSG (AGRSMMSG.exe); AGSatellite (AGSatellite.exe); ahfp (ahfp.exe); ahfprog (ahfp.exe); AHNSD (AhnSD.exe); AHNUE (AHNUE.exe); ahost (ahost.exe); AHQInit (ahqinit.exe); Ahst (iebs.exe); AHU ([path to worm]); ahui32.exe (ahui32.exe); Aica (tuaa.exe); Aida (ttuh.exe); Aida (eetu.exe); AidemHotKey (DVMAIN.EXE); AidemHotKey (KEYAPP.EXE); aiepk (aiepk2.exe); AIM (aim.exe); AIM (AIM+.exe); AIM Instant Message Cookies ([random filename]); Aim Plugin (aimplugin.exe); AIM reminder (AIM reminder.exe); Aim6 (AOLLaunch.exe); Aim6 (aim6.exe); AIM95 Startup (aim95.exe); aimaol lptt01 (aimaol.exe); aimaol ml097e (aimaol.exe); aimb.exe (aimb.exe); AimingClick (AimingClick.exe); AIMPro (aimpro.exe); AIMster (??); AIMWDInstall (AIMWDInstall.exe); Aiptek Graphics Tablet (USB) (atwtusb.exe); aircity (aircity.exe); AKEYNAME (WinServ.exe); akeys (akeys.exe); akgkagaksad9 (fsakfask9.exe); AKiller (akiller.exe); ala.exe (ala.exe); Alarm Manager (; AlarmWatcher (AlarmWatcher.exe); Album Fast Start (ABMTSR.EXE); AlcFDMonitor (ALCFDRTM.EXE); ALCFDRTM16 (; Alchem (Alchem.exe); Alcmtr (Alcmtr.exe); Alcohol (Alcohol.exe); Alcohol Autorun (Alcohol.exe); AlcoholAutomount (axcmd.exe); Alcom PCL Capture (FMW_PCAP.EXE); AlcWzrd (ALCWZRD.EXE); AlcxMonitor (Alcxmntr.exe); aldefr ere service (tay0x.exe); alerter (alerter.exe); Alevir (Alevir.exe); AlevirOld ([worm filename]); Alexa (alexa.exe); AlexaToolbar (alt.exe); AlfaCleaner (AlfaCleaner.exe); AlfaClock Classic (AlfaClock.exe); AlfaClock2 (AlfaClock2.exe); ALFY Accellerator (AlfyAC~1.exe); ALG.EXE (iexplorer .exe); ALG32 (ALG32.EXE); algchk.exe (algchk.exe); ALGU (ALGU.EXE); ALi5289 (ALi5289.exe); Alias SketchBook Snapshot (ALIASS~2.EXE); AlienAutopsy (Test_BS.exe); ALiSndMgr (ALiSndMg.exe); AliUSBfix (GREENMK.exe); Alive SYstem (scchost.exe); Alive SYstem (scchostc.exe); alkasr (.exe); All Aboard Status (stswin.exe); All Sea screen saver (TaskTray.exe); All Sea web link (FWLink.exe); AllerCalc (AllerCalc.exe); Allopassw ([path to trojan]); Allopassw ([path to trojan]); AllSeeingEye (ase.exe); allSnap (allSnap.exe); AllToTray (ALLTOTRAY.EXE); Alogrithm Link Queue (alq.exe); Alogserv (Alogserv.exe); ALPass (ALPass.exe); Alps Electric USB Server (Monserv.exe); AlpsPoint (Apoint.exe); ALServ (ALServ.exe); Altnet (points manager.exe); AltnetPointsManager (points manager.exe); AltoMB_service (AltoMBsrv.exe); ALTOOLS (AccessL.exe); AltPayments (AltPayments.exe); ALU Scheduler Service (ALUSchedulerSvc.exe); ALUAlert (ALUNotify.exe); Aluria Security Center (SecurityCenter.exe); Aluria's Pop-Up Stopper (eps.exe); Aluria's Spyware Eliminator (ASE.exe); AlwaysOnTopMaker (AlwaysOnTopMaker.exe); AlwaysReady Power Message APP (ARPWRMSG.EXE); AmazingTens (AmazingTens.exe); AMD PowerNow! (GemBack.exe); amd_dc_opt (amd_dc_opt.exe); America Online *.* Tray Icon (aoltray.exe); AME_CSA (rundll32 amecsa.cpl, RUN_DLL); AModemLockDown (ModemLockDown.exe); Amon (AMON.EXE); Amonitor (amon.exe); AMP WinOFF (winoff.exe); AMSG (Amsg.exe); AMSN (amsn.exe); amsn (amsn.exe); Anapod Manager (anamgr.exe); anbv32 (nabv32.exe); ANIWZCS2Service (WZCSLDR2.exe); ANIWZCSService (WZCSLDR.exe); AnnotateCheck (AnnCheck.exe); Announcements (Annclist.exe); Anntext (Anntext.exe); Anonymizer Total Net Shield (AnonTns.exe); ANONYMIZER_SPYWAREKILLER (SpyWareKiller.exe); ANONYMIZER_SPYWAREKILLER (AnonAntiSpyware.exe); Another Internet Explorer Popup Killer (aiepk2.exe); ansjava ([path to worm]); Anskya (PYSKY.NET.exe); Answer Problem (dSAFsqs.exe); AnswerTool (AnswerTool.exe); Anti Spam Service (spamsvc.exe); Anti-Blaxx Manager (Anti-Blaxx.exe); Anti-keylogger check (antikey.exe); Anti-Trojan-Watch (ATWatch.exe); Anti-Virus (vpms.exe); Anti-Virus ([random filename].exe); Anti-Virus Product Sync ([unprintable character][3 characters]log.exe); Anti-Virus Update Scheduler ([path to trojan]); Anti-Virus Update Scheduler (winsp3.exe); Anti-Virus Update Scheduler V1.39.12R ([path to trojan]); AntiClicker (SVCHST32.EXE); (Dialer_Watcher.exe); antihost (ahr.exe); AntiPopUp (AntiPopUp.exe); AntiSpywareBot (AntiSpywareBot.exe); AntiVerminser (AntiVerminser.exe); Antivir (svchst.exe); AntiVir (scvhost.exe); AntiVir (winlog.exe); AntiVir XP (AVwin.exe); Antivirus (av.exe); Antivirus (maja.exe); Antivirus (iexpl0res.exe); AntiVirus (kaspery.exe); AntiVirus (AntiVirus.exe); Antivirus Installer ([path to trojan]); Antivirus Protection Services (ccapp2.exe); AntiVirus Update (updates.exe); Antivirus-Golden (Antivirus-Golden.exe); antivirus32 (antivirus.exe); AntivirusGold (AntivirusGold.exe); AntiVirusProtection (qumk.exe); antiware (elite***32.exe [*** = random char]); AntiWindowsMessenger (AntiMsMsg.exe); anti_troj (anti_troj.exe); AnVir (AnVir.exe); AnVir Task Manager (AnVir.exe); anvshell (anvshell.exe); Any To-Do List (anytodo.exe); anycom bluetooth (ftflauncher.exe); AnyDVD (AnyDVD.exe); AO Tray (AOTray.Exe); aol (avp.exe); AOL 9.0 Optimized (AOLClient.exe); AOL Broadband Check-Up (matcli.exe); AOL Companion (companion.exe); Aol Configuration Loader (aimsng.exe); AOL Fast Start (AOL.exe); AOL Instant Messanger (aim.exe); AOL Instant Messengar (aol.exe); AOL Instant Messenger (AlM.EXE); Aol Instant Messenger (aolmsg.exe); AOL Instant Messenger (aimsgr.exe); AOL Instant Messenger 7.213 (aim9283.exe); Aol Instant Messenger Fix (aolfix.exe); AOL Messenger ([random filename]); AOL Messenger (aolmsngr.exe); AOL Messenger Optimized (AOLOpt.exe); AOL Services Hosts (aolserviceshosts.exe); AOL Spyware Protection (AOLSP Scheduler.exe); AOL TopSpeedMonitor (aoltsmon.exe); AolAcsDaemon1 (Acsd.exe); AolAcsDaemon1 (AOLACSD.EXE); AOLCC (ACCAgnt.exe); AolCon (; AOLDialer (AOLDial.exe); AolFix (AolFix.exe); AOLRegKey32 (AOREGSVR512.EXE); AOLSAV (AOLAgent.exe); AOLStart (AOLStart.exe); aolupdater.exe (aolupdater.exe); Aornum (aornum.exe); AOTray (AOTray.Exe); aouei (sysrtmvs.exe); APC UPS Status (Display.exe); APC_SERVICE (mainserv.exe); apc_tray (apc_tray.exe); APD123 (APD123.exe); Api**.exe [* = random char] (Api**.exe [* = random char]); Api**32.exe [* = random char] (Api**32.exe [* = random char]); API32 (api32.exe); APIClass (lexplore_.exe); APIMon (apimonx.exe); APIMon (winapix.exe); APIMon (msreg.exe); apisvc.exe (apisvc.exe); APL (APL.exe); Apmsrv9x (APMSRV9X.EXE); Apoint (Apoint.exe); App**32.exe [* = random char] (App**32.exe [* = random char]); App.EXEName ([path to worm].exe); Appcon (vAppCon.exe); appconn (appconn.exe); AppExtender (AppExtCB.exe); appis.exe (appis.exe); Application (mdmsetsp.exe); Application Explorer (Naldesk.exe); Application Explorer (NalView.exe); Application Layer Gateway Service (algs.exe); ApplicationProtocolRun (smsbvl32.exe); AppPlus (AppPlus.exe); Apvxd (APVXDWIN.EXE); Apvxdwin (APVXDWIN.EXE); APVXDWIN (ClShield.exe); Apwheel (Apwheel.exe); apyginapygin (simenu.exe); AQ3HelperStartUp (AQ3HEL~1.EXE); aqadcup.exe (aqadcup.exe); Aqujyjax ([path to file]); Aqujyjax (aqujyjax.exe); ara-key ([random filename]); arcaderockstar (arcaderockstar32.exe); Archive (archive.exe); ARCHIVE CONTROL (fixupdattr.exe); ARCSolo Recovery (N/A); Ardamax Keylogger (akl.exe); ares (ares.exe); areslite (AresLite.exe); Argentum Backup (ab.exe); Aritima (aritima.exe); ARMOR2NET (Armor2net.exe); AROReminder (aro.exe); ARPWRMSG (ARPWRMSG.EXE); Artera (arteraui.exe); AS00 Gear511 (Gear511.exe); AS00_WN511B (WN511B.exe); AS00_WPN511 (WPN511.exe); ASDPLUGIN (dsldbaccess.exe); ASDPLUGIN (canada.exe); ASDPLUGIN (france.exe); ASDPLUGIN (fullgames.exe); ASDPLUGIN (100171be.exe); ASDPLUGIN (100176br.exe); ASDPLUGIN (adult1.exe); ASDPLUGIN (Austria.exe); ASDPLUGIN (belgium nm.exe); ASDPLUGIN (czech.exe); ASDPLUGIN (dbaccess.exe); ASDPLUGIN (dslgeaccess.exe); ASDPLUGIN (Finland.exe); ASDPLUGIN (geaccess.exe); ASDPLUGIN (mexico.exe); ASDPLUGIN (netherlands.exe); ASDPLUGIN (turkey.exe); ASDPLUGIN (uk nm.exe); ASDPLUGIN (Xadult1.exe); ASDPLUGIN (temp532.exe); asdsaxcxz13 (dasxcsx13.exe); asdx (xwinrpc32.exe); ASE Scheduler (ASE Scheduler.exe); Ashampoo PopUpBlocker (PopUpKiller.exe); ashAvast (ashAvast.exe); ASHLT (Ashlt.exe); ashMaiSv (ashmaisv.exe); AsioReg (regsvr32.exe ctasio.dll); AsioThk32Reg (rregsvr32.exe ctasio.dll); ASK (rundll32.exe [path] ASK.dll rdl); asl (Aslru.exe); ASM (ASMonitor.exe); Asmw Soft Popups Burner (popups burner.exe); asnconsole (msasn.exe); ASocksrv (SocksA.exe); asp-srvc (asp-srvc.exe); ASP.NET State Service (csrss.exe); ASP.NET State Service (crsass.exe); ASP.NET State Service (servicos..exe); asp4tray (asp4tray.exe); AspireTimeMachine (acertmb.exe); asrupdate.exe (asrupdate.exe); assistse (ASSISTSE.EXE); AST (AST); AST (AST); AST (AST.exe); ASTART (astart.exe); AStart (AStart); asTray (Astray.exe); Astro (Astro.exe); ASUS Live Update (ALU.exe); ASUS Probe (AsusProb.exe); ASUS SmartDoctor (VGAProbe.exe); ASUS TweakEnable (astart.exe); ASUSKey (V38SHELL.EXE); asustweakenable (ATweak.exe); ASWDP (ASWDP.exe); ASWnk (aswnk.exe); AT-Watch (ATWatch.exe); atapidrv (atapidrv.exe); Athan (Athan.exe); ATI Active Graphics Card Monitor (atievx.exe); ATI AS Filter (msnse.exe); ATI CATALYST System Tray (CLI.exe SystemTray); ATI DeviceDetect (ATIDtct.EXE); ATI Display (ATIDisplay.exe); ATI Display Driver (atixd.exe); Ati Display Settings (atividx.exe); ATI GART Set-up Utility (Atigart.exe); ATI Launchpad (launchpd.exe); ATI Rage3d Pro (AtiRage4dPro.exe); ATI Remote Control (ATIRW.exe); ATI Remote Control (ATIX10.exe); ATI Scheduler (Atisched.exe); ATI Task Application (Atitkad.exe); ATI Task Application (Atikey) (Atitask.exe); ATI Technology Startup (techstart.exe); ATI Video Driver Control (atigfx.exe); ATI Video Driver Control (btorrent.exe); ATI Video Driver Controls ([path to worm]); ATI VIDEO REGKEY (ati2vid.exe); Ati2cwxx (Ati2cwxx.exe); Ati2evxx (; ati2f104 (ati2f104.exe); Ati2mdxx (Ati2mdxx.exe); ATICCC (cli.exe runtime); ATICCC (CLIStart.exe); aticpaxx.exe (aticpaxx.exe); AtiCwd (AtiCwd.exe); AtiCwd (AtiCwd32.exe); AtiCwd (Ati2cwad.exe); AtiCwd32 (AtiCwd.exe); AtiCwd32 (AtiCwd32.exe); AtiCwd32 (Ati2cwad.exe); AtiDisplayDrv (atidrvxx.exe); atidriver (reaIplayer.exe); AtiKey (AtiKey32.exe); AtiKey (atiptkad.exe); Atikey (Atitask.exe); ATIMACE (MACE.exe); ATIModeChange (Ati2mdxx.exe); AtiPanel (atip.exe); atipatxx (atipatxx.exe); ATIPOLAB (ati2evxx.exe); ATIPOLAB (ati2evae.exe); ATIPOLL (ati2evxx.exe); AtiPTA (Ati2ptxx.exe); AtiPTA (Atiptaxx.exe); AtiPTAAA (Ati2ptxx.exe); AtiPTAAA (Atiptaxx.exe); atiptaxx (Ati2ptxx.exe); atiptaxx (Atiptaxx.exe); atiptext (atiptext.exe); AtiQiPcl (AtiQiPcl.exe); ATISmart (ati2s9ag.exe); AtiSound (csrss.exe); atisrc2 (windfind.exe); ATITech (Active.exe); atitray (atitray.exe); AtiTrayTools (atitray.exe); atiupdate (ATIUPDATE5.EXE); atiupdate (msshed32.exe); ATIUpdater (atiupdxx.exe); Atiupdpl (atiupdpl.exe); ativopen (ativopen.exe); ATIX10 (atix10.exe); ATKMEDIA (DMEDIA.EXE); Atl**.exe [* = random char] (Atl**.exe [* = random char]); Atl**32.exe [* = random char] (Atl**32.exe [* = random char]); ATM Control (adpn.exe); ATnotes (atnotes.exe); Atomic Time Synchronizer (TimeSync.exe); Atomic-x27 (Atomic-x27.exe); Atomic-x27C (AtomicpartC.exe); Atomic.exe (Atomic.exe); Atomica (atomica.exe); AtomicTime (ATOMICTIME.EXE); Atrack (atrack.exe); Atray (Atray.exe); ATSpooler (AppsTraka.exe); ATTBroadbandUpdate (SAUpdate.exe); ATTRedUpdate (AutoUpdate.exe); AttuneClientEngine (attune_ce.exe); AttuneContentUpdater (attune_cu.exe); AttuneDiscovery (attune_di.exe); Attunel (Attunel.exe); AttuneSystray (attune_st.exe); aTuner (atuner.exe); atwtusb (atwtusb.exe); AtxBrw (Iexplor.exe); au (DealioAu.exe); AU Agent (AUagent.exe); au.exe (au.exe); AUCBPNP (aucbnpn.exe); Aucompat (Aucompat.exe); Audcntr (audcntr.exe); AudCtrl (RunDll32 AudCtrl.dll, RCMonitor); audi32 (audi32.exe); AUDIO (SOUND.exe); audiocfg.exe (audiocfg.exe); Audiocntl (audiocntl.exe); AudioDeck (ADeck.exe); Audiodrv (audiodrv.exe); AudioDrvEmulator (DLLML.exe AudDrvEm.dll); AudioHQ (Ahqtb.exe); AudioHQ (audiohq.exe); AudioHQU (AHQTBU.EXE); audioinf (audioinf.exe); audlmne32 (dcmsxe.exe); auloadplx (mplprogsm.exe); AUNPS2 (RUNDLL32 AUNPS2.DLL, _Run@16); aupd (symcsvc.exe); aupd (sysvcs.exe); aupd (sywsvcs.exe); Aureal A3D Interactive Audio (sa3dsrv.exe); Aureal A3D Interactive Audio Init (A3dInit.exe); ausvc (ausvc.exe); Auth Starter Ident (startauth.exe); Authentic-ID Toolbar (wintmr.exe); Authentic-ID Toolbar (rundll32.exe [path] ToolbarATL.dll, LoadTrayIcon); authz (authz.exe); Auto CD-ROM Startup (cdaccess.exe); Auto EPSON Stylus CX6400 on DDLS1Z11 (E_S4I2L1.EXE); Auto File System Conversion Utility (scricon.exe); auto repair system (qualityx.exe); Auto Switch (TASKBAR.exe); Auto T Bar (autotbar.exe); Auto Updat (WindowsSys32.exe); Auto updat (crcss.exe); Auto Update (AUP.exe); Auto Update (dma.exe); Auto Update (svchost.exe); Auto Updates (svchost.exe); Auto WinUpdate (taskmrg.exe); AutoAdministrator (SERVICES.EXE); Autobar (autobar.exe); AutoCAD Startup Accelerator (acstart16.exe); autoclk (autoclk.exe); AutoEA (Ahqrun.exe); AUTOEXE (AUTOEXE.exe); Autoloaderaproposclient (Apropos_Client_Loader.exe); Autoloaderaproposclient (cxtpls_loader.exe); AutoLoaderEnvoloAutoUpdater (auto_update_loader.exe); AutoMate Task Service  (automate.exe); AutoMate5 (Am5HkWnd.exe); AutoMate6 (AMEM.exe); Automatic Defrag Manager (defrag.exe); Automatic Media Update (CACHE.RVD); Automatic Media Update (HPLNT32.RVD); Automatic Microsoft Windows Updater (suchost.exe); Automatic Windows Updater (Update.exe); Automatically launches the United Devices Agent when you start your computer (UD.EXE); Autopdate (Autopdate.exe); AUTOPROP (REGPROP.EXE WMPADDIN.DLL); AUTOPROTECTU (navapq32.exe); autorepair (dexs.exe); Autoroute SMTP (AutoSmtp.exe); autorun (autorun.exe); autorun (sxs.exe); autorundemo ([path to trojan]); AutoShutdown (pssvc.exe); AutoSizer (AUTOSIZER.EXE); AutoSpell (autospel.exe); AutoSpell 5 (ASWATC32.EXE); AutoSys (autosys.exe); autotbar (autotbar.exe); AutoTKit (AUTOTKIT.EXE); autoupd (autoupd.exe); autoupd (autoupd.exe); autoupdate (WINUP2DATE.DLL, SHStart); autoupdate (rundll32 [path] DATADX.DLL, SHStart); autoupdate (rundll32 [path] SUPDATE.DLL, SHStart); Autoupdate Service (kaka.exe); AutoUpdater (aupdate.exe); AutoUpdater (AutoUpdate.exe); autoupdatev2 ([path to file]); autoupdatev2 (autoupdatev2.exe); AutoVirusProtection (ciscv.exe); auto__antiav__key (antiav_exe.exe); auto__hloader__key (hloader_exe.exe); aux.exe (aux.exe); auxAudioDevice (aux32.exe); AUXXTRAY (au30setp.exe); AV (UPDATE-28062004.exe[25 blank spaces].vbs); AV Client (patch31345.exe); AV Industry (patch31345.exe); AV UpDate (Update.exe); AvaFind (AvaFind.exe); AVantivirus (Avconsol.exe); avast (troyan.exe); Avast! (ashserv.exe); avast! (ashDisp.exe); avast! Web Scanner (Ashwebsv.exe); Avast32 (Astart32.exe); avc (avmon.exe); AvconsoleEXE (Avconsol.exe); Avengine (; AveoAttune (atmdlusr.exe); AVFX Engine (StartFX.exe); AvG (svchost323.exe); AVG Anti-Virus system (avgcc.exe); Avg Antivirus (icpldrvx.exe); AVG Grisoft Updater (updater.exe); AVG7_AMSVR (Avgamsvr.exe); AVG7_CC (AVGCC.exe); AVG7_CC (avgcc.exe); AVG7_EMC (AVGEMC.exe); AVG7_Run (avgw.exe); avgamsvr.exe (Avgamsvr.exe); avgcc32 (avgcc32.exe); AVGCtrl (AVGCtrl.exe); avgfwsrv (AVGFWSRV.EXE); avgmsvr.exe (avgmsvr.exe); AVGnt (AVGnt.exe); Avgserv9.exe (Avgserv9.exe); AVGuard (AVGuard.exe); AVG_CC (avgcc32.exe); AVG_EMC (AVGEMC.exe); AVG_RegCleaner (AVGREGCL.exe); avidrv (drvsc.exe); Avimgt (Avimgt.exe); Avimgt32 (Avimgt32.exe); avinit (AVINIT9X.EXE); AVK Mail Checker (AVKPop.exe); AVKBar (AVKBar.exe); AvMaiSrv (Avmaisrv.exe); AVMWlanClient (wlangui.exe); avnort (formatsys.exe); avnort (msmbw.exe); avnort (serbw.exe); avp (avp.exe); AVP ([path to trojan]); avp (avp.exe); avp (win*.tmp.exe [* is a number]); avp (xar6000v7.exe); AVP-SE (avp-32.exe); avpa (avpo.exe); avpcc (avpcc.exe); avpm (avpm.exe); AvpM (AvpM.exe); Avpr (avpr.exe); AVPSrv (AVPSrv.exe); avptask ([path to trojan]); avptask (expl0rer.exe); Avptask (rund1132.exe); Avril Lavigne - Muse ([random filename]); AVSCHED32 (AVSched32.exe); AVSchedScan (SCHSC9X.EXE); AvSer (dsm.exe); AvSer (msmpatch.exe); AvSer (svosm.exe); AvSer (sysup.exe); avserve.exe (avserve.exe); avserve2.exe (avserve2.exe); avserve3.exe (avserve3.exe); AVStation premium (AVStation agent.exe); Avtray (Avtray.exe); AVupdate32 Update (AVupdate32.exe); AVWLPSTA (AVWLPSTA.exe); AVWUpd32 (AVWUPD32.EXE); avx communicator (xcommsur.exe); Avxlive (avxlive.exe); avxlni (avxinit.exe); Avxnews (??); Awatch (Awatch.exe); AwaySch (AwaySch.EXE); awhost32 (awhost32.exe); AWMON (Ad-Watch.exe); AWMON (Ad-Monitor.exe); AWUSGSTA (AWUSGSTA.exe); awxDTools (awxDTools.dll, awxRegisterDll); AxFilter (Rundll32 AXFILTER.DLL, Rundll32); AXVenore (AXVenore.exe); AzMixerSel (AzMixerSel.exe); azmodem (azexe.exe); a_vpd (vpd.exe); a (a2guard.exe); B'sCLiP (BSCLIP.exe); b.exe (b.exe); B.Reader (remin.exe); b3d (BDEsecureinstall.exe); b3dUpdate (Zupdate.exe); b9 (B9.exe); b99 (msmm.exe); bab (svchst32.exe); babeie (rundll32 cnbabe.dll, dllstartup); Babylon Client (Babylon.exe); Babylon Translator (Babylon.exe); Back Updates (Uninstall.log.vbs); Backdoor.NuAgent (agent.exe); Background Intelligent Transfer Service (rundll32.exe); BackgroundSwitcher (bgswitch.exe); Backpack UDF (bpudfmon.exe); backup ([path to worm]); Backup Service (backup.svc); Backup4all OTB Agent (B4AOTB.exe); BackupExecScheduler (besch.exe); BackupNotify (backupnotify.exe); BackWeb (backweb.exe); Backwork (Backwork.exe); BACPI10 (bacpi10a.exe); BacsTray (BacsTray.exe); BADDATE (BADDATE.EXE); BagleAV (csrss.exe); Bakra (IEHost.EXE); bal (SYSMONMS.EXE); Band-Aid ([path to file]); Bandook (ali.exe); Bandwidth Monitor Pro (Bandwidth Monitor Pro.exe); Banpopup by Pratik (Banpopup.exe); bantool (ie_ban.exe); Bar Ding lolt (Analiz.exe); bargains (bargains.exe); bargains (bargainbuddy.exe); Bart Station (station.sbrt); Bart Station (PPCOLink.exe); BarTheme (bartent32.exe); bascstray (BascsTray.exe); Bat (secure2.bat); Batchreg1 (N/A); BatInfEx (rundll32.exe); BatSrv (batserv2.exe); Battery Scope (batmgr.exe); BatteryBar (batterybar.exe); BatzBack (BatzBack.scr); BAUSB (BAUSB.exe); bawindo (bawindo.exe); BayMgr (DockApp.exe); Bayswap (bayswap.exe); Bayswap2 (TbUpdate.exe); BBC Alerts (BBC_Alerts.exe); BBC News alerts (skinkers.exe); BBDial (BT Broadband.exe); BBLauncher.exe (BBLauncher.exe); bbSysTray (bbSysTray.exe); bbui (bbui.exe); bca (bca.exe); BCDetect (bcdetect.exe); BCMDMMSG (bcmdmmsg.exe); BCMHal (rundll32.exe bcmhal9x.dll, bcinit); BCMSMMSG (BCMSMMSG.exe); bcmwltry (bcmwltry.exe); BCNT (bcnt.exe); BCPC (bcpc.exe); bcpc_c (bcpc_c.exe); BCTweak (bctweak.exe); Bcvsrv32 (bcvsrv32.exe); BCWipeTM (bcwipetm.exe); BD (dc.exe); BDAgent (bdagent.exe); BDMCon (Bdmcon.exe); BDNewsAgent (bdnagent.exe); BDOESRV (bdoesrv.exe); BDSwitchAgent (bdswitch.exe); BearFlix (BearFlix.exe); BearShare (bearshare.exe); BeatNik Internet Clock (BeatNik.exe); Beawver (saqevre.exe); Beegees Update (beegees.exe); BEEI (beei.exe); BeFaster (befaster3.exe); BEHL (BEHL.exe); BEHLO (BEHLO.exe); Belkin PCMCIA WLAN Monitor (monitorbk.exe); Belkin Wireless Utility (Belkinwcui.exe); BellSouthAlertManager.exe (BellSouthAlertManager.exe); BelNotify ([path] NPBelv32.dll, RunDll32_BelNotify); BELORVBI (BELORVBI.exe); Belsta.exe (Belsta.exe); Belt (Belt.exe); Benadril Alert Tool (benadrilalert.exe); BestPopUpKiller (BestPopupKiller.exe); BeSys ([path to file]); BF4P (bf4p.exe); bg (bullguard.exe); BGInfo (Bginfo.exe); BgMonitor_{79662E04-7C6C-4d9f-84C7-88D8A56B10AA} (NMBgMonitor.exe); BGNewsAgent (bgnewsag.exe); bgsmsnd (bgsmsnd.exe); BHOCop (BHOCop.exe); BHODemon 2.0 (BHODemon.exe); BHR (BHR.exe); BI1HelperStartUp (BI1HEL~1.EXE); BIE (Rundll32.exe BDSrHook.dll, Rundll32); BIG (biggy.exe); BigDog303 (VM303_STI.EXE); BigDogPath (VM_STI.EXE); bigfix (BIGFIX.EXE); BigPond Toolbar (bpumTray.exe); BigPondCable (bpcable.exe); bikini (bikini.exe); BillGatesLoh.exe (BillGatesLoh.exe); Billminder (Billmind.exe); bin32hpu (ppstub.exe); bingdian (Bingdian.vbs); Bingo Charm (charms.exe); Biomenu (menusw.exe); Bios (Bios32.exe); bios (bios.exe); BIOS XP Loader ([random filename]); BIOS1 (BIOS1.EXE); BIOVCIP (BIOVCIP.exe); BitComet (BitComet.exe); BitDefender Antivirus (BITDEFENDERX.EXE); BitDefender Communicator (xcommsvr.exe); BitDefender for MSN Messenger (msnmon.exe); BitDefender for Yahoo! Messenger (yahmon.exe); BitDefender Live! Init (bdinit.exe); BitDefender Scan Server (bdss.exe); BitDefender Virus Shield (vsserv.exe); bitdefenderlive (avxlive.exe); BitDefender_P2P_Startup (BitDefender_P2P_Startup.exe); BitWare Print Monitor (bwprnmon.exe); BJ Printer Status Monitor (Cjstsr.exe); BJ Status Monitor 5xx (CJSTRxx.EXE); bjcfd (cdf.exe); BlackICE PC Protection (blackice.exe); BlackIce Utility (blackice.exe); blads (blads.exe); blah service (winupdate.exe); blah service (winsysengine.exe); blah service (internet.exe); blah service (smnp.exe); blah service (msnmsgrr.exe); blah service (tazkmgr.exe); blah service (FaLeH.exe); blah service (microsoft.exe); blah service (evosys.exe); blah service (win32.exe); Blah service (CCAPPS32.EXE); blah services (iczw.exe); blahh service (msengine.exe); blahx service (msnjompa.exe); BlazeChanger (FBZPaper.exe); bldbubg (bldbubg.exe); BLF (blf.exe); blinkx (blinkx.exe); BLMessagingIntegration (blengine.exe); BlockAds (blads.exe); BlockChecker (Block-checker.exe); Blocker System611 Monitoring (PopUpBlocker611.exe); BlockTracker (BlockTracker.exe); BLOG (rundll32 [path] BatLogEx.DLL, StartBattLog); blsloader (blsloader.exe); blss (blss.exe); BLSTAPP (blstapp.exe); Blubster (Blubster.exe); Blue Frog (bluefrog.exe); Blue Service ([path to trojan]); BlueLight_uoltray (exec.exe); BlueSoleil (BLUESO~1.EXE); BlueSpace NE (BlueSpaceNE.exe); Bluetooth Config (btwindin32.exe); BlueToothAuthentication Agent (RunDLL32.exe irprops.cpl, BluetoothAuthenticationAgent); Blueyonder Instant Support Tool (matcli.exe); BMail Installation (FTP_back.exe); Bman (BMan1.exe); BMMGAG (Rundll32 PWRMONIT.DLL, StartPwrMonitor); BMMLREF (BMMLREF.EXE); BMMMONWND (rundll32.exe [path] BatInfEx.dll, BMMAutonomicMonitor); BMO MasterCard Wallet (EWALLET.EXE); BMupdate (BMupdate.exe); BMZ (bmz.exe); Bndt32 (Bndt32.exe); Bnexe ([random filename]); BO1HelperStartUp (BO1HEL~1.EXE); BO1HelperStartUp (Bo1helper.exe); Boarddata ([path] repcale.exe [path] palsp.exe); boat32 (boat32.exe); boby (csrs.scr); BOC-423 (BOC423.exe); BOC-424 (BOC424.exe); BOC-425 (BOC425.exe); BOC412 (BOC412.exe); BOCleanautostart (Boclean.exe); BOINC Manager (boincmgr.exe); Boingo Wireless Utility (Icon###XXX#X#.exe); boler.exe (syser.exe); bombshel (BOMB32.EXE); Bonzi Buddy (??); boo (boo.exe); BookedSpace (RunDLL32.EXE [path] bs2.dll, DllRun); BookmarkCentral (BMLauncher.exe); BookMarkSink (syncit.exe); BookMarkSync (syncit.exe); BookMarkSync2It (sync2it.exe); Boost XP Service (bxservice.exe); boot (boot.exe); Boot (Boot.exe); Boot Check (bootchk.exe); Boot Manager (Njgal.exe); Boot Manager (bootmng.exe); BootCfg (Install.log.vbs); BootCTRL (bootctrl.exe); BootLoader (BootLoader.exe.vbs); bootpd.exe (bootpd.exe); BootsCfg (Date.POP.vbs); BootsCfg (wscript.exe [path] All Users.vbs); BootsCfg (wscript.exe [path] All Users.vbe); BootsCfg (wscript.exe [path] Install.log.vbs); BootStatus (BOOTST~1.EXE); BootWarn (BootWarn.exe); boot_reg ([path to file]); Bose Wave/PC Monitor (wavepcmonitor.exe); BossIdea (winlogin.exe); Boston (Boston.exe); Bot Loader (svchostt.exe); Bouncer RunStartup (bouncer.exe); Bouncer RunStartup (LiveUpdate.exe); boy lovers of bsd (ilikeboys.exe); bpcpost.exe (bpcpost.exe); BPCv2 re (bpc2 re inst.exe); BPK (bpk.exe); BPServer (G6FTPSrv.exe); BQTray.exe (BQTray.exe); Brasil (Brasil.exe); Brasil (BRASIL.PIF); BrasilOld ([worm filename]); BraveSentry (BraveSentry.exe); Brct (trdb.exe); Break_Reminder (BREAK REMINDER.exe); Bredbandsbolaget (servicecenter.exe); Breg (bcre.exe); Breg (bptre.exe); Breg (breg.exe); Bridge (rundll32.exe ...Bridge.dll); Brindys BriTray (BRITRAY.EXE); BrmfRmPA (BrmfRmPA.exe); Broadband Wizard (bbwiz.exe); Broadcom Wireless Manager UI (bcmntray.exe); Broadcom Wireless Manager UI (wltray.exe); Bron-Spizaetus (CVT.exe); Bron-Spizaetus (norBtok.exe); Bron-Spizaetus ([path to file]); Bron-Spizaetus (bronstab.exe); Bron-Spizaetus (eksplorasi.exe); Bron-Spizaetus (ElnorB.exe); Bron-Spizaetus (sempalong.exe); Bron-Spizaetus (RakyatKelaparan.exe); Bron-Spizaetus-5118REPM (komodo-6321422.exe); Bron-Spizaetus-cfgmktoq (bbm-qotkmgfc.exe); Bron-Spizaetus-cfgmmnru (bbm-urnmmgfc.exe); BrowseProxy (FindService.exe); browser (msgaol.exe); browser (s_menu.exe); browser (browse.exe); browser (deamon.exe); browser (msgaol.exe); browser aid (browseraid.exe); Browser Help Svc (BHSV.EXE); Browser Hijack Blaster (bhblaster.exe); Browser Launcher (Commandr.exe); Browser Pal (adblck.exe); Browser Sentinel (BrowserSentinel.exe); BrowserUpdateSched ([random filename]); BrowserWebCheck (loadwc.exe); BrO_AcT (BrO-AcT.exe); brwdiag ([path to worm]); BS Player (bsplayer.exe); BsCLiP (BSCLIP.exe); Bsoft lppt01 (Bsoft.exe); bsplayer (bsplayer.exe); BSserver (FileKan.exe); BSVCHOST (SVCH0ST.EXE); Bsx3 (RunDLL32.EXE [path] bs3.dll, DllRun); BT ([path to trojan]); BT Broadband Help (matcli.exe); BT00003* (abcdefg23.exe); BT00003* (hiklmnop27.exe); btbb_wcm_McciTrayApp (McciTrayApp.exe); btinst (btinst.exe); BTModemProtection (BTModemProtection.exe); BTopenworld (DialBTYahoo.exe); BTSETBOOTKEY (BTSetBootKey.exe); BtStart (btstart.exe); bttray (bttray.exe); BTUSRBDG (BtUsrBdg.exe); BTUSRBDGF (BtUsrBdg.exe); BTV (btv.exe); Bubble (Bubble.exe); Buddyizer (Buddyizer.exe); BUFFALO Power Save Utility for HD (HDManage.exe); Bug Eliminator (Bug_Elim.exe); bugwatcher service (bugwatcher.exe); BuildBU (bldbubg.exe); BuildLab (services.exe); BuildLab (winlogon.exe); BuildLabs (csrss.exe); BuildLabs (lsass.exe); Bulldog Service (upsd.exe); BulletProof FTP Server (bpftpserver.exe); BullGuard (mgui.exe); BullGuard (BullGuard.exe); BullGuard Update (avxlive.exe); BullGuard XComm (XCOMMSVR.EXE); BullGuardInit (AVXINIT.EXE); BullguardoptIn (bulldownload.exe); BullsEye (bargains.exe); BullsEye Network (bargains.exe); BullsEye Tracker (BeTrack.exe); Bunx (beagle.exe); BurnQuick Queue (BQTray.exe); Button Server (bttnserv.exe); ButtonKey (ButtonKey.exe); Buzme (Bmui.exe); BuzMe (RCUI.exe); Buzof.exe (buzof.exe); bwprnmon.exe (bwprnmon.exe); bxproxy (bxproxy.exe); bxsx5 (RunDLL32.EXE [path] bsx5.dll, DllRun); bxxs5 (RunDLL32.EXE [path] bxxs5.dll, dllrun); Bymer.Scanner (Wininit.exe); Bymer.Scanner (Msinit.exe); c (; C-Media Echo Control (EchoCtrl.exe); C-Media Mixer (Mixer.exe); C2K (CYB2K.EXE); c32cs2 (c32cs2.exe); C7 ([path to worm]); C:\Program Files\NetMeter\NetMeter.exe (NetMeter.exe); C:\WINDOWS\IEXPLOR.EXE (IEXPLOR.EXE); C:\WINDOWS\WinTask.exe (WinTask.exe); CA-AMAgent (amagent.exe); CaAvTray (CAVTray.exe); Cabchk (Cabchk.exe); Cabchk32 (Cabchk32.exe); CABCInstall (CABCInstall.exe); CacheBoost (trayicon.exe); CacheLoader ([path to trojan]); Cacheman (Cacheman.exe); CacheMgr (CacheMgr.exe); CacheSentry Pro (CacheSentry Pro.exe); CacheSentry Pro (CacheSentry Pro.exe); CACStarter (cacstart.exe); Caddais BackupOnDemand (BODMon.exe); Cadenza (CdzSvc.exe); CADS (cads.exe); CafeStation (CafeStation.exe); cafwc (cafw.exe); CAgent (CAgent.exe); cAgOu ([filename].hta); CahootWebcard (CahootWebcard.exe); caidiysetup (diynetsetupuni.exe); CAISafe (isafe.exe); CaISSDT (caissdt.exe); Cal Reminder Shortcut (calrem.exe); Calc Microsoft Windows (wincalc.exe); CALC32 (CALC32.EXE); Calendar 200X Reminder (calendar.exe); Calendarscope (cs.exe); calk (calk.exe); Call32 (Call32.exe); CallBumping (cbpopw.exe); CallCenter Main Application (V3calmcp.exe); CallCenter Printer Interface (V3faxecp.exe); CallControl (ftctrl32.exe); CamCheck (CamCheck.exe); Cameno (Cameno.exe); Camera Detector (CAMDET~*.EXE); Camera Detector (Camdetect.exe); Camera Detector (DEVDET~*.EXE); Camio Viewer x (IXApplet.exe); CamMonitor (hpqcmon.exe); Canada (Canada.exe); Canary (canary-std.exe); candy (command32.exe); candynet (Taskmsg.exe); Canon MultiPASS Status Monitor (monitr32.exe); Canon PC1200 iC D600 iR1200G Status Window (CAPM1LAK.EXE); Canon Printer Monitor BJCxxx (Cjstlst.exe); CanonMyPrinter (BJMyPrt.exe); CanonSolutionMenu (CNSLMAIN.exe); CAP3ON (CAP3ONN.EXE); capfasem (capfasem.exe); Capfax (capfax.exe); capfupgrade (capfupgrade.exe); CAPing (CAPing.exe); Capon (Capon.exe); Capon (Caponn.exe); CaptionMgr32 (crssr.exe); capture (capture.exe); Capture Express 2000 (capexp.exe); Carbonite Backup (CarboniteUI.exe); 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cd1 (cd1.exe); CDANTSRV (CDANTSRV.exe); Cdcompat (Cdcompat.exe); cddrv32 (cddrv32.exe); CDInterceptor (cdi.exe); CdnCtr (cdnup.exe); CDriver (windrv.exe); Cdrom Controller (cdromcntrl.exe); cds (cds.exe); CDSpeed.exe (CDSpeed.exe); CDTray (CDTray.exe); CeEKEY (CeEKey.exe); CeEPOWER (cepmtray.exe); Ceic (Ceic.exe); Cekirge ([path to worm]); center ([random name]32.exe); CentralProcessor (taskimgr.exe); CEPA (wsot.exe); CertificateRegistration (SafeSignCertReg.exe); CertReg (certreg.exe); CertStoreInit (CertStoreInit); CesarFTP FTP Server (server.exe); cesmain.dll (cmail.dll, Rundll32); CEventMgr (Cell.exe); CFD (CFD.exe); CFDStart (WinMuschi.exe); cfgboost (cfgboot.exe); cfgintpr (cfgintpr.exe); cfgmgr51 (RunDLL32.EXE [path] cfgmgr51.dll, DllRun); cfgmgr52 (RunDLL32.EXE [path] cfgmgr52.dll, DllRun); cfgwiz (cfgwiz.exe); cFosDNT (cFosDNT.exe); cFosInst_Check (cfosinst.exe); cFosSpeed (cFosSpeed.exe); CFSServ.exe (CFSServ.exe); cftmon32 (taskmgr*.exe [* = number]); cfy (cfy.exe); CGI Firewall Script (CGIAGENT.EXE); CGServer (cgserver.exe); Cgtask Services (cgtask.exe); Cgywin (cgywin32.exe); ChamClock (ChamClock.exe); change-me-now (msgfix1.exe); ChangeICON (SPMSMON.EXE); ChangeLines (chngline.exe); Chatango (Chatango.exe); ChatStat (ChatStat.exe); Chcenter (chcenter.exe); Chckup (Netverchk.exe); che32 (che.ocx.vbs); Cheatle (GigaByte.exe); Check (Check.exe); Check for One Touch Update (wiseupdt.exe); Check for TWS Updates (WiseUpdt.exe); Check Messenger (cmesseng.exe); Check&Get (Check&Get.exe); CheckCustomWorksUpdate (CheckCWupdate.exe); CheckDialer (ChkDial.exe); Checkdisk (mscas.exe); CheckFaultKernel (mswdm.exe); CheckIt (ToolBox.exe); CheckIt 86 (CheckIt86.exe); CheckMsgPlus (MsgPlusH.dll, VerifyInstallation); checkrun (elite***32.exe [* = random char]); checkrun (elitelsj32.exe); CheckScan32 (regload16.exe); checktime (ct.exe); CheckVCR (IOMagic.exe); CherryKeyMan (KeyMan.exe); ChicoSys (webtmr.exe); china11msn (CHINA11MSN.EXE); ChineseStar (cstar.exe); CHIPDRIVEPinManager (sokscmpn.exe); CHIPDRIVESmartcardManager (SCMgr.exe); CHKADMIN (CHKADMIN.EXE); ChkDisk (chk_disk.exe); chkdsk (autoexec.bat); ChkMail (ChkMail.exe); Choke (Choke.exe-blahh); chope (runlli32.exe); chostsv (chostsv.exe); CHotKey (mhotkey.exe); CHotKey (MK9805.EXE); CHotKey (zHotkey.exe); Christmas Music Player (TTEST6.EXE); ChromeMark (keysh.exe); ChronitelInitTV (CHTVINIT.EXE); chrono (chrono.exe); CiaBackdoor (; cihost.exe (cihost.exe); CIJxP2PSERVER (CIJxP2PS.EXE); Cingular Communication Manager (CingularCCM.exe); CIO (che7e1~1.exe); Cisco Systems VPN Client (ipsecdialer.exe); Cisco Systems VPN Client (vpngui.exe); CISrvr Program (CISRVR.EXE); Cissi (Cissi.exe); CitiUCS (CitiUCS.exe); CitiVAN (CitiVAN.exe); CJET (CJet.exe); Cjstcom (Cjstcom.exe); ClamWin (ClamTray.exe); Classes (int1.exe); Classes (intl.exe); Classes (run_21.exe); Classes (srv.exe); Classes (srv2.exe); Classes (MSTAR2.EXE); Classes (mstart.exe); clcbt.exe (clcbt.exe); clcl3 (clcl3.exe); clcl7 (clcl7.exe); CLCLSet (CLCL.exe); Clean up (service.exe); CleanEasyImg (cleanall.exe); CleanRegPath (CleanReg.exe); CleanSweep Smart Sweep- Internet Sweep (Csinsm32.exe); CleanSweep Useage Watch (CSUSEM32.EXE); CleanTemp (CLEANT~1.EXEB); CleanTemp (CleanTemp.exe); Cleanup (ONICTASK.EXE); CleanUp (mcappins.exe); CleanupProgram (cleanup.exe); clean_service (clean_service.cmd); clfmon (clfmon.exe); clfmon (nvsvca32.exe); clfmon.exe (clfmon.exe); Click Radio Tuner (clickr~1.exe); Click Tray Calendar (ClickT~1.EXE); ClickMe (ClickMe.exe); Clickoff (Clickoff.exe); ClickTheButton (CTB.EXE); ClickTheButton (csrss.exe); ClickTheButton (MSCStat.exe); CLICONFG (CLICONFG.EXE); Client Access API Daemon (cwbappcd.exe); Client Access Check Version (cwbckver.exe); Client Access Express Welcome (cwbwlwiz.exe); Client Access Help Update (cwbinhlp.exe); Client Access Service (CwbSvStr.Exe); Client Access Taskbar (cwbuitsk.exe); Client Agent (ipxwping.exe); Client Agent (photes.exe); Client Agent ([path to file]); Client agent for ARCserve (W95AGENT.EXE); Client for Microsoft Networks (msclient32.exe); Client Server Control Process ([path to trojan]); Client Server Run Time Proccess (csrsrv.exe); Client Server Runtime ([path to worm]); Client Server Runtime Process (csrsss.exe); Client Server Runtime Process (csrs.exe); Client Server Runtime Process (smmss.exe); Client Update (wup.exe); ClientMan1 (mscman.exe); Clik Status Monitor (toolsclickstat.exe); clipboard.exe (clipboard.exe); Clipbook Service (Clipsrv.exe); ClipMate5x (ClipMt5x.exe); Clipmate6 (CLIPMT60.EXE); ClipMate7 (ClipMate.exe); Clipomatic (Clipomatic.exe); Clipsrv (Clipsrv.exe); ClipSrv (clipserv.exe); ClipSrv (CLIPBRD3D.EXE); ClipTrak (ClipTrak.exe); ClipTrakker (ClipTrakker.exe); CLISTART (CLIStart.exe); CLMFrontPanel (clmpanel.exe); clnwall (rundll.exe setupx.dll, InstallHinfSection ..delwall.inf); clock ([various filenames]); Clock Manager (amsngr.exe); ClockSync (Sync.exe); ClockWise (CLOCKWISE.EXE); ClocX (ClocX.exe); CloneCD (CloneCDTray.exe); CloneCDElbyCDFL (ElbyCheck.exe); CloneCDTray (CloneCDTray.exe); Clotusorgreg0 (prtStart.exe [path] Orgprt.exe); Clre (mmdc.exe); ClrSchLoader ([path to file]); CLSID (com.exe); CLSID (dll.exe); CLSID (msgplus.exe); CLSID (plugin.exe); CLSID (sed.exe); CLSID (msgplus.exe); CLSRSS (LSACS.EXE); CM-SmWizard (SmWizard.exe); cma (cma.exe); CMAPP (cmappclient.exe); Cmaudio (Rundll32 cmicnfg.cpl, CMICtrlWnd); Cmd (cmd32.exe); cmd32 (configs.exe); cmd64 (cmd64.exe); cmdbcs (cmdbcs.exe); cmdcon (cmdcon.exe); CmdShell.exe (CmdShell.exe); CME (cme.exe); CmeSYS (CMEsys.exe); CmeUPD (CMEupd.exe); CMFibula (CMFibula.exe); CmFlywaveName (CmFlywav.exe); CMGrdian (CMGrdian.exe); CMMan (CMMan.exe); Cmmon32Sys (cmmon32.exe); cmonitor (startupmon.exe); CmPCIaudio (RunDll32 CMICNFG3.CPL, CMICtrlWnd); CMPDPSRV (CMPDPSRV.EXE); Cmpnt (Devices2.exe); Cmpnt (mainsv.exe); cmrss (cmrss.exe); cmrss (crmss.exe); cmrss ([path to trojan]); cmrst (cmrst.exe); cmrst (cmrst.scr); cms (iserver.exe); CMSETTINGS (ctmn.exe); cmsound (vcpdll.exe); cmsound (vcsystem.exe); cmss (system.exe); cmssapp (iexplore_.exe); cmssapp (iexplore.exe); cmssSystemProcess (csmss.exe); cmssSystemProcess (mcsmss.exe); cmssSystemProcess (csms.exe); CMSystem (CMSystem.exe); cmt101 (cmt101.exe); CmUCRRun (CmUCReye.exe); cmx32 (cmx32.exe); Cn323 (cnfrm33.exe); Cn911 (ODBCJET.exe); CNBABE (CNBABE.EXE); cnet (kontiki.exe); Cnfrm32 (cnfrm.exe); CnsMax (Internat.exe); CnsMin (Rundll32.exe CNSMIN.DLL, Rundll32); CnwiDeviceAgent (cnwida.exe); CnxAdslL (CnxAdslL.exe); CnxDslTaskBar (CnxDslTb.exe); Cobian Backup 8 interface (cbInterface.exe); CodeClean (CCIntro.exe); Codename Dashboard (dashboard.exe); cof.updit ([random filename]); CognizanceTS (rundll32.exe [path] AsTsVcc.dll, RegisterModule); Coldlife -icmp (Systray.exe); CollaborationHost (p2phost.exe); coloreal (coloreal.exe); Colorific Control Panel (Hgcctl95.exe); COM Service (; COM Service (; COM Service (; COM Service (; COM Service (; COM+ Event System (DRWTSN16.EXE); COM+ EventSystem Services (ECSERVER.EXE); Com+ Sys (csrs.exe); COM+ System Applications (lsas.exe); COM++ System (exploier.exe); COM++ System (suchost.exe); COM++ System (svchost.exe...); COM-IP (COMIP.EXE); com.codeode.cactusspamfilter (cactusspamfilter.exe); com.codeode.privacymantra (privacymantra.exe); ComAgent (ComAgent.exe); combo.exe (combo.exe); combop.exe (combop.exe); Comcast Network (ribiva.exe); ComcastSUPPORT (tgkill.exe); COMCFG (comcfg.exe); comctl32 (comctl32.exe); COMDRV32 (svdhost.exe); Comm Driver (commh32.exe); Command (system.exe); Command (Gotit.exe); COMMAND (command.exe); command (javaw.exe); Command Prompt32 (CmdPrompt32.pif); command32 (command32.exe); CommCtr (commctr.exe); COMMUNICATOR (Communicator.exe); Comodo Firewall (CPF.exe); CompanionWizard (compwiz.exe); Compaq Alerter (CPQAlert.exe); Compaq Computer Corp SCCenter Module (SCCENTER.EXE); Compaq Computer Security (Rundll32.exe SECURE32.CPL, Service); Compaq Connections (COMPAQ~1.EXE); Compaq Connections (BackWeb-1940576.exe); Compaq DMI (cpqdmi.exe); Compaq Drivers (F1rewalls.exe); Compaq Internet Setup (inetwizard.exe); Compaq Jes Drivers (winjes.exe); Compaq Knowledge Center (silent.exe & matcli.exe); Compaq Message Server (COMPAQ-RBA.EXE); Compaq PK Daemon (cpqkl.exe); Compaq Print Fax (cpqa1000.exe); Compaq Service Drivers (systeminfos.exe); Compaq Service Drivers (compq.exe); Compaq Service Drivers (navapqwa.exe); Compaq Service Drivers (amsn.exe); Compaq Service Drivers (compqs.exe); Compaq Service Drivers (msnt.exe); Compaq Service Drivers (NtKernelSystem.exe); Compaq Service Drivers (wincmd.exe); Compaq Service Drivers (wind32.exe); Compaq Service Drivers (winmsn.exe); Compaq Service Drivers (compaq.exe); Compaq Service Drivers (msnsvc.exe); Compaq Service Drivers (ntsys32.exe); Compaq Service Drivers (winsvc.exe); Compaq Service Drivers 32 (compq32.exe); Compaq Service Drivrs (copq.exe); Compaq Services Drivers (ndt32.exe); Compaq Sound Drivers For WINDOWS (sounddr.exe); Compaq Video CD Watcher (??); Compaq32 Service Drivers (ms32.exe); Compaq32 Service Drivers (msconfig32.exe); Compaq32 Service Drivers (msnt32.exe); CompaqHW Comp Manager (cpqhcm.exe); CompaqPrinTray (printray.exe); Compaqs Service Driver (copypad32.exe); Compaqs Service Drivers (compqs.exe); CompaqSystray (cpqpscp.exe); Compatibility Service Process (regsvs.exe); Compd Service Drivrs (codq.exe); ComproRemote (ComproRemote.exe); ComproSchedulerDTV (ComproSchedulerDTV.exe); Computing Technologie Firewall (lsauth.exe); COMSMDEXE (comsmd.exe); ComStart (Trojan Guarder.exe); ComTry Web Searcher (wstray.exe); comxt (comxt.exe); con ([path to trojan]); Config (service.exe); Config (WinService32.exe); Config Loadation (iEEexplore.exe); Config Loadatiorin (I3Explorer.exe); Config Loader (svchosl.exe); Config Loader (sysldr32.exe); Config Loader (scvhost.exe); Config Loader (svhost.exe); Config Loader for Microsoft Windows (mwincfg32.exe); Config Loader2 (explores.exe); Config Loadr (winsys32.exe); Config33.exe (Config33.exe); ConfiggLoader (cart322.exe); ConfigSafe (CFGSAFE.EXE); ConfigSafe (AUTOCHK.EXE); ConfigServices (Config.exe); configsetup (configsetup32.exe); Configuration (explorer32.exe); Configuration ([filename]); configuration (apphost.exe); Configuration (ntsys32.exe); Configuration Default (Wuxat.exe); Configuration File (Winset32.exe); Configuration Loaded (wupdated.exe); Configuration Loaded (lssas.exe); Configuration Loader (aim95.exe); Configuration Loader (cmd32.exe); Configuration Loader (service5.exe); Configuration Loader (lfass.exe); Configuration Loader (sycfg34.exe); Configuration Loader (wincrt32.exe); Configuration Loader (windex.exe); Configuration Loader (dosrun32.exe); Configuration Loader (Service.exe); Configuration Loader (Servicess.exe); Configuration Loader (sw32.exe); Configuration Loader (System.exe); Configuration Loader (Winreg.exe); Configuration Loader (sysinfo.exe); Configuration Loader (microsoft.exe); Configuration Loader (confgldr.exe); configuration loader (winicfg32.exe); Configuration Loader (svhst.exe); Configuration Loader (msgfix.exe); Configuration Loader (msnss.exe); Configuration Loader (IEXPL0RE.EXE); Configuration Loader (loadcfg32.exe); Configuration Loader (MSTasks.exe); Configuration Loader (systemry.exe); Configuration Loader (ccSort.exe); Configuration Loader (smss32.exe); Configuration Loader (wincffg.exe); Configuration Loader (seru32.exe); Configuration Loader (botss.exe); Configuration Loader (ldasp.exe); Configuration Loader (msgcfgsrv.exe); Configuration Loader (smsai.exe); Configuration Loader (svupdate.exe); Configuration Loader (crcss.exe); Configuration Loader (lexplore.exe); Configuration Loader (scvhost.exe); Configuration Loader (svchost.exe); Configuration Loader (svchost2.exe); Configuration Loader (dezi.exe); Configuration Loader (mouse.exe); Configuration Loader (msg.exe); Configuration Loader (WinHelper.exe); Configuration Loader (extrac.exe); Configuration Loader (DVD-Player.exe); Configuration Loader (IEXPLORE.EXE); Configuration Loader (svchost.exe); Configuration Loader (wincore.exe); Configuration Loader (configldr.exe); Configuration Loader (syscfg32.exe); Configuration Loader Service (Winsys32.exe); Configuration Loader Service (devl32.exe); Configuration Loader10 (ip7.exe); Configuration Loading (svchos1.exe); Configuration Loading (configldr.exe); Configuration Loading Service (wscel.exe); Configuration Loadr (iexplore.exee); Configuration Manager (CNFGLD32.EXE); Configuration Manager (Cnfgldr.exe); Configuration Manager (cfg32.exe); Configuration Servecie (sewins.exe); Configuration Service (suchost.exe); Configuration Services (mswords.exe); Configuration Utility (CONFIG.EXE); Configuration Utility (wlanutil.exe); Configuration Wizard (Cfgwiz32.exe); Configuration32 Loader32 (winamp32.exe); ConfLoader (sysconf16.exe); Conmgr (conmgr.exe); ConMgr.exe (conmgr.exe); conmswf (conrnbne.exe); Connect2Party (connect2party.exe); Connection Keeper (ConKeepM.exe); Connection Manager (CManager.exe); Connectivity Tool ([path to trojan]); Connector (SYS.EXE); Connector (sms.EXE); CONNECTScheduler (CONNECTScheduler.exe); Cons (consol32.exe); conscorr (conscorr.exe); Console de Gerenciamento Microsoft (csrss.exe); Console de Gerenciamento Microsoft (csrss.exe); Consumer Input (ConsumerInput.exe); Consumer Input Rewarded with MyPoints, Consumer Input (ConsumerInputRewardedwithMyPoints, ConsumerInput.exe); Consumer Input Rewarded with MyPoints, Consumer Input Update (ConsumerInputRewardedwithMyPoints, ConsumerInputUa.exe); Contacte (contacte.exe); Content connector ([random filename].exe); ContentDownload (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll, DllMostrar); ContentService (winservn.exe); ContinueInstall (bpsinstall.exe); ContraVirus (ContraVirusPro.exe); Control (rundll32.exe ctrlpan.dll, Restore ControlPanel); Control Center (Center.exe); Control handler (***********.exe [* = random char]); Control handler (ahjinst.exe); Control handler ([10 to 14 random char]THD.EXE); control panel (smctrlw.exe); Control Panel (System.exe); control panel software service (cprs.exe); Controladores ([path to trojan]); ControlCenter2.0 (brctrcen.exe); ControlCentreTray (XWCTray.exe); Controlled Resource System Service (crss.exe); Controller (WFXCTL32.EXE); ControlPanel (rundll32 internat.dll, LoadKeyboardProfile); ControlPanel (host32.exe internat.dll, LoadKeyboardProfile); ControlPanel ([path] cmd32.exe internat.dll, LoadKeyboardProfile); ControlPanel (systemctrl.exe internet.dll, LoadNetworkProfile); ControlPanel (internat.dll, LoadKeyboardProfile); ControlPanel (popcorn.exe internat.dll, LoadKeyboardProfile); ControlPanel (popcorn64.exe); ControlPanel (popcorn64.exe rundll.dll, LoadMouseProfile); ControlPanel (popcorn72.exe rundll.dll, LoadMouseProfile); ControlPanel (svcc.exe); ControlPanel (popcorn320.exe rundll.dll, LoadMouseProfile); ControlPanel ([path] private.exe internat.dll, LoadMouseCarpetProfile); ControlServiceMgr (csmsv.exe); Cookie Cop 2 (CookieCop.exe); Cookie Pal (CPBRWTCH.EXE); CookieJar (Cookiejar.exe); CookiePatrol (CookiePatrol.exe); CookieWall (cookie.exe); Cool Desk (cdesk.exe); CoolDownloads (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll, DllMostrar); CoolMon (CoolMon.exe); CoolMP3 (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll, DllMostrar); CoolSwitch (taskswitch.exe); Coolwallpaper (cwm_tray.exe); coolwebprogram (clrssn.exe); Copernic Desktop Search (DesktopSearch.exe); Copernic Desktop Search 2 (DesktopSearchService.exe); CopernicPerUserTaskMgr (CopernicPerUserTaskMgr.exe); Copperhead (razerhid.exe); Copy handler (Copy Handler.exe); Copyright (mwcpyrt.exe); Core Process Aplication (ccapl.exe); Core Process Aplication x16 (ccapl16.exe); Core Process Aplication x32 (ccapl32.exe); CoreCenter (CoreCenter.exe); CoreCenter (CORECE~1.EXE); Corel Colleagues & Contacts Reminders (cffrem.exe); Corel Desktop Application Director (dadx.exe); Corel Family & Friends reminders (CFFREM.EXE); Corel Photo Downloader (MediaDetect.exe); Corel Registration (Remind32.exe); Corel Registration Reminder (Remind32.exe); Corel Reminder (NAVBROWSER.EXE); Corel Reminder (NAVBrowser.exe); CorelCENTRAL 10 (I_26dadCC.exe); CorelDraw Toolbox (CorelDraw.exe); CorelMedia FoldersIndexer8 (MFindexer.exe); CorelMedia FoldersIndexer8 (MFINDE~1.EXE); CoreSrv (coresrv.exe); CORESYS (coresys.exe); CorrectConnect (CConnect.exe); cosine (cosine.exe); CostAware (niIPCApp.exe); Counterstrike Service Agent (czrzns.exe); Country Select (pctptt.exe); CountrySelection (pctptt.exe); Coupon Offers (??); couponica (couponica.exe); CP (CopyProtectionNotifier.exe); CP32NOT (CP32BTN.EXE); CP4HPOT (OneTouch.EXE); CP888M1 (CP888M1.EXE); CPA9P2PSERVER (CPA9P2PS.exe); cpanel (winlogin32.exe); CPATR10 (CPATR10.EXE); CPBrWtch (CPBrWtch.exe); CPD_EXE (CPD.EXE); cpl (deamon.exe); cpl (msgaol.exe); cpl (s_menu.exe); cpl (browse.exe); cpl (msgaol.exe); CplBTQ00 (CplBTQ00.EXE); CPLDBL10 (CPLDBL10.exe); cpntmgc (wincomp.exe); cpntmgc (simcss.exe); cpntmgc (navpmc.exe); cpntmgc (winmgts.exe); CPortPatch (cppatch.exe); CPQAcDc (CPQAcDc.exe); CPQAlert (CPQAlert.exe); CPQBootPerfDB (CPQBootPerfDB.EXE); CPQCalib (CPQCalib.exe); CPQDFWAG (CpqDfwAg.exe); CPQEASYACC (cpqeadm.exe); CPQEASYACC (StartEAK.exe); CPQEASYACC (STARTDRV.exe); cpqeaui (cpqeaui.exe); cpqek (kcpqek.exe); CPQInet Runtime Service (CpqInet.exe); CPQINKAGENT (cpqinkag.exe); cpqns (cpqnpcss.exe); Cpqset (Cpqset.exe); CPQSTUTFIX (stutfix.exe); CPQTEAM (cpqteam.exe); cpr (cpr); cprocsvc (cproc.exe); CPU Manager (cpumgr.exe); CPU Temp Control (wuitgurd.exe); CPU Watcher (rundll32.exe [path] cpu.dll,load); CPU Windows Status (cpustats.exe); CPUcool (Cpucool.exe); CPUMon (CPUMon.exe); Cpusave (Cpusave.exe); Cpusave32 (Cpusave32.exe); CPVHOST Settings (cpvhost.exe); cpyt (hidep.exe); cqlyg (world_cup_.bat); CQSCP2P SERVER (??); CQSCP2PS (??); Cr**.exe [* = random char] (Cr**.exe [* = random char]); Cr**.exe [* = random char] (Cr**.exe [* = random char]); Cr**32.exe [* = random char] (Cr**32.exe [* = random char]); cracked_windows1 (cracked_windows1.exe); CrazyTalk Serve (rundll32.exe CrazyTalk.dll, DIIServeMediaFile); CRBroadCasting (CRBroadCasting.exe); CRC Value Verifier (crsss32.exe); CRC Value Verifier (Crsss64.exe); CRC Value Verifier (svchost32.exe); CRC Value Verifier (crsss.exe); Crc32stats Dependencies (Crc32stats.exe); CRCSS (crcss.exe); Creata Mail (JMSrvr.exe); Create A Monster (createAMonster.exe); CreateCD (Createcd.exe); CreateCD50 (Createcd50.exe); Creative AGP Wizard (agpwiz.exe); Creative Audio Drivers (creative.exe); Creative Detector (CTDetect.exe); Creative Launcher (CTLauncher.exe); Creative Live! Cam Manager (CTLCMgr.exe); Creative MediaSource Go (CTCMSGo.exe); Creative PCI Audio Configuration Utility (starter.exe); Creative Service for CDROM Access (Ctsvccda.exe); Creative WebCam Tray (Camtray.exe); Creative.exe (Creative.exe); CreativeDiscNotifier (CTNOTIFY.EXE); CreativeMixer (CTMIX32.EXE); CreativeTaskScheduler (CTSched.exe); Critical Update Check (battlenet.exe); CriticalUpdate (Wucrtupd.exe); CriticalUpdate (wucrtupd.exe); crmssrlt ([random filename]); Crnsava (scrnsave.pif); cronos (MARCO!.SCR); CrossMenu (CrossMenu); CRP386 Networking (crp386.exe); crs (crs.exe); CRSSXP SysInfo (crssxp.exe); Crusty (dmcpl.exe); cryptdlg (cryptdlg.exe); cryptoexpert (cexpert.exe); Cryptographic Service (******.exe [* = random char]); Crystal 3D Audio Control (CWD3DSND.EXE); csaRem (spqmdmui.exe); CSAV_CheckViruses (vchk.exe); csc (csc.exe); CSCRS Value (cscrs.exe); CSCRS Value Check (MsPMSPSd.exe); CSINJECT.EXE (CSINJECT.EXE); csm Win Updates (csm.exe); csoftok (softok.exe); csos (csos.exe); csrs (csrs.exe); csrsc (csrsc.exe); CSRSS (CSRSS.EXE); Csrss (csrss.exe); csrss (csrss.exe); csrss (csrss.exe); csrss (msmsgs.exe); csrss (nwiz.exe); csrss (csrss.exe); Csrss (CSRSS.EXE); CSRSS Loader (csrsss.exe); csrss.exe (csrss.exe); csrssLevel4 (csrss.exe); CSRSSU (CSRSSU.exe); CSRSSW (CSRSSW.EXE); CSRSWIN ([trojan filename]); CSRSX ([trojan filename]); CSS Server (CSSServer.exe); cssauth (cssauth.exe); CSScheduleCheck (SCHWIZEX.EXE); cssrs (cssrs.exe); csss (Csss.exe); CSS_Central (CSS_1631.EXE); CSV10P1 (CSP001.exe); CSV10P70 (CSv10P070.exe); CSV7P26 (CSV7P26.exe); CSV7P70 (CSV7P070.exe); CSV7P91 (CSV7P91.exe); csvdea (csvdea.exe); csvhost.exe (csvhost.exe); ct (ct.exe); CT Control Settings (CTSVCCD.EXE); CTAPR2 (CTAPR2.exe); CTAVTray (CTAvTray.exe); CTCMonitor (CTCMonitor.exe); CTDVDDet (CTDVDDet.exe); CTDVDDet (CTDetect.exe); ctflog manager (ctflog.exe); CTFM0N.exe (CTFM0N.exe); ctfmon (ctfmon.exe); ctfmon (taskmgr32*.exe [* = number]); ctfmon (cftmon.exe); ctfmon (mIRC.dll); ctfmon (WinConst.exe); CTFMon (ctfmon.exe); ctfmon (msnmsgr.exe); Ctfmon.exe (ctfmon32.exe); ctfmon.exe (ctfmon.exe); ctfmon.exe (msupdate32.exe); ctfmon.exe (ctfmon.exe); CTFMON32 (CTFMON32.EXE); ctfmon32 ([random filename].exe); CTFMONSS (CTFMONSS.EXE); ctfnom (rundIl32.exe); ctfnom.exe (SVOHOST.exe); ctfnom.exe (OSRSS.exe); CTHELPER (CTHELPER.EXE); CTHelper (cthelper.exe); CTime ([path to trojan]); CTin10 (CTin10.exe); CtModule (CtModule.exe); CTNMRUN (ctnmrun.exe); CTPDPSRV (CTPDPSRV.EXE); CTPerformanceUtility (CTPowUti.exe); ctpmon (ctpmon.exe); CTRegRun (CTRegRun.exe); CtrlVol (CtrlVol.exe); CTSched (CTSched.exe); CTStartup (CTEaxSpl.exe); CTSVolFE (CTSVolFE.exe); CTSVolFE.exe (CTSVolFE.exe); CTSyncU.exe (CTSyncU.exe); CTsysVol (CTSYSVOL.exe); cttdpsrv (cttdpsrv.exe); CTUpdate (ctupdclt.exe); CTxfiHlp (CTXFIHLP.EXE); CTXFIREG (CTxfiReg.exe); Ctykd ([path to file]); CU1 (VCClient.exe); CU2 (VCMain.exe); cuagentExe (Cuagent.exe); CueX44 (Dago.exe); CueX44_stil_here (WINLOGON.EXE); cuo (cuo.exe); Current Security Config (csecure.exe); cursor (Screendragon_VS_Taskbar.exe); CursorXP (CursorXP.exe); Customizer2000 (logon.exe); CuteMX (CuteMX.EXE); cvmonitor.exe (cvmonitor.exe); cvmsyslpd (sdservss.exe); CVPND (cvpnd.exe); CW (cw4.exe); CWatch (cw.exe); cwbckver (cwbckver.exe); cwbinhlp (cwbinhlp.exe); cwbsvstr (cwbsvstr.exe); cwbwlwiz (cwbwlwiz.exe); Cwcdschk.exe (Cwcdschk.exe); cwcptray (cwcptray.exe); cwingllib (atllsimm.exe); cwupdate (cwupdate.exe); CXMon (Hpi_Monitor.exe); Cyber (cyberchk.exe); Cyber Trio (showmode.exe); Cyber-Defender 2003 (uwcdsvr.exe); cyberfree.exe (****.dat [* = random char]); Cyberhawk (CHTray.exe); CyberLat Ram Cleaner (CLRamCleaner.exe); CyberMedia Agent (CMAGENT.EXE); CyberPatrolNew (cphq.exe); CyberWolf (CyberWolf.exe); CyDoor (CD_Load.exe); CydoorUpdate (CD_Load.exe); CYNHKey (CYNHKey.exe); CyphTray (CyphTray.exe); CypressLinkMon (CypressLinkMon.exe); D SYSTEM (dd.exe); D-Link Air USB Utility (AirCFG.exe); D-Link Air Utility (AirCFG.exe); D-Link AirPlus DWL-650+ Utility (WLANMON.exe); D-Link AirPlus G (AirGCFG.exe); D-Link AirPlus G Wireless Utility (AirPlus.exe); D-Link AirPlus XtremeG (AirPlusCFG.exe); D066UUtility (D066UUTY.EXE); D3**.exe [* = random char] (D3**.exe [* = random char]); D3**32.exe [* = random char] (D3**32.exe [* = random char]); d3dupdate.exe (bbeagle.exe); D4 (D4.exe); dabrun (rundll32.exe [path] dabapi.dll, Rundll32); DACONFIGEXE (daconfig.exe); DadApp (dadapp.exe); Daemon (DAEMON32.EXE); Daemon (Daemon.exe); Daemon (daemon.exe c daemon2.exe); DAEMON Tools (daemon.exe); DAEMON Tools Pro Agent (DTProAgent.exe); DAEMON Tools-1033 (Daemon.exe); dago (fault.exe); Daily Planner (dayplan.exe); Daily Weather Forecast (weather.exe); DamedWare Services (dwdrce.exe); DanBtR270414 (DanBtR270414.exe); Dancer (DncLE.exe); Danton* ([random filename]); Dap (DAP.exe); dark (imgst.scr); dark (imgrt.scr); dark (csrs.scr); DarkDevil.Grasiele.BR (Grasiele.VBS); DarKNesS LsasS (LsasS23.exe); DashIE (N/A); daskaskfsak6 (dsfids6.exe); daskgfkkcx15 (dasdsaads15.exe); dasxdads (fsdqd.exe); Data (System.dat.vbs); data (msngs.exe); Data LifeGuard (BACKWE~1.EXE); Data LifeGuard LifeLine Lite installer (DLGLI.EXE); Data Restore Service (prq8.exe); Data789 (Regedit.exe ....data789.tmp); DATABASE MySql ([path] repcale.exe [path] beird.exe); DataCaching (FlashKsk.exe); DataKeeper (DataKeeper.exe); DataLayer (DataLayer.exe); DataViz Inc Messenger (DvzIncMsgr.exe); DataViz Messenger (DvzMsgr.exe); Datcheck (datcheck.exe); Date Manager (datemanager.exe); Datechecker (N/A); DateMakerIntl (DateMakerIntl.exe); DAupdate (DAupdate.exe); DAW9532.exe (DAW9532.EXE); DayToday (DAYTODAY.EXE); DAZEL Delivery Agent (DcDaemon.exe); dbserv (dbserv.exe); dc (dc.exe); dc2k5 (SVIQ.EXE); DC6CW (DC6CW.EXE); DC6_Check (uwasdc.exe); DC6_check (dc6_startupmon.exe); dc6_check (dcmon.exe); DCE Manager (dcemgr.exe); DCfssvc (dcfssvc.exe); dcfssve (dcfssvc.exe); Dcom System Patch (Microsoft.exe); dcsm (dcsm.exe); DDCActiveMenu (DDCActiveMenu.exe); DDCM (DDCMan.exe); DDCMan (DDCMan.exe); ddeproc (ddeproc.exe); ddhelper (W815DM.EXE); DDialler (DDialler.exe); ddivmwa ([random filename]); ddoctorv2 (sprtcmd.exe /P ddoctorv2); DDriver (windrv.exe); DDT (N/A); DDWMon (ddwmon.exe); de32gen (de32gen.exe); DeadAIM (rundll32.exe DeadAIM.ocm, ExportedCheckODLs); DeadKitty (DeadKitty.exe); DealHelperBrwsr (dhbrwsr.exe); DealHelperDown (download.exe); DealHelperUpdate (DHUpdt.exe); Death.exe (Death.exe); Debug (DebugW32.exe); Debugger (dbg32.exe); Debugger (explorer32dbg.exe); Debugger (iexplore_dbg.exe); debugger (help.pif); DebugMonitor (debugmonitor.exe); DeeEnEs (DeeEnEs.exe); deejay (forboo.exe); Default (explore.vbs); Default (mtask.vbe); default (shell32.exe); Default (_default.pif); Default System Research (vhchost.exe); Default web browser (IexpIore.exe); Default_Page_URL (; Default_Search_URL (; defender (defender25.exe); defender (dfndref_7.exe); defergui (defergui.exe); defragm_check (defragment.exe); defragsys (svchost.exe); defwatch (defwatch.exe); Deko550 (Deko550.exe); Delay (delayrun.exe); Delayrun (delayrun.exe); delcab (deltreew.exe C:cabs); Delete Me (worm.exe); DeleteHistoryFree (dhf.exe); Dell AIO Printer A*** (dlbabmgr.exe); Dell AIO Printer A*** (dlbfbmgr.exe); Dell AIO Printer A*** (dlbkbmgr.exe); Dell Alert (DAMon.exe); Dell Photo AIO Printer 922 (dlbtbmgr.exe); Dell Photo AIO Printer 942 (dlbubmgr.exe); Dell Photo AIO Printer 962 (dlbxmon.exe); Dell QuickSet (quickset.exe); Dell Wireless Manager UI (WLTRAY); Dell Wireless Manager UI (wltray.exe); DellDMI (delldmi.exe); DELLMMKB (DELLMMKB.EXE); DellSC (dellsc.exe); DellSupport (DSAgnt.exe); DellSupportCenter (sprtcmd.exe /P DellSupportCenter); DellTouch (MMKeybd.exe); DellTouch (DELLMMKB.EXE); delmsbb (delmsbb.exe); delsaap (delsaap.exe); delstart (delstart.exe); delsubmit (rundll32.exe advpack.dll, DelNodeRunDLL32 submit.exe); DelTmp (DelTemp.exe); DeltTray (deltray.exe); DeluxeCommunications (Dxc.exe); DELXP Protocol (delxp.exe); demon (demon.exe); Deneca (Virus salvado); DepFrez (frzstate.exe); Description of Shortcuts (*.exe); Desire (desires.exe); desk-top-service (desk-top-service.exe); DeskAd Service (DeskAdServ.exe); DeskColor (DESKCOLOR.EXE); Deskflag (Deskflag.exe); DeskMateAutoUpdate (DeskMateAutoUpdate.exe); Desksite CMA (cma.exe); Desktop (rundll32.exe msconfd.dll, Restore ControlPanel); desktop (desktop.exe); Desktop (; desktop (desktop.ini.vbs); Desktop Architect (DATRAY.EXE); Desktop Plant (AZARE10S.PLT); Desktop Search (desktop.exe); Desktop Service Centre (DSC.exe); Desktop Weather (THE WEATHER CHANNEL.exe); Desktop Weather 3 (THE WEATHER CHANNEL.exe); Desktop Weather 3 (THEWEA~1.EXE); desktopmgr (desktopmgr.exe); DesktopUpdate (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll, DllMostrar); DesktopX (DESKTOPX.EXE); deskup (deskup.exe); destroyb11 (destroyb11.exe); detect (idetect.exe); detect (turbodetect.exe); Detector (detector.exe); DevconDefaultDB (READREG); Development Environment (devenv.exe); DEventAgent (eventagt.exe); Device Configuration Loader (msdvc32.exe); Device Detector (DevDetect.exe); Device Detector 2 (DevDtct2.exe); Device Manager (wfxmgr.exe); DeviceDiscovery (hpotdd01.exe); DevicePath (Proyecto1.exe); DevicePath (Root.exe); Devices (olesvr.exe); Devicewin ([path to trojan]); devldr16 (devldr16.exe); devldr16.exe (devldr16.exe); Devlog (??); Devlog (devlog.exe); dfgfdgrergd ([path to trojan]); dfgfdgrergd ([path to trojan]); DGJM (DGJM.exe); dgtstart (dgtstart.exe); dguard (dguard.exe); DHCP (smss.exe); DHCP Server (regsvr.exe); DHCP32 (services.exe); dhcpagnt (dhcpagnt.exe); DHNUXB (DHNUXB.exe); diagent (diagent.exe); Diagnostic (diagnostic.exe); Dial22 (dlm.exe); Dial33 (dlm.exe); Dialer (rundll32.exe msa32chk.dll); Dialer Control (dc.exe); Dialer Detect (dd.exe); Dialgo SDK (PhoneAnswer.exe); DialNet (mxt32.exe); Dialog Box Assistant (OSDEx.exe); Dialog Helper (PDDLGHLP.EXE); DialUp Network Application (Rnaap.exe); Diam prlaer (oqedrhg.exe); Diamondview (Diamondview.exe); DIECOX (csrss.exe); Diesel (Recalculate.exe); DietK (DietK.exe); DigiCell (DigiCell.exe); DigiD (DigitalSound.exe); DigiGuide (CLIENT.EXE); DigiGuide (client01.exe); Digisoft AntiDialer (AntiDialer.exe); DigiSrv (DigiSrv.exe); Digital Dashboard (devgulp.exe); Digital Line Detect (DLG.exe); Digital River eBot (downlo~1.exe); DigitalNames (DigitalNamesStart.exe); DigitalWizard (ISWizard.exe); DigitalWizard Monitor (dwMon.exe); DIGServices (DIGServices); DIGStream (digstream.exe); Dimension (Dimension.exe); Dimension4 (d4.exe); Dino3 (dino3.exe); Dinst (dinst.exe); Dir1 (caKe); Direct settings (sdchost.exe); Direct Update (DUControl.exe); Direct X Direct3D (dxd3d.exe); Direct X Opengl (dxopengl.exe); direct3d.exe (direct3d.exe); DirectCD (DirectCD.exe); Directory Opus Desktop Dblclk (dopusrt.exe); directs.exe (directs.exe); DIRECTVDSL (Directvdsl.exe); DirectX (ddhelp32.exe); directx (Directx.exe); directx (Sqlexploit.exe); DirectX (DirectX.exe); directx (NTCmd.exe); directx (PipeCmd.exe); DirectX 32 (directx32.exe); DirectX For Microsoft Windows (dtxservice.exe); DirectX for Microsoft Windows (Fservice.exe); DirectX for Microsoft Windows (Sservice.exe); DirectX For Microsoft Windows (fservice.exe); DirectX shell driver ([path to trojan]); DirectX Video Driver (dxterm5.exe); DirectX64 (DirectXset.exe); DirectX9 Diag (dx9diag.exe); Dirkey (Dirkey.exe); Disable EHCI (nousb20.exe); Disc Detector (CtNotify.exe); disc detector (qnetquestnotifty.exe); discoveg (discoveg.exe); DISCover (DISCover.exe); DiscoverDeskshop (Deskshop.exe); DiscUpdateManager (DiscUpdMgr.exe); Disk Keeper ([path to trojan]); Disk Keeper (SECURITY.EXE); Disk Manager (diskver.exe); Disk Master ([trojan name]); DiskCheck (msdarkend.exe); DiskeeperSystray (DkIcon.exe); diskinf (diskinf.exe); DISKMON.EXE (DISKMON.EXE); Disknag (disknag.exe); Diskstart (Code.exe); Diskstart (cat.exe); Diskstart (hit.exe); Diskstart (Snt.exe); Disk_Monitor (Disk_Monitor.exe); Dispatcher (dispatcher.exe); display (The_Eye.exe); Display Drivers (cssrs.exe); Display Settings (hptasks.exe); DisplayTrayIcon (TrayIcon.exe); Disspy (disspy.exe); Distiller Assistant 3.01 (DISTASST.EXE); Distributed File System (Dfsvc.exe); Distributed File System (kernel32dll.exe); Distributed File System (blade.exe); Distributed File System (win.exe); client (DNETC.EXE); Dit (dit.exe); Dit (dit.exe); DiTask.exe (DiTask.exe); Divamon.exe (Divamon.exe); divx (divxenc.exe); Divx (codll.exe); DivX MediaPlayer 7.0 (Dr.DivX.exe); DivX Player (DivXPlayer.exe); DivX Updater (DivX.Exe); DIVX Video Player (DIVXPloyer.exe); Divx4 codec (devldr32.exe); DJREGFIX (regedit /s c:hpdjregfix.reg); DJSNetCN (DJSNetCN.exe); djtopr1150.exe (djtopr1150.exe); dKernel (dKernel.exe); DkService (DkService.exe); DKTime (dktime.exe); Dkware lptt01 (dkware.exe); Dkware ml097e (dkware.exe); dkzzixm (dkzzixm.exe); dla (tfswctrl.exe); DLA (DLACTRLW.EXE); DlaTray (Dlatray.exe); dlbcserv (dlbcserv.exe); DLBUCATS (rundll32 [path] DLBUtime.dll, _RunDLLEntry@16); DLCCCATS (rundll32 [path] DLCCtime.dll, _RunDLLEntry@16); dlccmon.exe (dlccmon.exe); DLCDCATS (rundll32 [path] DLCDtime.dll, _RunDLLEntry@16); dlcdmon.exe (dlcdmon.exe); DLCFCATS (rundll32 [path] DLCFtime.dll, _RunDLLEntry@16); dlcgmon.exe (dlcgmon.exe); dlcipscl (dcpavss.exe); DLCJCATS (rundll32 [path] DLCJtime.dll, _RunDLLEntry@16); dlcjmon.exe (dlcjmon.exe); DLCXCATS (rundll32 [path] DLCXtime.dll, _RunDLLEntry@16); dlcxmon.exe (dlcxmon.exe); dlder (dlder.exe); DlDir1 (caKe); DLForcerExe (DLForcerEXE.exe); DLF_00000B00 (Vcdlf.exe); DLG (DLGCHBW.exe); DLHelperEXE (WATCH.exe); DLHelperEXE.exe (N/A); dlhost (dlhost.exe); DLINK dfe drivers for Windows NT (windfe.exe); DLink System Tray (dlnetst.exe); Dlite (dllmanager.exe); Dll Boot Loader on Startup (do not remove this) ([various filenames]); Dll Link (svchoist.exe); Dll Link (svchost.exe); DLL Manager (dllmngr32.exe); DLL Service Manager ([path to worm]); dll services ([random filename].exe); DLL32 (dllmem32.exe); DLL32 (dllhost.dll); DllCacherv2 (dllcachev2.exe); dllcvss ([random filename]); dlldmt (dlldmt.exe); DllExecutable ([path to file]); dllhelp (dllhelp.exe); dllhelp (dllhlp.exe); DLLHost (dllhst.exe); dllhostxp.exe (dllhostxp.exe); DllLoader (lssas.exe); Dlload (killer.exe); dllreg (dllreg.exe); DLLService32 (dllsvc32.exe); DLM.exe (DLM.exe); dlmMgr (AdobeDownloadManager.exe); DLPSP (DLPSP.EXE); dlsp2mx (dlsp2mx.exe); DLT (dlt.exe); dluca (dluca.exe); dluca (dluca.exe); dluxde (dluxde.exe); Dluxjp (cnfrm.exe); Dm Hr (lpns.exe); DM mgr (dm_mgr.exe); dm***.exe [* = random char] (dm***.exe [* = random char]); DMAScheduler (DMAScheduler.exe); DMC (dmc.exe); DMHotKey (DMLoader.exe); DMILDR (dmildr.exe); DMISL (DMISL.EXE); DMISLAPP (DMISLAPP.exe); dmjay (dmjay.exe); dmloader (dmloader.exe); Dmsvc32 (Dmsvc32.exe); dmtdll (dmtdll.exe); DmwClient (dmwclient.exe); DMXLauncher (DMXLauncher.exe); dm[3 random letters].exe (dm[3 random letters].exe); DM_server (dmserver.exe); dm_service ([path to file]); dnam (d140113.a.Stub.EXE); Dnar (Dnar.exe); DNE Binding Watchdog (rundll dnes.dll, DnDneCheckBindings); DNE DUN Watchdog (rundll dnes.dll, DnDneCheckDUN13); DNHelper32 (DNHlp32.exe); DNS (mc-58-12-0000080.exe); DNS (mc-58-12-0000093.exe); DNS (mc-110-12-0000079.exe); DNS (mc-58-12-0000120.exe); DNS (mc-58-12-0000140.exe); DNS ([worm filename]); Dns Resolver (dnsrslve.exe); DNS Service (dnsresolver.exe); DNS Service (dnssvc.exe); DNS2GoClient (dns2goclient.exe); DNS7reminder (Ereg.exe Ereg.ini); DNSCacheBoost (dnsping.exe); dnscleaner (dnscleaner.exe); dnse (dnse.exe); DNXVC (dnxvc.exe); DocTor (Doctor.exe); DocuMagix Init (PWATCH.EXE); Document Manager (docmgr.exe); Doggy Style (MsPMSPSd.exe); DOGStart (GSDOGST.EXE); Doing (doing.exe); doit.exe (doit.exe); Domain Name Resolve Service (dnsresolver.exe); Don't Panic (dontpanicdemodp.exe); Don't Panic Pop-Up Stopper (dpps2.exe); Don't Panic! (DP.EXE); Dopus (dopus.exe); dos (dos64.exe); Dos Prompt Loader (cygwin.exe); Dosbat (??); DoubleDesktop (dd.exe); DoUWantIt (duwi.exe); Dowmingzu (Dowmingzu.dll.vbs); down (hlp32.exe); down ([trojan filename]); Down2Home (Down2Home.exe); Download Accelerator Manager Free Edition (dam.exe); Download Accelerator Plus 5.0 (DAP.exe); Download Plus (DownloadPlus.exe); Download Wonder (DownloadWonder.exe); DownloadAccelerator (DAP.EXE); DownloadLegalMusic (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll, DllMostrar); DownloadWare (dw.exe); DownloadWare Engine (Dwe.exe); Downxz (Downxz.bat); DPAgnt (DPAgnt.exe); DPAS (DPASNT.exe); DPASUpdate (DPASAutUpdate.exe); DPASUpdate (DPASAutoUpdate.exe); Dpcnav (dpcnav.exe); DPConfig (DPConfig.exe); dpcproxy (dpcproxy.exe); DPCProxyLoadOnStartup (dpcstart.exe); Dpcstart (dpcstart.exe); dpi (dpi.exe); dpnsvr32 (dpnsvr32.exe); dpps2 (dpps2.exe); dps (dps.exe); dptracker (dptracker.exe); DpUtil (TEDTray.exe); Drag'n'Drop_Autolaunch (Autolaunch.exe); DragDrop (DragDrop.exe); DragnDrop_Autolaunch (Autolaunch.exe); DRam Monitor 23 (tskman3.exe); DRam prmaessor ([random filename]); DRam prosesor ([random filename]); DRam prosessor ([random filename]); DRam prosessor (plscd.exe); DRam prosessor (HWAPI.exe); DRam rar proc (winupdaterar.exe); DRam rare proc (updaterarwin.exe); DRan posessor (DAP.exe); DrCache (MSTDC.EXE); dreams (server.exe); DrefIW (SysDrefIWv2.exe); DrefIW (SysDref.exe); dregfix (ph_finder.exe); DrgToDsc (DrgToDsc.exe); dried.exe (dried.exe); DriveCleaner 2006 Free (UDC2006.exe); DriveCleaner Free (UDC.exe); DriveIcons (DriveIcon.exe); DriveLED (OODLed.exe); Driver (gbot.exe); Driver32 (Scam32.exe); DriverCheck (svchost.exe); DriverDB (svcmdx32.exe); DriverLoad (svchost.exe); DriverMagicLogon (dmschedule.exe); DriverModule (csrnvrt.exe); DriverPath (system32.exe); Drivers for Internet Explorer (accesweb.exe); DriveSelect (driveselect.exe); drkly16j (rundll32.exe drkly16j.dll, ServiceCheck); dRMON SmartAgent (SmartAgt.exe); drmu (W95Mm.exe); drocher (d.exe); DropSpam Lifestyle (dslifestyle.exe); drvddll.exe (drvddll.exe); Drvddll_exe (drvddll.exe); DrvListnr (DrvListnr.exe); drvlsnr (drvlsnr.exe); DrvMon.exe (DrvMon.exe); drvnetw (drvnetw.exe); drvr32h (drvr32h.exe); drvrmanager (drvrquery32.exe); drvsys.exe (drvsys.exe); drvsyskit (hidr.exe); drvupd (rundll32 ..drvupd.inf); drv_st_key (hidn.exe); DrWatson (drwatson_.exe); DrWatson (drwatson_32.exe); DrWeb Antivirus (DRWEBAV.EXE); Drwebscheduler (Drwebscd.exe); DR_S (DR_S.exe); ds (ds.exe); DS Clock (dsclock.exe); dsa (dsa.exe); DSAcass ([path to file]); dsadlsa14 (dsakfsak14.exe); DSB (DSB.exe); dsd (zz.exe); DSentry (DSentry.exe); Dsi (dp-******.exe); Dsi (dp-him.exe); Dskcompat (Dskcompat.exe); DSKEY (DsKey.exe); DSKEY ([path to trojan]); DSL Monitor (spdstrm.exe); DSLagentexe (DSLagent.exe); dslmon (dslmon.exe); DSLSTATEXE (dslstat.exe); DsmSer (dsm.exe); DsmSer (msmpatch.exe); DsmSer (svosm.exe); DsmSer (sysup.exe); DsplObjects (windspl.exe); DSS (dssagent.exe); DSS ([path to trojan]); DSService (dmrss.exe); DSSSGENS (dssagens.exe); dstiosys (plsitctl.exe); DSystemDriver (windrv.exe); DU Meter (DUMETER.EXE); DualCoreCenter (StartUpDualCoreCenter.exe); duck (duck.exe); Dulux WeatherShield WeatherDesk (weather.exe); Dumeter Services (dumeter.exe); dumprep 0 -k (dumprep 0 -k); dumprep 0 -u (dumprep 0 -u); DUN_SERVICES3 (dun3.exe); Duweculey (yujixit.exe); dvd43 (DVD43_Tray.exe); DVD43 (DVD43.exe); dvd98 (windvd98.exe); DVDBitSet (DVDBitSet.exe); DVDCheck (DVDCheck.exe); Dvdcompat (Dvdcompat.exe); DVDLauncher (DVDLauncher.exe); DVDSentry (DSentry.exe); DVDTray (DVDTray.exe); DVDUpgrade (DVDUpgrd.exe); DVDXGhost (DVDGhost.EXE); dvHighMem (cfgmng32.exe); Dvp95 (Dvp95.exe); dvpapi9x (DVPAPI9X.exe); DvpInitExe (Dvpinit.exe); dvprpt (Dvprpt.exe); dvraudio (dvraudio.exe); dvsfss (fbsfsdrs.exe); DVSync (dvsync.exe); Dvx (wsxsvc.exe); dw (dw.exe); DW4 (Weather.exe); DW4 (DesktopWeather.exe); DWHeartbeatMonitor (DWHeartbeatMonitor.exe); DwlClient (support.exe); DWQueuedReporting (dwtrig20.exe); dwStart (FireWall.exe); Dx (sys*.exe [* = random number]); Dx8compat (Dx8compat.exe); dxdiags.exe (dxdiags.exe); DxDialog (dxdlg32.exe); dxdll32 (ntxdll.exe); DXDllRegExe (dxdllreg.exe); DxLoad (DX3DRndr.exe); DXM6Patch_981116 (p_981116.exe); dxmsrv (dxmsrv.exe); Dxsty (Dxsty.exe); Dxupdate.exe (Dxupdate.exe); dxvid (dxvid.exe); DyFuCA (optimize.exe); DyFuCA Active Alert (actalert.exe); Dynamic DHCP (dydhcp.exe); Dynamic Dns Binary (dynitora.exe); Dynamic Dns Binary (CMD16.EXE); Dynamic Dns Binary (winxp34.exe); Dynamic Dns Binary (WinHelpcfn.exe); Dynamic Link Library loader (Loader32.exe); DynDNS Updater (DynDNS.exe); DynDNS-Updater Traytool (ddutray.exe); DynHttp Dns Binary (dynizari.exe); DynSite (DynSite.exe); Dynu Basic Client (dynubas.exe); DZKillMe (DZSAVEME.EXE); D_V_T (dvt.exe); D_V_T (dvt.exe);