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N2PTray (Net2fone.exe); NADaemon (NADAEMON.EXE); Naggerrunkey (nagger.exe); Naimagent_service (EPOAgentnaimas32.exe); Naimagent_UI (EPOAgentnaimag32.exe); Naimagent_UI (naimag32.exe); Name (Iexplorer0.exe); Name Server (mswins.exe); NAMEDPIPE SYSTEM (namedpipe.exe); nano (svchost.exe); NAP32 (NAP32.exe); Narrator (******.exe [* = random char]); Narrator (Narrator.exe); Natal (Natal.scr); NAV (RuxDLL32.exe); NAV Agent (navapw32.exe); nAv AGENT (N/A); NAV Agent (systems.exe); NAV Agent (winsnav.vbs); NAV Agent (wmilib32.exe); NAV Auto Prot (navprot1.exe); NAV Auto Protect (msfwe1.exe); NAV Auto Protect (navprotect.exe); NAV Auto Protect (dnsserv.exe); NAV Auto Protect (mcafee32.exe); NAV Auto Update (Navautoupdate.exe); NAV Auto Updates (csrssp.exe); NAV Auto Updates (navwindows.exe); NAV Auto Updates (slserves.exe); NAV Auto Updates (navupdaters.exe); NAV Auto Updates (navupdaterx.exe); NAV CfgWiz (cfgwiz.exe); NAV Configuration Wizard (cfgwiz.exe); NAV DefAlert (DefAlert.exe); NAV Live Update ([path to worm]); NAV Scan Service (NAVSCAN32.EXE); NavAgent32 (lasvr32.exe); NavAgent32 (SCardSvr32.Exe); navapp (navapp.exe); navapw32 (navapw32.exe); NAVCheck (navchk.exe); NAVCheck (shman.exe); Naviscope (naviscope.exe); NaviSearch (nls.exe); NavLoad (NAVBrowser.exe); navman_20 (sysnav32.exe); NAVMD25 (UpdtNv28.exe); NAVNet (***.tmp [* = random digit]); navp.exe (navp.exe); NavPass (NavPass.exe); NavScan ([filename]); NAVSCAN32.EXE (NAVSCAN32.exe); NAVSCANNER32 (NAVSCANNER32.EXE); NAVUpd (rundll32.exe navupd.dll, Startup); NAVWatch (NAVWatcher.exe); NAV_Update (NAV_Update.exe); nawadll32 (nawadll32.exe); nawdll32 (nawdll32.exe); NB Common Dialog Enhancements (COMDLGEX.EXE); NB Start Menu (STARTM.EXE); NB Windows Patterns (WINDBKGND.EXE); NBJ (NBJ.exe); NbkCtrl (NbkCtrl.exe); NBKeyScan (NBKeyScan.exe); NBT System alias ([path] repcale.exe [path] beird.exe); nbustrce1D (nbustrce1D.exe); NC1565 (winntsrv -l -p10001 -d -e cmd.exe -L); Ncao (osoa.exe); Ncao (urpo.exe); NCClient (N/A); NCD (ncd.exe); NCLAUNCH (NCLAUNCH.exe); nClient (cnen.exe); NCS_SS (Csinsm32.exe); NDAv (csnss.exe); NDAv (svhost.exe); NDDEAGNT (NDDEAGNT.EXE); NDIS Adapter (ndis.exe); NDIS Adapter (windows.exe); NDIS Adapter (lsass2.exe); NDIS Adapter (servenxpp.exe); ndlhosta (uiremsyl.exe); Ndpldaemon ([path to trojan]); NDplDeamon (nstask32.exe); NDplDeamon (winlogin.exe); NDPS (DPMW32.EXE); NDrv (NDrv.exe); NDSTray (NDSTray.exe); NDSTray.exe (NDSTray.exe); Ndtstat (Ndtstat.exe); Necbar (Necbar.exe); NECMFK (necmfk.exe); Necutray (Necutray.exe); neqprvfy.exe (neqprvfy.exe); Nero (shch.exe); Nero Checker (nerocheck.exe); Nero DriveSpeed (DRIVESPEED.EXE); Nero PhotoShow Media Manager (mssysmgr.exe); Nero Updater.6.12 (wmp9.exe); (***.exe [*** = 2 to 3 digits]); NeroAutoStartClient (NeroASM.exe); NeroCheck (nerocheck.exe); NeroCheck (regedit.exe); NeroFil (NeroFil.EXE); NeroFilterCheck (NeroCheck.exe); NeroHomeFirstStart (NMFirstStart.exe); NeroLoader (NeroLoader.exe); NeroNETTrayIcon (NNServiceCtrl.exe); NeroUpdater6.8 (winjava.exe); Net (WINREG.EXE); Net Accelerator (NetAccelerator.exe); Net Activity Diagram (nad.exe); NET Bios Stats (ntbstats.exe); Net Command Senter (nvscvse.exe); NET DEMON (ndemon.exe); Net iD (iid.exe); Net**.exe [* = random char] (Net**.exe [* = random char]); Net**32.exe [* = random char] (Net**32.exe [* = random char]); Net-It Launcher (NILaunch.exe); net32 (svhost.exe); NetAccelerator (NetAccel.exe); NetAdm7 (NETADM7.EXE); Netapi (Netapi.exe); netapi32 (netapi32.exe); NetApp (winserv.exe); Netbeans (netbeans.exe); Netbios Helper (nbthlp.exe); NetBiosSrvc (HPSrvPrt.exe); netconfig (netconfig.exe); NetCruiser Dialer (NCDialer.exe); netdaemon (netdaemon /v); netdll32 (netdll32.exe); netdllex (netdllex.Exe); NetDy (VisualGuard.exe); NETFP32.EXE (NETFP32.EXE); netfxupdate (netfxupdate.exe); NetFxUpdate_v1.0.3705 (netfxupdate.exe); NETGEAR WG111T Smart Wizard (wlan111t.exe); NetGuard (NetGuard.exe); nethost.exe ([path to file]); Netlimiter (Netlimiter.exe); Netline User (netchk.exe); NetLink (netlink32.exe); NetLogon (userint.exe); NetManageImport (nmcpdata.exe); NetManagerService (ntss.exe); NetMeter (NetMeter.exe); NetMeter (NielsenOnline.exe); NetMon (netmon.exe); Netmonw (Netmonw.exe); netmsg (netmsg.exe); NetOnHold (FTNOHMgr.EXE); NetPanel (Starter.exe); NetPatrol (winclient.exe); netpc32.exe (netpc32.exe); NetPerSec (NetPerSec.exe); NetPumper (NetPumperIEProxy.exe); NetReach (nrcheck.exe); Netropa Internet Receiver (Netropa.exe); NetRun (NetRun.exe); Netscape Messenger (NETSCAPE.EXE); Netscp6 (Netscp6.exe); NetScreen-Remote (SafeCfg.exe); NetService (ntsvc.exe); netservices (recall.exe); netservices (svchostn.exe); NETServices (csxrs.exe); NetShow Powerpoint Helper (NSPPTHLP.EXE); NetStart (svchost.exe); NetStat Live (Nsl.exe); netsv32 (netsv32.exe); NettGain2000 (WgwMngr.exe); NettGain2000 Verifier (NettGain2000 Verifier.exe); NetTime (NETTIME.EXE); NetTurbo (netturbo.exe); Netunit32 (wunit32.exe); netupdate32 (netupdate32.exe); NETVISIONAdulti ([random filename]); NETVISIONPasse-partout (Passe-partout.exe); NetWatch32 (netwatch.exe); Netword Agent (nwant33.exe); NetWork (csrs.exe); Network Access (winssh.exe); Network Administration (NAS.exe); Network Administration Service (rsvc32.exe); Network Associates Error Reporting Service (TBMon.exe); Network Connections (internat.exe); network device driver (msfirewall.exe); NetWork Device Switch (NetDevSW.exe); Network Host Controller ([path to trojan]); Network Host Service (msmnart32.exe); Network Host Service ([random]32.exe); Network Protocol Service (wuamgrd.exe); Network protocol service (wintcp.exe); Network Provisioning Service (WinNPS.exe); Network Security (secsvc.exe); Network Security (NSecurity.exe); Network Security Guard (**********.exe [* = random char]); Network Security Guard ([path to trojan]); Network Service (svchost.exe); Network Service (svhost.exe); Network Service (MccTrayApp.exe); Network Service Manager (netsvc.exe); Network Service Manager (netsvc.exe); NetworkAssociates Inc (internet.exe); NetworkClient (NetworkClient.exe); NetworkKey (netkey.exe); Networks Configurator (NetConfs.exe); Networks Controler (Netsis.exe); NetworkSetup (dlink.exe); Netzip Smart Downloader (npnzdad.exe); NetZIPFolders (nzfprop.exe); NeuroMedia(IESpeaker) (NeuroMedia.exe); NeuroSpeech OESpeaker (OEMonitor.exe); New Csnm Manager (csmn.exe); (rundll32.exe NewDotNetStartup Newdot~2.exe); Startup (rundll32 [path], NewDotNetStartup -s); NEWDOT~1 (rundll32.exe NewDotNetStartup Newdot~2.exe); Newman (playavi.exe); newname ([path to trojan]); News Service (ispnews.exe); Newsalrt (NEWSALRT.EXE); Newsgroup lptt01 (newsgroup.exe); Newsgroup ml097e (newsgroup.exe); NewsUpd (newsupd.exe); NewtonKnowsUpd (NewtKnow.exe ...NewtnUpd.dll, runkey); Nex (nex.exe); NexusServer (PNXSERVR.exe); NFM Service (NPDOR9x.exe); Nfo (nfomon.exe); nForce Tray Options (sstray.exe); NGClient (ngctw32.exe); ngpw36 (ngpw36.exe); NGServer (ngserver.exe); NI.UERSM_0001_N68M1602 (UERSM_0001_N68M1602NetInstaller.exe); NI.UGDC_0002_N108M1007 (installer_en.exe); NI.UGES_0001_N108M2006 (setup_en.exe); NI.UWA6P_0001_N56M1001 (WinAntiVirusPro2006Installer.exe); NI.UWA6P_0001_N69M0303 (WinAntiVirusPro2006Installer[1].exe); NI.UWA6P_0001_N73M1004 (WinAntiVirusPro2006FreeInstall.exe); NI.UWA6P_0001_N91M1807 (winantiviruspro2006freeinstall[1].exe); NI.UWA7P_0001_N91M0809 (winantiviruspro2007freeinstall[1].exe); NI.UWAS5LP_0001_0811 (UWAS5LP_0001_0811NetInstaller.exe); NI.UWAS6_0001_N68M2301 (UWAS6_0001_N68M2301NetInstaller.exe); NI.UWFX5 (UWFX5NetInstaller.exe); NI.UWFX5T (UWFX5TNetInstaller.exe); NI.UWFX5[various] ([various filenames]); NiceDownloads (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll, DllMostrar); Nielsen NetRatings (insight.exe); NIHomeAM (LiteClientAM.exe); nikLaus (nikLaus.exe); NInit (NInit.exe); NiroFile Updated (NiroFile.exe); nisserv (NISSERV.EXE); Nisum (NISUM.EXE); niSvcLoc (niSvcLoc.exe); NJG40 (NJG40.EXE); NkbMonitor (NkbMonitor.exe); NkvMon.exe (NkvMon.exe); NkVwMon.exe (NkVwMon.exe); NliaClient (Netpia.exe); NLS Keyboard (keyboard.exe); NLS Monitor (nlsmon.exe); nmapp (nmapp.exe); NMBgMonitor (NMBgMonitor.exe); NMFirstStart (NMFirstStart.exe); nmgr (nnmgr.exe); NMSSupport (IntelHCTAgent.exe); NMSSvc (NMSSVC.EXE); NMSVC (nmSvc.exe); nMTaskBarService (nMtsk.exe); NNLL (nnll.exe); nnqcouu (nnqcouu.exe); NNSvc (nnsvc.exe); No Credit Card (plugin-[random].exe); No-IP DUC (DUC20.exe); NoAds (NoAds.exe); NoAdware (NoAdware.exe); NoAdware3 (NoAdware3.exe); NoAdware4 (NoAdware4.exe); Nocana ([path to worm]); Nod23 Service (nod23.exe); NOD32 FiX (regedt32.exe); Nod32 Free antivirus (nod32krn.exe); Nod32 Service (nod64.exe); Nod32 Service (alserv32.exe); Nod32CC (nod32cc.exe); NOD32kernel (Nod32krn.exe); nod32kui (nod32kui.exe); NOD32POP3 (Pop3scan.exe); Nod3d2 Free antivirus (N0D32KRN.EXE); NodeMnger (Nodemngr.exe); nodriver (AUEKXRZ.EXE); NOFIIN.EXE (NOFIIN.EXE); Noha (aasd.exe); Nokia Check (nokiacheck.exe); Nokia Connection Monitor (NclConf.exe); Nokia Tray Application (NclTray.exe); NOMAD Detector (ctnmrun.exe); NomdCheck (nomdchek.exe); nomtray (nomtray.exe); NoooH (sys.exe); Nord (nordsys.exe); Norman ZANDA (ZLH.EXE); NortE Antivirus (norte.exe); NortE Antivirus (norten.exe); norten Software Intrenet (norten.pif); Norton Antiviral Scanner (navscnr.exe); Norton Antivirus (nortonav.exe); Norton Antivirus 2004 (SYMANTECAV2.EXE); Norton Antivirus 7.0a ([path to file]); Norton Antivirus AV (FVProtect.exe); Norton AntiVirus Sys (NAVsys32.exe); Norton Antivirus Updater (nortonav.exe); Norton Auto Protect (nava.exe); Norton Auto Protect (crss32.exe); Norton Auto-Protect (navapw32.exe); Norton Auto-Protect (ccApp.exe); Norton Auto-Protect (SERVICES.exe); Norton AV Preload (Premend.exe); Norton AV Protection Startup (Ati2xxx.exe); Norton Crashguard Monitor (cgmenu.exe); Norton Disk Doctor (Ndd32.exe); Norton Drive Protection (msdt32.exe); Norton eMail Protect (POPROXY.EXE); Norton Firewall ([path to trojan]); Norton Ghost 10.0 (GhostTray.exe); Norton Ghost 9.0 (GhostTray.exe); Norton Guard 32 (ntguard32.exe); Norton Live Update Server (cpsdv.exe); Norton Live Updater (Cavapsvc.exe); Norton Live Updater (Sochost.exe); Norton Navigator Loader (nnloader.exe); Norton Personal Firewall (jah.exe); Norton Personal Firewall (npfw.exe); Norton Personal Firewall (lah.exe); Norton Personal Firewall (npfw32.exe); Norton Personal Firewall (IntroWiz.exe); Norton Program Scheduler (nsched32.exe); Norton Program Scheduler (NPSsvc.exe); Norton Program Scheduler Event Checker (npscheck.exe); Norton Protect (npprotect.exe); Norton protect (nvsvc.exe); Norton Protect Activies (csrss.exe); Norton Service Driver (wsul.exe); Norton Service Process (navapvc.exe); Norton SpySweeper AutoUpdate (navsw.exe); Norton System (csrs.scr); Norton System Doctor (Sysdoc32.exe); Norton SystemWorks (cfgwiz.exe); Norton Update (ccUpdate.exe); Norton Update (winsvc.exe); Norton Update (cUpdate.exe); Norton updated (NVSV32.EXE); Norton Updater (winset.exe); Norton Updater (lsa.exe); Norton Updater (NortonUpdate.exe); Norton Updater (ccUpdate.exe); Norton Updater (navupdtr.exe); Norton Wizzard (nwiz.exe); norton32 (norton32.exe); NortonAntivirus (LSASS.exe); NortonAV (norton_antivirus.exe); nortonav (CCUPD32.EXE); nortonp (nortonp.exe); Nortons AV SYSTEM (scvchost.exe); Nortons AVS Systems (arse.exe); nortonsantivirus (ccEvtMngr.exe); NortonVPlus (svchost.exe); Notebook Maximizer (maximizer_startup.exe); NotebookHardwareControl (nhc.exe); NotebookManager (nbm.exe); NOTEPAD (NOTEPAD.exe); NotePad ([worm filename]); Notepad (ntoepad.exe); Notepad lptt01 (notepad.exe); Notepad ml097e (notepad.exe); notepad.exe (upx.exe); notepad.exe (msmsgs.exe); notepad.exe (msmsgs.exe); notepad.exe (msmsgs.exe); notepad2.exe (popuper.exe); notes (notepaad.exe); NoticeP.exe (NoticeP.exe); Notification Utility (altpayV2.exe); Notn (Eber.exe); Notn (wtta.exe); NovaBackup * Tray Control (NbkCtrl.exe); NovaPortal Single User Service (NPSU.exe); NovastorSchedulerd (SCHENGD.EXE); novsvida.exe (novsvida.exe); NOYPI_KANG_ASTIG (Exit to DosPrompt.pif); np (upnp.exe); NPF Value (NPFMONTR.exe); NPFMonitor (NPFMntor.exe); npkmnc (npkmnc.exe); NPROTECT (nprotect.exe); NPS Event Checker (npscheck.exe); NS (ns.exe); NSCheck (NSCHECK.EXE); nscntrl (nscntrl.exe); nsdcmd services (nsdcmdav.exe); nsdcmd vid process (nsdcmdwin.exe); nsdlua (nsdlua.exe); nsdriver (nssys32.exe); nse (nse.exe); Nsengine (Nsengine.exe); NSHelper (aexnsinstallhelper.exe); NSRKey (NSRTray.exe); nssysconf ([random filename]); nstat (netstat.exe); NSupdate (NSupdate.exe); Nsv (nsvsvc.exe); nsvcin (n20050308.exe); Nsvdr (nsvdr.exe); nsys (nsys.exe); nsys32 (nsys32.exe); NSystemMonitor (Symmon.exe); NT Kernel Patch (ntkrnlpt.exe); NT LM Security Support Provider (WinNTLM.exe); NT Logging Service (Syslog32.exe); NT MICROSOFT SVCD (ntvsvcd.exe); NT security (; NT Service (NTOKSRNL.EXE); NT Services (ntsvc.exe); Nt System Protocol (ntsystem.exe); NT Virtual Machine ([path to file]); Nt**.exe [* = random char] (Nt**.exe [* = random char]); Nt**32.exe [* = random char] (Nt**32.exe [* = random char]); NT-Virtual Device Manager (ntvdmn.exe); Ntcheck (mapserver.exe); NTCommLib3 (NTCommLib3.exe); ntddetect (ntddetect.exe); NTdhcp (NTdhcp.exe); NTdhcp (CiKewl.exe); ntdll (ntdll.exe); ntdll.dll (TrustCleaner.exe); NTDLM (csrss.exe); Ntech.patchs ([trojan filename]); ntechin (n20050308.exe); nternet Explorer (iexplore.exe); NTFS16 (ntfs16.exe); NTFSCLUP (NTFSCLUP.EXE); ntfsmonitorpro (ntfs64.exe); NTFSS Microsoft System (filees.exe); NTFSS MICROSOFT SYSTEM (filess.exe); ntl Netguard (RPS.exe); ntldr (ntldr.exe); ntlfreedom (rundll32 [path] RyDial.dll, QuickStart); ntmsevt (ntmsevt.exe); NTP Server ([path to trojan]); nTrayFw (ntrayfw.exe); NTrtc (ntrtc.exe); NTSet32 (services.exe); NTSF Microsoft System (fylez.exe); NTSF MICROSOFT SYSTEM (wntsf.exe); NTSF MICROSOFT SYSTEM (fufffy.exe); NTSF MICROSOFT SYSTEM (ntssf.exe); NTSF MICROSOFT SYSTEM (scvhost.exe); NTSF MICROSOFT SYSTEM (winsis32.exe); NTSF MICROSOFT SYSTEM (marya.exe); NTSF MICROSOFT SYSTEM (sysman.exe); ntsmod (ntsmod.exe); NTsocket (NoeWinnt.exe); NTsrv.exe (NTsrv.exe); Ntsysv (ntsysv.exe); nTune (nTune.exe); ntupd32 (ntupd32.exe); ntupdate (dnsvc.exe); NTupdater ([path to trojan]); NTVDM (NTVDM.EXE); ntvdmd (ntvdmd.exe); ntvdscm (ntvdscm.exe); ntx32 (ntx32.exe); Numerical Xterm Agent (0x32.exe); Numerical Xterm Agents (2x32.exe); Numerical Xtermz Agent (1x32.exe); NuTCSetupEnviron (ncoeenv.exe); NuvaTime (NuvaTime.exe); NvagNT (nvagNT.exe); nvc Win32 (nvcvc.exe); NvCCCpl (NvCCCpl.exe); nvchost (winlogon.exe); NvClipRsv (svchost.exe); NvClipRsv (swchost.exe); NVCLOCK (rundll32 nvclock.dll, fnNvclock); NvColorInit (rundll32.exe NvQtwk.dll, NvColorInit); NVCOM (NVCOM.exe); NvCpl (rundll32.exe NvCpl.dll, NvStartup); NvCpl (NvCpl.EXE); NvCpl ([random filename]); NvCpl (windowsp.exe); NvCpl (rundl32.exe); NvCpl32Deamon (nvcpl.exe); NvCplD (m2gr32.exe); NvCplD (ntcpl.exe); NvCplDaemon (rundll32.exe NvQtwk.dll, NvCplDaemon); NvCplDaemon (rundll32.exe NvCpl.dll, NvStartup); NvCplDaemon (msmsgrs.exe); NvCplDaemon32 (anvshell32.exe); NvCplDeamon (nvdisp.exe); NvCplDmn (NAVSVC.EXE); NvCplScan (msc32.exe); NvCplScan (winasp.exe); NvCplScan (nvsc32.exe); NvCplScan (kav32.exe); nvctrl.exe (nvctrl.exe); nvd32 lptt01 (nvd32.exe); nvd32 ml097e (nvd32.exe); NVHotkey (rundll32.exe [path] nvHotkey.dll); Nvid ([8 random charachters]); Nvid32 (Nvid32.exe); Nvidex32 (Nvidex32.exe); NVIDIA ActiveArmor (ntrayfw.exe); Nvidia Control Daemon (nksvc32.exe); Nvidia Control Panel (ncsvc32.exe); NVIDIA Driver (MSPMSPSU.EXE); nVidia Drivers (nVidiaDrvers.exe); NVIDIA nForce APU1 Utilities (NVATray.exe); NVIDIA nTune (nTune.exe); NVidia System Utility (NVSystemUtility.exe); NVIDIA Video drivers (video_32D.exe); NVIDIA Video drivers (video_32sD.exe); Nvidia32 (nvidia32.exe); NvidiaQuickTweak (rundll32.exe NvQtwk.dll, NvTaskbarInit); nvidll32 (nvidll32.exe); NVIEW (rundll32.exe nview.dll, nViewLoadHook); nviload32 (nviload32.exe); NvInitialize (rundll32.exe NvQtwk.dll, NvXTInit); nvirundll (nvirundll.exe); nvjxue (nvjxue.exe); NVmax (NVmax.exe); NVMCTRAY (RUNDLL32.EXE ...NVMCTRAY.DLL, NvTaskbarInit); NvMediaCenter (RunDLL32.exe NvMCTray.dll, NvTaskbarInit); NVMixerTray (NVMixerTray.exe); nvmsgdwn (NVMSGDWN.EXE); nvpatch (napatch.exe); NvPvrNetMon (NvPvrNetMon.exe); NVQuickTweak (rundll32.exe NvQtwk.dll, NvTaskbarInit); NVRaidService (nvraidservice.exe); NVRotateSysTray (nvsysrot.dll); NVRT (nvrt.exe); NVRTClk (NVRTClk.exe); nvsv32.exe (nvsv32.exe); nvsv32.exe (cstr.exe); nvsv32.exe (asr_fnt.exe); nvsv32.exe (nvsv33.exe); NvSvc (nvsvc.exe); nvsvc (nvsvc.exe); NVSVC (nvsvc.exe); NvSvc (rundll32.exe nvsvc.dll, nvsvcStart); nvsvca32 (nvsvca32.exe); nvsvca32 (clfmon.exe); NVSystem32 (nvscv32.exe); Nvt32 (complaint_7251.exe); NvUpdater (nwiz32.exe); NvVideoCenter (NvVid.exe); NvXplDeamon (xstyles.exe); NWEReboot (dummy.exe); nwiz (nwiz.exe); nwiz32 (nwiz32.exe); Nwpopup (Nwpopup.exe); nwrecmsg (nwrecmsg.exe); nwss (Sp0.exe); NWTRAY (nwtray.exe); oadaemon (oadaemon.exe); oahstifr (oahstifr.exe); OAKSTART (OAKSTART.EXE); OAKTASK (OAKTASK.EXE); OASClnt (oasclnt.exe); Object Store Server (osserver.exe); objtjprx (objtjprx.exe); obsver (obsver.exe); OCAudioIni (OCAudioIni.exe); ocraware (ocraware.exe); Octoshape Streaming Services (OctoshapeClient.exe); ocx32 (ocx32.exe); OCXUPDT32 (ocxupdt32.exe); OD (SYSCNTR.EXE); od-matrxx (od-matrxx.exe); od-stndxx (od-stndxx.exe); od-teenxx (od-teenxx.exe); ODBC BackUp (fdxxl.exe); oddworldz.exe (oddworldz.exe); Odometer (Odometer.EXE); ODSPConfig (ODSPConfig.exe); Oeloader (Oeloader.exe); OEM Tools 32 (tres32.exe); OEM32 Tools (sres32.exe); OEMCLEANUP (oemreset.exe); OEMRESET (oemreset.exe); OEMRUNONCE (oemrun.exe); oeplugin (bxOEPlugin.exe); OEPowerPlugs (winoeinit.exe); oepsrv (oepsrv.exe); OESET (setup60.exe); OESpamTest (OESpamTest.ExE); OEXCheck (EA2Check.exe); oe_drop_spam (oesrv.exe); OE_OEM (TMAS_OEMon.exe); Offer Companion (offers.exe); Offers (offers.exe); Offica Monitor Secura Systeme (winxp_sp3.exe); Office (Office.exe); Office Mail (off_mail.exe); Office Mail Alerter (om_Alerter.exe); Office Monitor (adv32.exe); Office Monitor (alg32.exe); Office Monitor Secure Systema (absecure32.exe); Office Monitor Word Exel R (svch.exe); Office Monitor Word Exel R (u.exe); Office Monitors (GoogleUpdater.exe); Office Monitorse ([path to worm]); Office Startup (Osa.exe); Office Startup (Exploer.exe); Office Startup (Osa9.exe); Office SturtUp (osa9.exe); OfficeAgent (expIorer.exe); OfficeAgent (outIook.exe); OfficeAgent (svcrhost.exe); OfficeAgent (svcshost.exe); OfficeDeamon (msorunner.exe); OfficeGuard RegChecker (ogrc.exe); OfficeGuardUI (svcss.exe); officejet 6100 (hposol08.exe); OFFICEKB (kbdap32a.EXE); OfficeQuickAccess (OfficeHost.vbs); Offices (msnmgd32.exe); Offices Monitors ([path to worm]); Offices Monitorse ([path to worm]); Offices Monitorse (algose32.exe); OfficeScan95 (pccwin97.exe); OfficeScanNT Monitor (pccntmon.exe); OFFICEXP (OFFICEXP.exe); office_update ([path to trojan]); OfotoNow USB Detection (Rundll32.exe OFUSBS.DLL, WatchForConnection OfotoNow); ogrc (ogrc.exe); Oil Change (OCTray32.exe); OIM (oim.exe); OKGO (winutade.exe); OKI LPR Utility (okilpr.exe); OKMaster (OKMaster.exe); OLE ([filename]); OLE Automation Server (ole32aut.vbe); oleaccrc (oleaccrc.exe); OLEDb Service (runoledb32.exe); olehelp (olehelp.exe); OleLoader (ole32.exe); olesvr (olesvr.exe); Olive System (Szchost.exe); olpr (olpr.exe); Olympic (IE4321.exe); Omf4 (OMF4.EXE); OmgStartup (omgstartup.exe); OmniHTTPd (ohttpd.exe); OmniPage (Opware32.exe); OmniPass (scureapp.exe); OM_Monitor (FirstStart.exe); OM_Monitor (MONITOR.EXE); On Screen Display (OSD.EXE); once (help.exe); One Touch Monitor (OneTouchMonitor.exe); One Touch Monitor (1tou~2.exe); One Touch Monitor (ONETOU~2.EXE); OneCareUI (winssnotify.exe); OneNote 2007 Screen Clipper and Launcher (ONENOTEM.EXE); OneTouch Monitor (OneTouchMon.exe); OneTouchMonitor (OneTouchMonitor.exe); OneTouchMonitor (1tou~2.exe); OneTouchMonitor (ONETOU~2.EXE); ONETOU~2 (OneTouchMonitor.exe); ONETOU~2 (1tou~2.exe); ONETOU~2 (ONETOU~2.EXE); Onflow (onflow.exe); OnfolioStorage (onfserv.exe); online cdrom (Active acid.exe); Online Service (svchost.exe); OnlinePCfix SmoothSurfer (SS.exe); OnlineTime (onlinetime.exe); online_party (online_party.exe); Onluna Sarvice (sachost.exe); Onlune Sarvice (sachost.exe); only23 (SCVHOST.exe); OnSrvr (OnSrvr.exe); oo4 (RunDLL32.EXE [path] oo4.dll, DllRun); OODefragTray (oodtray.exe); OOLHELPT (OOLHELPT.exe); OP12 Reminder (Ereg.exe); OpAgent (OpAgent.exe); Open Service Drivers (opiater.exe); Open Site (opnste.exe); Open Site (opensite.exe); Open2Enter (runme.exe); Open2Enter (runme2.exe); OpenApizs (zrscbm.exe); OpenGL Drivers (0penGLD.exe); OpenMstart (mcmgr32.exe); OpenMstart (mmgr32.exe); OpenMstart (Snt.exe); *.*.* (quickstart.exe); x (QUICKS~1.EXE); openvpn-gui (openvpn-gui.exe); Openwares LiveUpdate (LiveUpdate.exe); Operations Typhoon Rising Registration (NOVG.EXE); Operator (??); Operator (xtmop.exe); OpiStat (OPISTAT.EXE); OPQFile (regedit.exe /s ...rad03FA6.tmp); opr (opr.exe); OpScheduler (OpScheduler.exe); opsql update check (opsql.exe); OPTIMIZER (iexplore.exe); Optimum Online (Netsurf.exe); Optional Web Drivers For WIN32 (phqghume.exe); OPTMOUSEMOUSE (optmouse.exe); Optus Cable Data Monitor (datamonitor.exe); OptusNetUsage (OptusNet Usage Meter.exe); Opware12 (Opware12.exe); Opware14 (Opware14.exe); Opware15 (Opware15.exe); OpwareSE2 (OpwareSE2.exe); OpwareSE4 (OpwareSE4.exe); Oracle Web-to-Go (webtogo.exe); Orb (OrbTray.exe); OrbitUpdate (update.exe); OrbitView (view.exe); OrderReminder (OrderReminder.exe); orderShell (order****.exe [* = random char]); order_Shell (order_smey.exe); org5.exe (org5.exe); OrgyCam (OrgyCam.exe); OrigRage128Tweaker (RAGE128TWEAK.EXE); ORiNOCO (Cmluc.exe); OS Security (mswind32.pif); OSA (winword.exe); Osa32 (NTOSA32.exe); osCheck (osCheck.exe); OSD (OSD.exe); OSD (ALG.exe); OSS (ossproxy.exe); OSS (rk.exe); OSS (rlvknlg.exe); OSSProxy (OSSPROXY.EXE); OStivityInvAgt (ostivity.exe); Osus (acao.exe); Osus (rrup.exe); otcx (otcxxh.exe); Outerinfo (Outerinfo.exe); OuterinfoUpdate (OuterinfoUpdate.exe); outlook (outlook.exe); outlook (outlook.exe); Outlook Express (msinm.exe); Outlook Express Config (*****.exe [* = random char]); Outlook Express Protocol (look.exe); Outlook Mail Services (express.exe); Outlook Mail Services (outlook.exe); OutlookOnDesktop (OutlookDesktop.exe); OutLooks (InSane.exe); Outpost Firewall (outpost.exe); OutpostFeedBack (feedback.exe); outpostupdate (outpostupdate.exe); Outwar (syslaunch.exe); OVCJ (ovcj.exe); Overnet (Overnet.exe); ovyriwi (telace.exe); OWCCardbusTray (ocbtray.exe); OWCWebCamDV (wcdvtray.exe); OWMngr (OWMngr.exe); oxbvpen (gwthtis.exe); OxigenClientAdmin (Oxigen.exe); oz2 (oz2.exe); P0w3rF1Y (svchost.exe); P17Helper (Rundll32 P17.dll, P17Helper); P17Helper (Rundll32 SPIRun.dll, RunDLLEntry); P2P NETWORKING (P2P Networking.exe); P2P Networking (P2P); p2p networking (p2pnetworking.exe); P2P Networking2 ( P2P Networking2.exe); P2P Networking3 (P2P Networking3.exe); p2pnetwork (p2pnetwork.exe); p2pnetworking (p2pnetworking.exe); p2snetis (comippwa.exe); P3000x_S2P (ScanToPc.exe); P3p4chk (P3p4chk.exe); p4mx4 (p4mx4.exe); PaciSoft (pacis.exe); Packard Bell EverSafe Tray Control (TrayControl.exe); PadTouch (PadExe.exe); Pag Windows Monitor (pag.exe); Pagekeeper Jobs (pkjobs.exe); Pagekeeper Lite (pkjobs.exe); PAgent (PAgent.exe); Pagis Scheduler (Monitor.exe); pagmstart (client.exe); Pagoo (PAGOO.EXE); paint.exe (shnlog.exe); PaintingRoom evidence monitor (paintingroom.exe); PaintingRoom smile monitor (paintingroom.exe); PAL Evidence Eliminator (Cleaner.exe); Palm Desktop (Palm.exe); Palm MultiUser Config (Configtool.exe); palmOne Registration (register.exe); PalNetaware (pnetaware.exe); PaltalkNetaware.exe (PALNETAW~1.EXE); pamela.exe (pamela.exe); Panasonic Communications Utility (Mfpscdl.exe); Panasonic HotKey Manager (HKEYAPP.EXE); Panda Antispam Server Service (PasSrv.exe); Panda Cleaner (pavdr.exe); Panda Preventium+ Service (PREVSRV.EXE); Panda Scheduler (pavsched.exe); Panda Software Intrenet (panda.pif); PandaAVEngine (PandaAVEngine.exe); PandaScheduler (pavsched.exe); Pando (Pando.exe); Pantera (pantera.exe); Paperport (runppdrv.exe); PaperPort PTD (pptd40nt.exe); PaperQuote System Tray Icon (PQTRAY.EXE); Parallel Tasking (ptask.exe); ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware (Pareto_AS.exe); PartSeal (PartSeal.exe); passcxd ([random filename]); PassLocker (PassLocker.exe ); Password Door Loader (PDMonitor.exe); Password Tracker Deluxe (PwTrkr.exe); PasteLister (plister.exe); PaSystem (pasystem.exe); PASystemTray (PASystemTray.exe); PAS_Check (udcpas.exe); pas_check (pasmon.exe); Patch (patch.exe); Patches Value (WinGamed.exe); Path (lide.exe); pathname (pathname.exe); PathNvidiaTV (patchnvidiaTVout.exe); PAV.EXE (%Number%); PAV.EXE (PAV.EXE); PAVFIRES (PavFires.exe); PAVFNSVR (PavFnSvr.exe); Pavkre9x (pavkre9x.exe); PavProc (PavPrS9x.exe); PavProt (PavProt.exe); Pavprot9 (Pavprot9.exe); PayTime (paytime.exe); PbAdminACAD (PbMngr5.exe); pbagent (pbagent.exe); PBKScheduler (PBKScheduler.exe); PC Alert III (alert.exe); PC Booster (pcbooster.exe); PC Doc Pro - 3.1 (pcdocpro.exe); PC Dynamics SdwMon32 (sdwmon32.exe); PC Pitstop Optimize Scheduler (PCPOptimize.exe); PC Spy Keylogger (ToolKeylogger.exe); PC-Config32 (corona.exe); PC2X (initial.bat); pcAnywhere Agent (pcamgt.exe); PCBG (PCBODYGUARD.EXE); PCBODYGUARD (PCBODYGUARD.EXE); PcBoost (PcBoost.exe); PCCClient.exe (PCCClient.exe); pccguide.exe (pccguide.exe); PCCIOMON.EXE (PCCIOMON.EXE); PCClient.exe (PCClient.exe); PccPfw (PccPfw.exe); PcCtlCom (Pcctlcom.exe); PCDRealtime (realtime.exe); PcEXPLODE (specialfile.exe); PCHbutton (PCHbutton.exe); PCHealth (pchschd.exe); PCHEasySearch (STUpdate.exe); PCIMODEM (pcimodem.exe); PCLEPCI (ppe.exe); PClK (PClK.exe); PCMCIA Resource Monitor (nvp2pmon.exe); PCMMRealtime (pcmm.exe); PCMService (PCMService.exe); PCPerf (pcperf.exe); PCPitStopEraser (PCPitStopErase.exe); PCPOptimize (PCPOptimize.exe); PCPrivacyTool (GDC.exe); PCprot (crcss.exe); pcqmqgn.exe (pcqmqgn.exe); PCRecSA (PCRecSA.exe); pcServer (server.exe); PCShield (regsvr32 [path] sfg_****.dll [* = random char]); PCStart (Pcm25.exe); PCSuiteTrayApplication (TrayApplication.exe); PCSuiteTrayApplication (LaunchApplication.exe); Pcsv (pcsvc.exe); PcSync (PcSync.exe); PcSync (PcSync.exe); PcSync (PcSync2.exe); PCTAVApp (PCTAV.exe); PcThrust (PcThrust.exe); pctspk (pctspk.exe); PCTVOICE (pctvoice.exe); PCTVRemote (remoterm.exe); PCWatch (pcwatch.exe); PDA Commander (stisvc32.exe); PdaNet Desktop (PdaNetPC.exe); PDASCAN (pdascan.exe); PDDM (pddm.exe); PDEngine (PDEngine.exe); pdexplo (PDEXPLO.EXE); PDF Converter Registry Controller (RegistryController.exe); pdfFactory Dispatcher v1 (fppdis1a.exe); pdfFactory Dispatcher v2 (fppdis2a.exe); pdfFactory Pro Dispatcher v1 (fppdis1.exe); pdfFactory Pro Dispatcher v3 (fppdis3a.exe); pdfMachine dispatcher (mapisnd.exe); pdfSaver3 (pdfSaver3.exe); PDirect (PDirect.exe); pdp Server (ctpdpsrvr.exe); PDService.exe (pdservice.exe); PDVDServ (PDVDServ.exe); Pe2ckfnt SE (chkfont.exe); PECarlin (PECarlin.exe); Peeramid (PService.exe); PeerGuardian (PeerGuardian_1.99b_pr14.exe); PeerGuardian (pg2.exe); Pent@VALUE 3.2 (Pent@VALUE.exe); PeqBL100 (PEQBL100.exe); PER Email Protection (pavmail.exe); PerfectPrint (pfppop70.exe); PerfFont (Performance True Type Font) (perfont.exe); perfmon (perfmon.vbs); Perfomance Monitor (davcsync.exe); Perfomance Settings (svchost.exe); Performance (MyHeart.exe); Performs peer to peer connection (WinPTTP.exe); PersFw (PersFw.exe); Persistence (igfxpers.exe); Personal Computer (scvhost.exe); Personal Firwall (ptmedsrv.exe); Personal Security Center Monitor (isc_ui.exe); Pervasive.SQL Workgroup Engine (W3dbsmgr.exe); Pest-Capture (PestCapture.exe); PestPatrol Control Center (PPControl.exe); PestPatrolCL (PestPatrolCL.exe); PestTrap (PestTrap.exe); Petit Larousse 2001 (HIPL2000Popup.exe); Pex Sound Driver (Today's Results.vbs); pex Sound driver 2 (Today's Results.vbs); PFW_CfgEngine (PFWCFG~1.EXE); PFW_PullSrv (PULL.EXE); PgMonitr (PgMonitr.exe); PGPSDKSVC (pgpsdkserv.exe); PGPSERVICE (pgpservice.exe); PGPtray (pgptray.exe); PGQL (pgql.exe); PGStub.exe ([various filenames]); pgtaff (pgtaff.exe); phc700 (vphc700.exe); PhiBtn (PhiBtn.exe); PhilipsDM (DeviceManager.exe); PhilipsLime (LimeAlive.exe); Phime2002a (TINTSETP.EXE); PHIME2002ASync (TINTSETP.EXE); PHIME2004C (CTFMDN.exe); PHIME2OO2ASyst ([path to trojan]); PhoneFree version 6.2 (PHONEF??.EXE); Photo Express Calendar Checker SE (CALCHECK.EXE); Photo Loader supervisory (Plauto.exe); Photoshop (svchost.exe); PhotoShow Deluxe Media Manager (mssysmgr.exe); PhotoWise QuickLink (quicklnk.exe); PhraseExpress (phrase.exe); PIC SYSTEM (picx.exe); Picaboo (PicabooMain.exe); Picasa Media Detector (PicasaMediaDetector.exe); PicasaNet (Hello.exe); Pickatag (pickatag.exe); PicoZip (PicoZipTray.exe); PICPRTR (PICPRTR.EXE); picsvr (picsvr.exe); Picture Package VCD Maker (Residence.exe); pictureBUZZTray (swtray.exe); Pidgin (pidgin.exe); PiDunHK (PIDUNHK.EXE); pigglett (pigglett.exe); piiserviceOE (N/A); pilif (pilif.exe); Pinger (pinger.exe); PingTimeout Institution (pingchek.exe); PingTimeout Institution (internal.exe); Pink Calendar (PinkCal.exe); PinnacleDriverCheck (PSDrvCheck.exe); Piolet (piolet.exe); PIPE SYSTEM (pipe.exe); Piracy (SysUtil.exe); PivotSoftware (wpctrl.exe); Pixel32 (Pixel32.exe); Pixelpwr32 (Pixelpwr32.exe); Pixelsvr (Pixelsvr.exe); pjWebCam (pjWebCam.exe); PK Guard (pkguard32.exe); PK Services (pksvc.exe); PktAnything (PocketCompanion.exe); Planlægningsagent (mstask.exe); Plasdll service ([random filename]); Playboy (playavi.exe); PLEAPCPUCPL (pleapu.exe); PLFFAP (HotfixQ0306270.exe); Plguni (Plguni.exe); plmg.exe (plmg.exe); PLoader (umsd.exe); Plob (; Plook (plook.exe); Pluck Tray (PluckTray.exe); PluckSvr (PluckUpdater.exe); Plug And Play (msnmsg.exe); Pluto! Pager (srvhandle.exe); PLXSTART (PLXSTART.EXE); PLXTASK (PLXTASK.EXE); pm32ctrl (pwr32crtl.exe); pm32info (pm32info.exe); pmc (764.exe); pmcqt (pmcqt.exe); Pmedia (winsrvc.exe); PmProxy (PmProxy.exe); pmr (pmr.exe); PMT (personalmoneytree.exe); PMTSHOOT (pmtshoot.exe); PMXInit (pmxinit.exe); PNAgent (PNAgent.exe); PNP (wuaaclt.exe); PnP Driver (playboy.exe); PNP FIX ([worm filename]); Pnpchk (Pnpchk.exe); pnpsvc_lock (******.exe [* = random digit]); pnpsvc_lock (startsvs.exe); PNSetup (PNSetup.exe); PNtask Services (pntask.exe); pnvifj (jusodl.exe ); Pocket Sheet Sync (PSXLTRAY.EXE); Poet (Poet.exe); Pofatch (nstrue.exe); point32 (point32.exe); POINTER (point32.exe); Points Manager (points manager.exe); Pollon (pollone.exe); polo.exe (polo.exe); poolsv (poolsv.exe); POP (PopSrv***.exe); POP Manager (popmgr.exe); Pop-Up Smasher (PopupSmasher.exe); Pop-Up Stopper (dpps2.exe); Pop-Up_Blocker (Popup.exe); Pop-Up_Scanner (Popupscn.exe); pop06ap (pop06ap2.exe); pop06apelt (thiselt.exe); pop3 Server (config.cfg); pop3trap.exe (pop3trap.exe); PopeSvr (PopeSvr.exe); PopMark (WinTask.exe); PopNot (PopNot.exe); PopOops (PopOops.exe); Popopen (popopen.exe); Poproxy (POPROXY.EXE); popsrv146 (popsrv146.exe); PopSubtract (PopSub.exe); Popup Ad Filter (PopFilter.exe); Popup and Advertisement Killers (adkillers.exe); Popup Blocker System (PopUpBlocker.exe); Popup Blocker System326a Monitoring (PopUpBlocker6a.exe); Popup Blocker System8 Monitoring (PopUpBlocker8.exe); Popup Blocker Updater (regsvr32 [path] veev****.dll [* = random char]); PopUp Buster+ (popupbuster.exe); Popup Defence Updater (regsvr32 [path] pdf****.dll [* = random char]); Popup Defender (PD.exe); PopUp Destroy (Popup-Destroy.exe); Popup Terminator (GLADManager.exe); PopupEliminator (Popup Eliminator.exe); PopUpKiller (PopUpKiller.exe); popuppers (newpop63.exe); popuppers64 (a64sddd.exe); popuppers65 ([path to file]); PopUpStopperCompanion (PSComp.exe); PopUpStopperFreeEdition (PSFREE.EXE); PopUpStopperProfessional (PopUpStopperProfessional.exe); PopupVanish (PopupVanish.exe); PopUpWasher (PopUpWasher.exe); PopUpWatch (PopUpWatch.exe); POS-Partnerbatchprocessor (BATCH.EXE); Post-It(r) Software (Psnotes.exe); Post-it® Software Notes (psn.exe); POW! (pow.exe); Power Scan (powerscan.exe); Power2GoExpress (Power2GoExpress.exe); PowerBar (Powerbar.exe); PowerChute (Pwrchute.exe); PowerChute (Pwrchute.exe); PowerDOCSAPIHost (papihost.exe); PowerDVD (PowerDVD.exe); PowerKey (PowerKey.exe); PowerManagement (Rundlll.exe); PowerManager (Svchost.exe); Powermarks (pm.exe); PowerPanel (POWPANEL.EXE); PowerPanel Personal Edition User Interaction (pppeuser.exe); PowerPrifile (rundl132 kenel.dll, PowerProfileEnable); PowerPro (powerpro.exe); PowerProf (PowerProf.exe); PowerProfile (mfcp30.exe); PowerQuest Startup Utility (PQINIT.EXE); PowerReg Scheduler (PowerReg Scheduler.exe); PowerReg SchedulerV2 (PowerReg SchedulerV2.exe); PowerReg SchedulerV3 (PowerReg SchedulerV3.exe); POWERR~1 (POWERR~1.exe); PowerS (PowerS.exe); PowerSet (Regedit.exe /s ...PowerSet_8100_CU.REG); PowerStrip (powerstrip.exe); PowerStrip (PSTRIP.EXE); PowerTools Tray Icon (pttray.exe); Powertweak (PT2.EXE); Powertweak (PTCTRL.EXE); Power_Gear (BatteryLife.exe); PP Gamma (ppgamma.exe); PP****usb (FBDirect.exe); PP2000 Instaupdate (PPInupdt.exe); PP2000 Real Time Scan (PPVstop.exe); PP2000 Taskbar Control (PPTbc.exe); PP3100b (flatbed.exe); ppass (Antispy.exe); PPControl (PPControl.exe); PPCRunonce (PPCRunOnce.exe); PPHIDPAD (pphidpad.exe); PPK Setup(Server) (SEServe.exe); PPMemCheck (ppmemcheck.exe); PPPOEO (pingppac.exe); PProTray (pprotray.exe); PPScheduler (PPScheduler.exe); PPSVC ([path to file]); PPSYS (ppsys.exe); pptd40nt (pptd40nt.exe); PPUpdate (ppupdater.exe); PPWWebCap (PPWebCap.exe); pqhelper (pqhelper.exe); PractiSearch (PSearch.exe); Praize Messenger (itLoad.exe); Prayer (PTW.EXE); prdtect (prdtect.exe); PreAnnotate (PreAnntt.exe); Precision Time Clock Checker (PrecisionTime.exe); PrecisionTime (PrecisionTime.exe); precpop2 (starter.exe); Prein (APP****.tmp [* = random char or digit]); Preload (Preload.exe); preload (RUNXMLPL.exe); PreloadApp (hphprld.exe); Premeter (nrpr.exe); Premeter (prmt.exe); present (.exe); Preview AdService (PrevAdServ.exe); PrevX (prevx.exe); PrevxHome (SAGUI.exe); PrevxOne (PXConsole.exe); PrevxPro (SAGUI.exe); prgtect (prgtect.exe); Price Patrol (neo.exe); PrimaLauncher (Launcher.exe); Primax 3D Mouse (3dmoused.exe); Primsta (Primsta.exe); Print Driver Helper Service (crsrr.exe); Print Master Event Reminder (PMremind.exe); Print Screen Deluxe (psdeluxe.exe); Print Services (spolserv32.exe); print sharing (start.bat); print sharing ([path] hidden32.exe [path] explorer.exe); Print Spooler (Spoolsv.exe); Print Spooler (spoolsvc32.exe); Print Spooler (spools.exe); Print Spooler (spool.exe); Print Spooler (spoolsv32.exe); Printer (Spyassault.exe); Printer ([path to file]); Printer (dipset.exe); printer (SpyAssaultScanner.exe); printer (SpyAssaultScanner.exe); Printer (vmmon32.exe); Printer Monitor (webprinter.exe); Printer Spool (updater.exe); Printer spool Service (spool.exe); printer spooler (commonaccess.exe); Printer Spooler (spooler.exe); Printer Spooler Subsystem (spoolss.exe); Printer Update (CFGREG.EXE); PrinterSpool ([path] RESTORE.EXE [path] SPOOL.EXE); Printing Driver (msprint.exe); Printkey2000 (printkey2000.exe); PrintMngr (system.exe); printnow (printnow.exe); PrinTray (Printray.exe); PrintScreen (UNWISE.EXE); Printscreen 95 (PRT95MIN.EXE); PrintSpoolSv (System.exe); PRISMSTA.EXE (PRISMSTA.EXE); PRISMSVR (PRISMSVR.EXE); PRISMSVR.EXE (PRISMSVR.EXE); Privacy Eraser Pro (PrivacyEraser.exe); PrivacyKeyboard (PrivacyKeyboard.exe); PrivacyScanner (pscan.exe); PrivateNet ([various filenames]); Privoxy (privoxy.exe); PrizeSurfer (prizesurfer.exe); prjtect (prjtect.exe); prktect (prktect.exe); prltect (prltect.exe); prmt (prmt.exe); prmtect (prmtect.exe); PrnSys Executable (PrnSys.exe); pro ([path to file]); pro (SpySheriff.exe); Pro PCL Status Monitor (PENGSS.EXE); ProAntiVirus (ProAntiVirus.exe); ProArt (ProArt.exe); Proc (aprocess.exe); Proc992 ([path to file]); Proc993 (wqxfne.exe); process.exe (process.exe); ProcessGovernor (processgovernor.exe); ProcessSupervisorGUI (ProcessSupervisor.exe); ProcessTamer (ProcessTamerTray.exe); procmon (procmon.exe); Prodigy DSL (EnterNetDUN.Exe); ProdikeysAutorun (Prodload.exe); ProDsl (ProDsl.exe); Profile (Profile.vbs); Profiler (Profiler.exe); profiler (liteout.exe); profiler (prof.exe); Prog (csrss.exe); Prog (lsass.exe); Program File (Progmon.exe); Program in Windows (iexplore.exe); Program Neighborhood Agent (pnagent.exe); ProgramControl (ProgramControl.exe); ProgramWindow (more comp.exe); projselector (projselector.exe); Promon.exe (promon.exe); PromulGate (PgMonitr.exe); PRONoMgr.exe (PRONoMgr.exe); PRONoMgrWired (PRONoMgr.exe); Propel Accelerator (PropelAC.exe); ProPort Startup (ProPort.exe); ProSiteFinder (prositefinder.exe); Proteção de tela (ssmaze.scr); Protect (SHVRTF.EXE); protect (protect.scr); Protected Storage (RUNDLL32.EXE MSSIGN30.DLL ondll_reg); Protection ([path] runtask.exe [path] protection.exe); Protection (Protection.exe); Protection (Firewall.exe); Protection (IExplore .exe); Protection (Norton Internet Security.exe); Protections (ProtEX32.exe); ProtocolDiskChk (ssrms.exe); ProtocolDiskChk (svcvlw32.exe); ProtocolEventTsk (csrwjd.exe); Provan Security (psecure.exe); proxim_orinoco_11abg (orinoco.exe); PROXOMITRON (PROXOMITRON.EXE); PROXOMITRON (PROXOM~1.EXE); ProxyCap (ProxyCap.exe); ProxyWay (proxyway.exe); PRPCMonitor (PRPCUI.exe); prqtect (prqtect.exe); prrtect (prrtect.exe); prstect (prstect.exe); prtcct (prtcct.exe); prttect (prttect.exe); PrU Async Service ([path to worm]); prutcct (prutcct.exe); prutdct (prutdct.exe); prutgct (prutgct.exe); pruthct (pruthct.exe); prutict (prutict.exe); prutlct (prutlct.exe); prutpct (prutpct.exe); prutsct (prutsct.exe); prvtect (prvtect.exe); prxtect (prxtect.exe); ps1 (ps1.exe); PS2 (ps2.exe); psaload32 (psaload32.exe); PSC main (sttool32.exe); PSCastor (PSCastor.exe); PSCMain (pscmain2.exe); PSD Tools Channel (ChannelUp.exe); PSDrvCheck (PSDrvCheck.exe); PService (svcnow32.exe); PSFree (PSFree.exe); PSGuard (PSGuard.exe); PSGuard spyware remover (PSGuard.exe); pshower (pshwr.exe); PSIMSVC (PSIMSVC.exe); PSIWin2.3 Connection Server (Psconsv.exe); pskl (keyspy.exe); PSLister (PSLister.exe); PsMFCard (PsMFCard.exe); psn.exe (psn.exe); PsnLite (PsnLite.exe); PSNotify (psnotify.exe); PSof1 (PSof1.exe); PSoft1 (psoft1.exe); PsPCCard (PsPCCard.EXE); PspContr (pspcontr.exe); PspUsbCf (PspUsbCf.exe); PSQLLauncher (launcher.exe); PsSound (PsSound.exe); pst (memaker2.exe); PSTORES (PSTORES.EXE); psybnc server 3.1 (psybnc321.exe); PTBSync (PTBSync.exe); ptfb (ptfb.exe); Ptipbmf (rundll32.exe ptipbmf.dll, SetWriteCacheMode); PtiuPbmd (Rundll32.exe ptipbm.dll, SetWriteBack); PTRGMYGK (rundll32.exe ptmg1v.dll, DllRunMain); ptrun32 (ptrun32.exe); PTRUN32 (ptr32w.exe); Ptsnoop (Ptsnoop.exe); pttrun (pttrun.exe); PtUDFApp (PtUDFApp.exe); PUAC v2.0.7 (Puac.exe); Public Microsoft ODBC (ODBC32*.exe [* = random char]); pumcfgp (proxycfg.exe); Pure Networks Port Magic (PortAOL.exe); PureText.exe (PureText.exe); Purgative (PURGATIVE100.EXE); Purgatory (Purga.exe); Push Client (pull.exe); Push The Freakin' Button (ptfb.exe); PUSH6599 (PUSH6599.EXE); PutA!! (PutA!!.exe); PutAS! 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qkoszvd.dll (rundll32.exe qkoszvd.dll, jwezubg); QlbCtrl (QlbCtrl.exe); QMusic (QMAgent.exe); QNPlus (QNPlus.exe); Qoeloader (Qoeloader.exe); QPService (QPService.exe); QQ (sendmess.exe); QQ.exe (QQ.exe); QQKAV (scvhsot.exe); QQServer (QQ.exe); qservices (qservice.exe); QSort2000 (QSORT.EXE); QT4HPOT (OneTouch.exe); QTaskStartup (qtask.exe); QTime (nrchk.exe); QTSTUB.EXE (Qtstub.exe); QTSvc (msocfg.exe); QTSvc (navchk.exe); QTSvc (shman.exe); QTSvc (ssvr.exe); qttask (Qttask.exe); QtVprMtx (QTVPRMTX.EXE); Quantifier Security (qsecue.exe); QUBCity (qtp.exe); Queensla (Queensla.exe); Quick Controls (Astrotoolbar.exe); Quick Heal Firewall Pro (qhfw.exe); Quick Heal Messenger (QHM32.EXE); Quick Heal On-Line Protection (Cateye.exe); Quick Heal Startup Scan (QHSTRT32.EXE); Quick Shelf xx (qushelfxx.exe); Quick Startup (Fquick32.exe); Quick Time Task (qttask.exe); Quick View Plus (QVP32.EXE); QuickBooks Delivery Agent (QBDAGENT.EXE); Quickbooks Update Agent (qbupdate.exe); QuickCamPro (QuickCamPro.exe); 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qwertybot.exe (qwertybot.exe); QWS3270 Sessions (sessions.exe)R ([path] rundll32.exe msprt.dll); RA Server (Slave.exe); RabbitWannaHome (rabbit.exe); Rabo Session Monitor (RaboSessionMon.exe); RaConfig2500 (RaConfig2500.exe); RadarSync (RadarSync.exe); RadBoot (RadBoot.exe); Radio365Agent (Radio365TrayAgent.exe); RadioSvr (RadioSvr.EXE); RAID Event Monitor (iaanotif.exe); RaidTool (raid_tool.exe); Rainlendar (Rainlendar.exe); Rainlendar2 (Rainlendar2.exe); RAM Idle Professional (RAM_XP.exe); RAMASST (RAMASST.exe); RamBooster2 (rb.exe); RAMDef (ramdef.exe); RAMDrive (RDTask.exe); RamIdle (ramidle.exe); RAMpage (RAMpage.exe); Randex virus built for IRBMe (irbme.exe); random (random.exe); Random Interface Network (rst.exe); Random Interface Network Manager (rinsv.exe); Random Unique ID ([worm filename]); RandomWin32 (mgnwin32.exe); rant (rant.exe); RapApp (RAPAPP.EXE); Rapdata (ravsecs.exe); Rapdatae (rabseuser.exe); Rapdatybs (ravseteyns.exe); Rapid Restore (rrpcsb.exe); RapidBlaster (rb32.exe); 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RecoverFromReboot (RECOVE~1.EXE); RecoverFromReboot (RecoverFromReboot.exe); Recoveru system (svchast.exe); Recoveru systems (svchost.exe); RecShe (RecSche.exe); Recycle Bin Handler (recycler.exe); Recycle Bin Handler 2005 (system.exe); Recycler DO NOT MODIFY (recyclecl.exe); RecycleSTR (msreg32.exe); Red Flag (redflag.exe); Red Swoosh EDN Client (RSEDNClient.exe); redirect (redirect*.exe); Redline Taskbar (taskbar.exe); REEGRUN ([path to file]); Reek 32 Server (reek32.exe); Referee (referee.exe); Reflex Vision (ReflexVision.exe); Refresh (Refresh.exe); Reg (Reg.hta); Reg Check (lpt.exe); reg run (Systen.exe); Reg Service (winsy.exe); Reg Service (winslogon.exe); Reg Service (ipcfg.exe); Reg Service (REGSRV32.EXE); Reg Service (WinnConfig.exe); Reg Service (NT32.exe); Reg Services (Winboot32.exe); reg1.reg (vuamgard.exe); reg2.0 (SVCH0ST.EXE); Reg32 (Reg32.exe); reg32 (reg32.exe); Reg32 (reg33.exe); Regcheck (~CAB001.EXE); regcheck ([path to file]); RegClean Expert Scheduler (RCHelper.exe); RegCleaner (SYSio32.exe); RegCompres (Regcpm32.exe); RegCompres (REGCPM32.EXE); Regcxdinaf (REGCXDINAF.EXE); Regcxn (Regcxn.exe); regdefend (regdefend.exe); RegDone (services.exe); RegDone (winlogon.exe); RegDone Ex (csrss.exe); RegDoneEx (lsass.exe); regedit (regedit.exe); REGEDIT (; regedit (autoexe.exe); regedit ( svchost.exe ccRegVfy); regedit (regedit.exe); RegEdit32 (RegEdit32.exe); Regexit (runlli32.exe); Regexit (Updadv.exe); RegFreeze (regfreeze.exe); reggsdg (spoolserv.exe); RegHelp (svchosts.exe); reginfo32 (reginfo32.exe); Register Manager (RegistryManage.exe); Register MediaRing Talk (register.exe); Register SeqChk (regsvr32.exe ..csseqchk.dll); RegisterDropHandler (REGIST~1.EXE); Registration Service (toker.exe); Registration-Studio 8 (RegTool.exe); Registry (wscript.exe [path] ShakiraPics.jpg.vbs); Registry (class0117[random].exe); Registry Checkup (winreg.exe); Registry Checkup System326a Monitor (Winregs326a.exe); Registry Cleaner (Regclean.exe); Registry Integrity Checker (regintmon.exe); 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Regptmens (REGPTMENS.EXE); Regro (rundll132.exe); RegRun (mActiveX.exe); REGRUN (winfix22490.exe); REGRUN ([path to trojan]); REGRUN (regeditt.exe); REGRUN (sory.exe); REGRUN (dialer.exe); RegRun WinBait (winbait.exe); Regrun2 (WatchDog.exe); REGRUNM (autoprotect.exe); Regrx (rundll32.exe); Regscan (regscanr.exe); RegScan (DLLSRV32.EXE); RegScan (Regscan.exe); RegServer (regserve.exe); regservices.exe (regservices.exe); RegShave (regshave.exe); regsrv (regsrv.exe); regsrv (scvhost.exe); regsrvc (regsrvc.exe); Regsv (regsv.exe); Regsvc (regsv.exe); regsvc32 (regsvc32.exe); regsvr (regsvr.exe); REGSVR32 (regsvr32.exe ctasio.dll); RegSvr32 (msmsgs.exe); regsync (regsync.exe); regtmlp (N/A); RegTweak (RegTwk.exe); RegVer (REGVER.EXE); RegVfy32 (Regverif32.exe); RegWrite (csrss.exe); Regx10EXE (atix10.exe); reg_key (FUKULAMER.exe); reg_key (loader_name.exe); Reg_WFT (; Reg_WFT (; ReleaseRAM (RRAM.exe); relinson (cmdno.exe); reload (reload.vbs); Reload (reload.exe); RemHelp (Remhelp.exe); Reminder (reminder.exe); Reminder (Remind_XP.exe); Reminder-cpqXXXXX (remind32.exe); Reminder-hpcXXXXX (remind32.exe); Reminder-ranXXXXX (remind32.exe); reminder-ScanSoft Product Registration (remind32.exe); RemindMe (RemindMe.exe); Remind_XP (Remind_XP.exe); Remndr (CsRemnd.exe); Remote (Remote.exe); Remote Access (rnaapp.exe); Remote Access Slave (Synchost.exe); Remote Control (Rc.exe); Remote Controller (TVRMVCR.EXE); Remote Desktop Computing (marspc.exe); Remote Desktop Help Session Manager (WinRDH.exe); Remote Management Agent (zenrc32.exe); remote master (remote master.exe); Remote Procedure Call (winrpc.exe); Remote Procedure Call (winsysrpc.exe); Remote Procedure Call For Windows 32bit (rpc.exe); Remote Procedure Call Locator (RUNDLL32.EXE reg678.dll ondll_reg); Remote Procedure Calls (mswinrpc.exe); Remote Procedure Calls (mswinc.exe); Remote Procedure Calls (win.exe); Remote Update Monitor (imonitor.exe); RemoteAgent (RAUAgent.exe); RemoteCenter (RcMan.exe); RemoteControl (rmctrl.exe); RemoteControl (PDVDServ.exe); Remote_Agent (RemoteAgent.exe); REMOVE ME (windos.exe); Removecpl (Removecpl.exe); Removed.exe (Removed.exe); RemStart (remstart.exe); RenolB (ib.exe); repl (repl.exe); Replay Center (ReplayRadio.exe); Replicator (PTReplicator.exe); RepliGo Assistant (RepliGoMon.exe); ReproPRD (PrdUsb.exe); requester (requester.*.exe); Requester (requester.11.exe); Required Service Drivers (micront.exe); resagnt (restun.exe); reseurce ([path to trojan]); reseurce (svchost.exe); Resolution Assistant (matcli.exe); Resource Meter (rsrcmtr.exe); Restart Watch (Watch.exe); Restart WSC Setting (wscrestp.exe); Restart_VS (Viewsonic.exe); Restore Operation (svchots.exe); RestoreDesktop (RestoreDesktop.exe); RestoreIT! (VBPTASK.EXE); restory (restory.exe); Resume Copy (copyfstq.exe); ResumeFixClocks (resumefix.exe); retime (retime.exe); RetrieverScheduler (retrieverscheduler.exe); RetroExpress (RetroExpress.exe); RevoTaskbarApp (RevoTask.exe); RexSyMon (rexsymon.exe); RF (EC.exe); rfagent (rfagent.exe); rforce (EXP1ORER.EXE); RFTray (RFTRay.exe); rfw (Rfw.exe); RfwMain (rfwmain.exe); rfwydg (rfwydg.exe); RFX_auto_upgrade (rundll32.exe npvpg005.dll); Rg2catbd (Rg2catbd.exe); RH (rh32.exe); Rhino ([random name]32.exe); RhinoBlocker (RhinoBlocker.exe); RHPTray (RHPTray.exe); RHSI SHS (SHS.exe); RichMedia (HBHelper.dll); RichMedia (rundll32.exe [path] hbcast.dll, WaitWindows); richup (richup.exe); RightFAX Print-to-Fax Driver (FaxCtrl.exe); Ring Central Fax (rcenterrll.exe); rIOphosIs (rIOPHosIs.vBS); Riorad Manager (riomgr.exe); RivaTuner (RivaTuner.exe); RivaTunerStartupDaemon (RivaTuner.exe); RjLyraInstaller (setup.exe); rmalt ([random filename]); rmctrl (rmctrl.exe); rmdrfje.dll (rundll32.exe [path] rmdrfje.dll, [random characters]); rmmon (mprmmon.exe); RMremote (RmRemote.exe); rn4d (dirote.exe); Rnaomflt (naomf.exe); RNBc Test (wf32vbs.exe); RNBc Test (bvldv32.exe); RNBOStart (sentstrt.exe); RNBz Test (wf32vbc.exe); RNDc Test (wf32b.exe); rndll2 (rndll2.exe); rngmf ([path to trojan]); Rnudll32 (tadxtr.exe); rnxqh (rnxqh.exe); Roam04 (ActiveX.exe); RoboForm (RoboTaskBarIcon.exe); RoboFormWatcher (RoboFormWatcher.exe); Rocket.Time (RocketTime.exe); RocketDock (RocketDock.exe); Roflcopteur (seman.exe); RogueMonitor (RogueRemoverPRO.exe); roketpipe (rpclient.exe); Rollback (RollbackTray.exe); rollbk (dsm.exe); rollbk (msmpatch.exe); rollbk (svosm.exe); rollbk (sysup.exe); romahere (matrixhere.exe); romahere2 (************.exe [* = random char]); romahere3 (************.exe [* = random char]); Root_Machine ([path to trojan]); ROOT_Machine (winlogon.exe); ROUTD (ROUTD.exe); RoxAssist (RoxAssist.exe); Roxio Engine (MSMNGR32.EXE); RoxioAudioCentral (RxMon.exe); RoxioDragToDisc (DrgToDsc.exe); RoxioEngineUtility (EngUtil.exe); RoxWatchTray (RoxWatchTray.exe); RP32 (rp32.exe); RPC (MSschost.exe); RPC Patcher ([path to worm]); RPC Service ([random filename]); rpc Win32 (shost32.exe); rpc Win32 (spoolscv.exe); rpcc (rpcc.exe); rpcda Win32 (rpcda.exe); RPCser32g (services.exe); RPCserr32g (winlogon.exe); RPCserv32 (services.exe); RPCserv32g (services.exe); RPCserv32g (CSRSS.EXE); RPCserv32g (MSDEFR.EXE); RPCserv32g (NB32EXT2.EXE); RPCserv32g (WINLOGON.EXE); RPCSS.exe (rpcss.exe); RpcxWindows Extensions (rpcxwinex.exe); Rr2 (rundll32.exe); RRMedic (rrmedic.exe); rscmpt (rscmpt.exe); rsmb (rsmb.exe); rsMenu (rsMenu.exe); RSPC Driver ([random filename].exe); RSPC Driver D ([random filename]); RSRCMTZ (RSRCMTZ.exe); RSS (rundll32 RSSToolbar.dll, DllRunMain); RssReader (RssReader.exe); RSync (netsync.exe); rtasks (rtasks.exe); rtcdll (rtcdll.exe); RTHDCPL (RTHDCPL.EXE); RtHDVCpl (RtHDVCpl.exe); rtkernsw ([random filename]); rtl.exe (rtl.exe); RtlMon.exe (RtlMon.exe); RTMonitor (RTMonitor.exe); rtos (rtos.exe); RTStartMute (N/A); rtvscn95 (RTVSCN95.EXE); RtWLan (RtWLan.exe); RubeL (RubeL.exe); Ruby13 (Ruby13.exe); Ruby14 (Ruby14.exe); ruin (system32.exe); RuLaunch (RuLaunch.exe); run (; run (inetinfo.exe); Run (help.exe); run ([path] rundll32.exe rsrc.dll); run (cchost.exe); run (e.exe); run (wandrv.exe); Run Msn Messenger (msnmgr.exe); Run MSupdt32 (wscript MSupdt32.vbs); Run Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector Registration Tool (NintendoWFCReg.exe); Run POPFile in background (perl.exe); Run POPFile in background (wperl.exe); Run Services as Application (localsvc.exe); Run Services as Application (netsvc.exe); Run Services as Application (spoolsvc.exe); Run Services as Application (svcadmin.exe); Run Services as Application (svcman.exe); Run Services as Application (svcrun.exe); Run Services as Application (tcpsvc.exe); Run Services as Application (websvc.exe); Run StartupMonitor (StartupMonitor.exe); Run TaskMrg (csrss.exe); run windows (servic.bat); Run XP Service Pack (xpservicepack.exe); Run05 (rundll_32.exe); run32 (run32dll.exe); run32dll (WINClock.exe); run32dll (task32.exe); Run32dll (ocxdll.exe); run= (cmmpu.exe); run= (hpfsched); run= (lxdboxcp.exe); run= (pcfix2k.exe); run= (ptlseq.cpl); run= (ramsys.exe); run= (wallflip.exe); run= (svcinit.exe); run= (fntldr.exe); run= (smsrun16.exe); run= (win.ini); run= (RAVMOND.exe); run= (real.exe); run= (dec25.exe); run= (LXBTppls.exe); run= (fmedia.exe); run= (wswpd.exe); run= (cyxid98.exe); run= (info32.exe); run= (; run= (RegistryReminder.exe); run= (sec5dec.exe); run= (wmplayer.exe); run= (; run= (htmlsync.exe); run= (msoffice.exe); run= (DRDOOM.EXE); run= (svhost.exe); run= (dllreg.exe); run= (mdm.exe); run= (Celine.scr); run= (services.exe); RunAlert (AService.exe); runAP (runAP.exe); runapp (icqchk.exe); Runapp32 (Runapp32.exe); RunCA (InvokeSvc3.exe); Rund11 (Rund11.EXE); rund1132 (rund1132.exe); Rund1132.exe (Rund1132.exe); Rund1l32 (Winfi1e32.exe); runddlfile (runddl.exe); Rundil32 (runlli32.exe); Rundil32 (Updadv.exe); rundl332 (math.exe ...pluged.exe); rundli32 (rundli32.exe); RunDLL (rundll32.exe bridge.dll, Load); Rundll (Rundll~.exe); Rundll (rundll32.exe [random file name].dll "taskmon"); RunDll (RunDll.exe); RunDLL Kernel File Core (rundll.exe); rundll*** (die.exe [path] mdll.exe); rundll*** (die.exe [path] secure.bat); rundll*** (die.exe [path] secure.exe); rundll*** (die.exe [path] ttg.exe); Rundll16 (Rundll16.exe); Rundll32 (Rundll32.exe); RUNDLL32 (RUNDLL32.EXE NvQtwk, NvCplDaemon); RunDLL32 (RunDLL32.exe NvMCTray.dll, NvTaskbarInit); rundll32 (Rundll32.exe Wf2kcpl.dll DllLoadDefaultSettings); RunDLL32 (winupdate.exe); Rundll32 (Windows.exe); Rundll32 (Rundll32.exe ptipbm.dll, SetWriteBack); rundll32 ([path to worm]); rundll32 (rundll32.exe ptipbmf.dll, SetWriteCacheMode); rundll32 (rundll32.exe); rundll32 (csrss.exe); rundll32 (RunDLL32.exe irprops.cpl, BluetoothAuthenticationAgent); RUNDLL32 (rundl32.exe); rundll32 (rundll32.exe); Rundll32 (RUNDDLL32.EXE); rundll32 (kernel32.exe); rundll32 (kernel33.exe); rundll32 (MSDTC.exe); rundll32 (rookie.vbs); Rundll32 cmicnfg (Rundll32 cmicnfg.cpl, CMICtrlWnd); RunDll32 essprops (RunDll32 essprops.cpl, TaskbarIconWnd); Rundll32 P17 (Rundll32 P17.dll, P17Helper); Rundll32.exe (Proyecto1.exe); Rundll32.exe (Root.exe); Rundll32_7 (rundll32.exe MSIEFR40.DLL, DllRunServer); Rundll32_8 (rundll32.exe inetp60.dll, DllRunServer); Rundll32_8 (rundll32.exe 1.dll, DllRunServer); rundll64 ([path to worm]); RundllSvr (Rundll.exe); Rundllsystem32 (Rundllsystem32.exe); Rundnm (Rundnm.exe); RUNGogoTools (LaunchAdware.exe); RUNGogoTools (GoGoLaunch.exe); RUNHYPER (hyperx.exe); runing (win.exe); RUNLOAD (l0ad.exe); RUNLOUD (loud.exe); Runmarc8mManager (marc8m95.exe); RunNarrator (Narrator.exe); Runner (lsass.exe [trojan filename]); Runner (csrss.exe); Runner (lsass.exe); Runner (svchost.exe); runner1 (updater.exe); runner1 (retadpu.exe); RunOnce (RUNONCE.EXE); Runonce (runouce.exe); RunOnceEx (sms.exe); RunProg (Server.exe); RunProg (wini.exe); runreper (viewer.exe); runs (run.exe); RunSearvices (tread.exe); RunServices (runsvc32.exe); runSubvalues ([path to file]); RunSysd32 (RunSysd32.exe); Runtime Process (Csrss.exe); Runtt1 (Internat.exe); Runtt1 (Internet.exe); RunWin ([path to file]); runwin32 (runwin32.exe); RUNWIN32 (runwin32.exe); RunWindowsUpdate (uptodate.exe); Run[0] (syscnfg.exe); Run_cd (Run_cd.exe); run_pbnext (PBNext.exe); Rupsw32 (Rupsw32.exe); RUSBHOLoader (rundll32.exe RUSBHOLoader.dll, AutoRegister); RVC6Player (tskdbg.exe); rvde (N/A); RVP (bpc.exe); rw service (alg32.exe); rx (rundll32.exe); rx (explore.exe); RxMon (rxmon9x.exe); RxUser (RxUser.exe); rydanmxe.exe (rydanmxe.exe); ryy (rundl132.exe); rzt (rundll32.exe); r_server (r_server.exe); r_server (service.exe);